Sunday, October 26

Brazilian Elections 2014! Dilma Rousseff is reelected

Dilma Rousseff reelected.
I'm too emotional to say anything.
I'll do it later.
Democracy, Brazilian sovereignty and Latin America wins with her.

Thursday, October 23

Brazilian Presidential Elections 2014: Brazil under CIA Pressure by Nil Nikandrov

Brazil under CIA Pressure
Nil NIKANDROV 21.10.2014 00:00
Strategic Culture Foundation

Over two thousand Brazilian political activists, intellectuals, people of art and culture signed a manifest on October 26 highlighting the hostile actions of Washington aimed at prevention of Dilma Rousseff election victory. The document is posted to social nets. It says the coming to power of Aécio Neves of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira - PSDB), who serves the interests of tycoons, will inflict irreparable damage to the country and take away all the snags on the way of US direct interference into the Brazilian internal affairs. Neves is to play the role of obedient tool in the hands of US administration. Washington goes to any length to achieve its goal and bring the desired candidate to power – some things are done covertly, some tricks are resorted to in a clandestine way.

All CIA information and propaganda resources are used to support Neves. Around 80 million Brazilians have access to Internet, 150 million are cell phone users. The US special services have perfect command of destabilization techniques. The recent protests and social unrest in Brazil threatened the World Cup proving that the forces are ready to react as the «color revolution» scenario to be implemented at any time.

The activities of non-government organizations are not restricted in any way; their members have close ties with US embassy and consulate staff, as well as ISAID workers. The human intelligence is used to discredit the policy of the Dilma Rousseff government. The lies about its ineffectiveness are spread around by all available means. «Experts» forecast collapse in case the President wins another term. They disseminate dubious results of «rating polls» that complicate the vision of reality.

Propaganda publications devoted to forecasts often use the term «technical draw» which provides many opportunities for CIA to manipulate, falsify and juggle with facts as a way to bolster the chances of the presidential hopeful the US wants to win the race. Some years ago the same thing took place in Mexico. Enrique Peña Nieto, the US-supported candidate ran against Lopez Obrador, a populist and a supporter of Hugo Chavez. The manipulations and rigging to make Peña win were widespread, many Mexicans still doubt his victory, but Washington said the election was transparent and honest.

Rubens Antônio Barbosa, the senior adviser of Aécio Neves on international affairs and a candidate for the position of Minister of Foreign affairs. The Rousseff supporters believe him to be the leading CIA’s agent of influence. He has been US ambassador to London. Now he heads the Superior Council of Foreign Trade of Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo. In accordance with his pro-US orientation, he calls for «depoliticization of foreign policy» and the «reconsideration of US strategic priorities in relation to the United States and China».

After the spying scandal, when the fact of taping the phone of Dilma Rousseff, members of cabinet, military leadership and top leaders of special services by the CIA surfaced, followed by the refusal by President Obama to apologize, Brazil strengthened the relationship with China – the leading trade partner since the tenure of former President Lula da Silva. Now Barbosa says that in case Neves wins the United States will occupy a proper (meaning predominant) place in the Brazil’s foreign policy priorities.

There is a phrase said by Barbosa which provides a clue to what the would-be foreign policy of Brazil will be like. He said that the protection of national interests will no more be that passive. Bolivia has expropriated two oil refineries of Petrobraz and the government has done nothing to protect the interests of Brazil. Neves and Barbosa promise to provide access to US oil companies to oil extraction in the Brazilian continental shelf. The Neves staff says the policy will be «more pragmatic» and completely devoid of ideological approach typical for the Workers’ Party. The stand on such issues as relationship with Mercosur (the Southern Common Market, a sub-regional bloc), BRICS and other international groups will be corrected.

Washington has gone through thorough preparation for the election race in Brazil; it is at the final stage now. The US State Department and special services have sent to the country dozens of seasoned operatives with rich experience of being involved in similar operations conducted across the world. For instance, Liliana Ayalde, the current US ambassador to Brazil, has done good job in Paraguay doing her best to contain the spread of «populist ideology». Brazil is next. There leading actors involved in the conspiracy against Dilma are the officers of the US embassy and consulate in Brazil: Alexis Ludwig (political counsellor), Paloma Gonsalez (political economic section officer), Samantha Carl-Yoder (chief of consular section), Kathryn Hoffman (political officer, the US Consulate General in São Paulo), and Amy Radetsky (political and economic chief, U.S. Consulate Rio de Janeiro).

It’s enough to look at the Radetsky’s career record to understand that Washington has prepared for a «non-standard situation in Brazil. In the State Department she has been responsible for monitoring the events in Brazil to see how they affect the bilateral relations and working out the policy towards this country. She was the one to see all the messages going out of the US embassy in the Brazilian capital. A bit later she headed a special State Department team monitoring the emergence and development of crisis situations in the region and preparing situation reports for State Secretary John Kerry. Now she was urgently sent to Rio! What crisis situation makes Radetsky go to Brazil?

