Monday, November 23

Keith Haring's universe - joy and movements

I was thinking that the post to end the "Piranesi's effect" would be Escher and Mark has left a comment with a good link. But I remembered it is Monday and thought that people are going back to work, others worried about not having a job, some people have to solve some problems... Monday seems to be a inaugural day for not happy times for some people. I wanted something that could put a smile on our faces and saw this Keith Hearing's collection Herrad's published. You don't know who Herrad is?... okay: She is fighting multiple sclerosis and post everyday about her struggle. She has amazing photos of Amsterdam and I am always inspired by her pictures and the way she inspire others by telling how she spend her day coping with symptoms. So this is to light up your day as it did to me. Have a great week! Thank you Herrad! Update: I have a button of the image below that
was given by Keith while he was at the Paris's Biennial. I have it close to my screen with other tiny objects I use to make me happy. The other button is about Africa. I will try to find the image.
Random House Keith Haring Angle1