Sunday, August 19

Lula for presidency: UNHRC demands Brazil to follow Brazilian and international law

From solitary confinement, Lula posted the following message on his social media today: "Today the world lost Kofi Annan. The first black man to lead the UN, Annan left a legacy of struggle against inequality in the world. Personally, I had the happiness to be President during his mandate and was able to witness his dedication towards harmony and dialogue between peoples."

Lately I've been focusing on Brazil because what is happening in my country and the whole South America is very serious.
Thank you.
The most important now is that former president Lula must run October's elections.

Today's UN Human Rights Committee ruling that Lula be allowed to run for President of Brazil is not a recommendation. Since 2009, when Legislative Decree 311 was ratified by Brazilian Congress, all decisions by the UNHRC are legally binding. If the government refuses to obey the order it will be in violation of both international and Brazilian law. Workers Party (PT) national president Glesi Hoffmann explains further in this official note that was just released by the party. 

Note from the Workers Party (PT): UN Decision Should be Obeyed

The government and judiciary can't rip up an international treaty which recognizes the UN's jurisdiction over political rights in our country. 

8/17/2018 – 7:29 PM

The preliminary ruling announced today, August 17th, by the UN Human Rights Committee (UNHRC), demanding respect for president Lula's political rights, including the right for him to freely run for office, has to be obeyed in light of the international treaties signed by Brazil and in light of our legislation. 

On June 16th, 2009, Congress incorporated the United Nations Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights into our law, through Legislative Decree 311. Since then, obeying whatever is determined by the UNHRC is mandatory in Brazil. 
It is with indignation, therefore, that we witness a manifestation by the coup government's Justice Minister that there is “undue interference” by the UN. This cannot be treated as interference, but as a sovereign decision that we have the obligation to obey. It is embarrassing to Brazil that this Minister is accusing the world's highest human rights authority of political plotting. 

It is also with indignation that we received a note from the Itamaraty Palace falsely stating that, “the conclusions of the Committee are recommendations and therefore not legally binding.” This is another foreign policy sham committed by the coup government. 

The UNHRC, headquartered in Geneva, has been analyzing  Lula's lawyers' petition complaining of the judicial persecution that he has been victim of since September 2016. The complaints include arbitrary actions by the Federal Police and the Operation Car Wash Public Prosecutors, the curtailment of the defense, illegal wire taps, false plea bargain testimonies and Lula's conviction for committing “undetermined acts” in the rulings by Sergio Moro and the 4th Federal Regional Court, as well as a series of other human rights violations. 

After a long period of examination which including hearing the Brazilian government's arguments twice, today the Committee decided that Lula's political rights are indeed being threatened, and that he can not be prevented from running in the elections and having ample access to the media while there is no final sentence given after a fair trial.

The only thing that Lula has requested since the beginning of the hateful campaign against him was this: a fair trial. Unfortunately for the image of Brazil in the world, he had to appeal to the highest human rights court in the world so that this right could be finally recognized. 

There is no way of hiding from the world, the violence that has been practiced by sectors of the Brazilian judiciary in collaboration with Globo, the other big media companies and the coup government. Either obey the UN's decision or throw Brazil once and for all onto the list of nations that do not have the rule of law or democracy. 

Gleisi Hoffmann, National President of the Workers Party

Friday, July 27

Bernie Sanders, 28 Other US Lawmakers Want Lula Free

The letter read that the “fight against  should not be used to justify the persecution of political opponents.”

A group of 29 U.S. congressmen, including senator and former 2016 U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, are sending a letter on Thursday to the Brazilian ambassador in Washington Sergio Amaral, which denounces the “highly questionable and politicized” imprisonment of former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. 

went on to state that the “fight against corruption should not be used to justify the persecution of political opponents or deny them the right to participate in free elections.”

They went on to describe the ruling against Lula on charges of corruption and money laundering as being based on “unproven accusations.” It also pointed out that members of the state security forces may be implicated in the assassination of Black activist and Rio de Janeiro city councilwomen Marielle Franco.

Sanders and the other U.S. lawmakers characterized the senate-imposed Brazilian presidency of Michel Temer as being of the “extreme right-wing” and was installed amid “intensifying attacks against democracy and human rights in Brazil.” The letter went on to criticize cuts in social programs and the liquidation of labor laws under Temer's watch.

Meanwhile, at least 15,000 members of the Landless Workers' Movement (MST) marched through the capital of Aracaju, Sergipe in a show of support for Lula on the National Rural Worker Day on Wednesday. They demanded that the former president be released from prison and be allowed to run as a presidential candidate in the Oct. general elections.

The news come few weeks after fter two judges ordered the suspension of the release of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva after an appeal judge ordered it.

Despite his conviction and imprisonment for corruption, events that many legal experts and observers attribute to lawfare and a salacious mainstream media campaign, Lula has topped every 2018 electoral poll conducted by Vox Populi, Ibope, Datafolha, Data Poder 360, Instituto Parana, the National Confederation of Transportation/MDA and Ipsos.

His two terms in office were marked by a slew of social programs, lifting millions of Brazilians out of poverty and removing the country from the United Nations World Hunger Map. He left office with a record approval rating of 83 percent in 2011, according to Datafolha

Source: Telesur

Wednesday, July 18

Alan Turing's story in the movie The Imitation Game

"Humans find violence deeply satisfying. Remove the satisfaction and the act becomes hollow."
Alan Turing
Quoted from the movie "The Imitation Game"
A great movie telling the story of Alan Turing the mathematician that cracked the Nazi Enigma code which made it possible for the allies to know everything the nazists were planning and doing.
The war was won by the allies due to Alan Turing achievement. He invented a machine that could sit the new settings the Germans invented on a daily basis.
A computer is what he invented.
He was homosexual and at that time it was a crime in UK.
He had to "treat" the homosexuality by doing a hormonal therapy.
Until 1965 those who were caught endured all the stigma of a criminal.
It's appalling.

Sunday, July 15

Oops! Is the French team that won the 2018 world cup is African?

Vive la xenophobia!🇫🇷

France wins world football cup 2018

France beats Croatia and wins world cup. Image: French people celebrating in Paris. It's happing now and you can watch it over the internet.
This is one of the links: world cup 2018.
Good job France! Congrats!🇫🇷
Next victory: Macron demision!
All neoliberists should step down.

Saturday, July 14

July, 14 the day of French people

Today is the French National day.

  • It's sad that the army and the president  are the center of attention of the parade.

Friday, July 13

Friday the 13th

Attributing one number bad lucky always puzzled me.
Adding a day of the week increased my amazement. There are many theories but not a conclusive one. Search here.
Can you imagine how did I feel when I was told that in USA there are buildings that don't have the 13th floor?
What kind of world's vision, what level of superstition have the people of a nation with this kind of leaders and history?
September, 11 or 9/11. Even tragic events respect the euphonic of numbers in America.
August, 6- 6/8? Nobody remembers. It's was in 1945.

Thursday, July 12

Abalone deep blue ring

I bought a ring with
 an Abalone deep blue stone. I hadn't seen it before and the moment I saw it I knew it had to be mine.
I always have to wear two rings on my right hand for I have a little problem on my fingers for I started typing a writer machine when I was 13 years old and in 1994 I started using PC.
Typing, typing and typing.
Ring, ring ring...
Occasionally I buy two new rings.
The stone of the picture (here), it comes from a shell, and the most usual colour that is on the market is the green one. Iridescent with very beautiful combinations.

Wednesday, July 11

Scarface, I finally bought the bloody movie

It's been a long time I wanted to watch Scarface that I missed in the eighties for this is not my kind of movie. 
Sure! The chainsaw made me ask if Brian de Palma has a fantasy or any kind of fetishism with the thing.
Nope. The scene was based on a real story as Oliver Stone discovered:

"Screenwriter Oliver Stone spent several months in Miami with local law enforcement and the DEA doing research and was drawn to a particularly gruesome real case. A major drug smuggling ring headed by Mario Tabraue (who became one of the major inspirations for Tony in the film) dismembered Larry Nash with a chainsaw and burned his body in July 1980 after discovering he was an informant for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Tabraue was eventually arrested in 1987 as part of the FBI’s “Operation Cobra” at his home in Dade County while his wife threw $50,000 cash out the back window, which was caught by a federal agent. By the time Tabraue’s drug ring was busted up, it was worth over $75 million. Say goodnight to the bad guy."

Source: IFC

Tuesday, July 10

The Real and it's Double

I attended a lecture and I'm remembering when It was said that what made some endure concentration camps was the belief that they would survive.
I'm watching "The Association Game" and realized that when watching war movies chances are that we put ourselves not among the civilians who are being bombarded and losing everything and being killed.
We are among those who are far from the dangers.
We all have already noticed that all the assumptions made by tests and professionals who can read who we were in a post life determined that we are among the rich. Not a bum, not a homicidal, a criminal, a sexual offender... No!
We were at least the friend of a honorable person.
Then I remembered Clément Rosset in time book "The Real and it's Double" analyzes how we deny reality.
He gives numerous examples but the one that just came to my mind is the conclusion the driver achieve after having stopped in red signs.
One day it will not be necessary to stop when the light turns red because "now it's my turn not to stop".
Have it ever happened to you?
If not have you ever had a friend or acquainted that was very sick and when you receive the news of the death for some seconds it is a surprise or it
does not sound real?

Monday, July 9

Free Lula! Brazilians want their leader free!

This is the flag of the country that causes more trouble in this world.
Washington doesn't spare even their own citizens.
The world is getting more and more tired of all of this. Americans are being treated like sub humans.
As far as Brazil is concerned this country is responsible for the hybrid war that is turning Brazil in a "shit country" like the actual president of this terrorist nation likes to categorize. Usually the countries that he and his antecessors invaded with weapons or is invaded through hybrid wars and other ways of intervention.
FREE LULA! The judge trained by US would do better living in 🇺🇸.
I'm here waiting for the freedom of a political prisoner of USA
Former president Lula is a political prisoner.

Mainstream media ignores crimes caused by Brazilian's US intervention

Only two articles about the scandalous denial of Lula's Haynes corpus were published yesterday:

Lula's Freedom Bid Blocked by Brazil Judges Amid Legal Spat

Brazil judge orders Lula to remain in prison overturning earlier ruling to release former president

Copied from The Telegraph
It is quite obvious that the mainstream media is part of the consortium for the US intervention in Brazil and on South America.
Christina Kirchnner, former studentship president, is also being on trial and in Ecuador the same: they are trying to arrest Rafael Correa. (Read here)
Too many crimes are being committed in South America and death of innocent civilians in Brazil escalated. Poor and black people are being murdered.
The toll death is astonishing:
More people are being killed in Brazil than in countries at war.
Will English mainstream media report these facts?

Sunday, July 8

Brazilian lawyer request arrest of judge Sergio Moro

Sergio Moro in US Justice Department
After another manoeuvre of the car wash task force in denying the already conceded habeas corpus of former president Lula the lawyer Douglas Alexandre de Oliveira Herrera request the arrest of judge Sergio Moro for "court order disobedience".
If not this time judge Sergio Moro will surely have to answer for the crimes committed during all the time he is in the car wash task force.
(Update later)

Breaking news: Brazilian former president Lula was granted habeas corpus

Most Brazilians are waiting for the release of former president Lula who was arrested without committing any crime after a suit that broke Brazilians laws, invented new laws and disregarded Brazilian Constitution in a process conducted by a judge, Sergio Moro, who was trained in Washington and pay numerous visits to this capital. Even members of Brazilian Supreme Court also go to Washington as well as members of the executive and politicians showing scandalously the ties of US and Brazilian corrupted judiciary and executive.
Judge Sergio Moro is the one who is conducting operation car wash which took a highly criminal way that includes fraudulent proves, imprisonment of innocent, politicians or civilians, and torture of those who was left with no way out but saying what they were taught to say to incriminate those judge Moro considers "foes", strange coincidence those who are left wing especially member of Brazilian party PT (labour party). 
Lula was granted habeas corpus and must be free today.
The judge Moro is on vacation, still he is making all he can to maintain Lula in jail.
Brazilians cannot stand US intervention in it's legal system anymore. 
Washington is making a joke of South American countries intervening in a high scale to steal oil, gold, water, minerals... The same old.
South America is not US BACKYARD.

Saturday, June 30

"The Brave One" Erica Bain "you become someone else"

"The Brave One" is on my list of great movies as others with Jodie Foster.
Her caracther Erica Bain suffers a violent aggression and with detective Mercer, Terrence Howard, the movie raises numerous questions.
I'll leave this quote to summarize what Erica has been through:

Detective Mercer: How did you... pull it back together after what happened to you?
Erica: You don't
Detective Mercer: I'm sorry.
Erica: No, no.
Detective Mercer: Jacked-up question, man.
Erica: It's a fair question. You... you become someone else. A stranger.

Saturday, June 23

Computer out of order

My computer decided to stop working. I believe it was intentional.
It did it just to make me angry.
I'll not let it win.
I'm at peace, son of a gun!

Tuesday, June 12

Catch a falling star...

I know that you must not pay too much attention to this song. As it is not part of my culture
I have a different relationship with it for I didn't hear it as a lullaby. One of the perks of not having English as a mother tongue.
It is sweet for me.

Right image: by Psycuror