Political scholar for Venezuela Eleazar Díaz Rangel calls a possible defeat of Dilma a «disaster». The governments of Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff have made life better for dozens of millions in Brazil who had not even had electricity before. The Workers Party has initiated drastic positive changes on the South American continent. According to Rangel, the Obama administration has mobilized all the opposition forces in Brazil and other Latin America countries, all the potential of media and information agencies to prevent the re-election of Dilma. There are funds allocated for providing support to Neves in the presidential race. Influential US financial and economic circles are involved to help Neves win.

Will Brazilians mobilize themselves and avoid the disaster predicted by Eleazar Díaz Rangel? We’ll know in a week.

Wednesday, October 22

Lindsay Lohan supporting Brazilian candidate Aécio Neves? Is she addicted to cocaine?

Lindsay Lohan My Presidential Candidate Has a Chopper Filled with Coke!

10/22/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan says she has a good reason for supporting a presidential candidate in Brazil ... she says her "Brazilian contacts" like the guy -- a guy whose company owned a chopper filled with tons of coke.

Lindsay tweeted, "I support @aecioNeves, for presidential candidature.  His platform brings positive changes in Brazil."

Lindsay took a beating for getting involved in anyone's politics for obvious reasons.  But a source connected with LiLo tells TMZ, she's supporting the guy because "she has plenty of contacts there and has several business trips to the country."  The source also says she has a "good contact" in Brazil who likes Neves a lot.

Here's what Lindsay's 8.5 million followers need to know.  Neves owns a company that owns a helicopter that was seized by the federal police ... seized because it was carrying 4.5 TONS* of cocaine. (emphasis added)

It's unclear if Lindsay supports Neves because he's a good guy or just throws a good party.

Source: TMZ.

*The amount of cocaine is not 4.5 tons: it is 450 kg.

Tuesday, October 21

Palestinian girl demands Israeli soldiers to leave

Just watch!

Sunday, October 19

Brazilian president candidate Aécio Neves tied with drug scandal

This is one of the numerous crimes committed by Aécio Neves the candidate that is supported by Washington and George Soros.
This is another coup that Brazil will suffer in case Aécio Neves is elected. The mainstream media is covering up all his crimes and inventing fictitious data about Dilma Rousself's government.

Update: The video was published in Telesurf where there is an article with more details.

Wednesday, October 15

Vision test: Marilyn Monroe and Einstein

Edelweiss: "Bless my homeland forever"

I was a child when I watched "The Sound of Music" so I was confused about what was the real threat but it was clear to me that forces beyond people's power were causing a lot of sufferance.
In my homeland we were under dictatorship, I'm Brazilian.

I feel sad when I listen to this song and now because history is about to repeat itself.
This is an election month and fascists forces have a candidate that is being backed by mainstream media, US, George Soros, CIA all of those institutions and corporations that profit at the expenses of the people.

In the movie the song "Edelweiss" is sang by the Captain when they sing in a festival so that they could flee from Austria.

Edelweiss also refers to 'Edelweiss Pirates' a loose protest group against the Nazis, made up of youths that suffered persecution. (history here).

The word "homeland" is for me the right one to express how important it is to our identities the place we were born whether we want it or not. I'm sure I would be different If I was born elsewhere in this planet.
It is is time or troubles, when we fear our homeland is being put in the wrong direction we remember we need to take good care of it always for it is our home land.


Monday, October 13

Evo Morales elected president: "Es el triunfo de la Liberación y el antiimperialismo"

An example to South American countries that has been facing imperialist intervention as Equatorian president alerted:

"El presidente ecuatoriano Rafael denunció este domingo que existen fuerzas que se oponen a la Revolución y que han tenido varios intentos de conspiración incluso dentro de los cuarteles del país suramericano.

“Tratan de armar frentes en los gobiernos locales, eso es lo que buscan las fuerzas que se oponen a la Revolución. Tenemos permanentes intentos de conspiración que incluso han llegado a los cuarteles con pasquines llenos de mentiras. Hay grupos que si pudieran pegarnos un tiro nos matarían”, dijo el mandatario durante una entrevista en la televisión pública ecuatoriana." (read entire article)

Friday, October 10

Brazilian elections 2014: US coup d'état through manipulation and lies

In the right picture George Soros with Armínio Fraga the adviser of the Washington's candidate Aécio Neves.
Next Sunday, 26, Brazilians will vote in the second round of presidential elections.
This country has been suffering intervention since August 2013 when CIA and George Soros's strategists led people to protest all over the big cities creating chaos with the help of black blocs and all their knowledge to destabilize a country.

I'm overwhelmed and extremely sad and feeling humiliated.
For the first time there was a chance to Brazil to choose it's way but Washington's intervention is not through a military coup like in 1964.
Brazilian mainstream media is helping with all the power it has, the social networks are crowded of people putting citizens from the north of Brazil against those in the south and... I'm sorry... I'm too emotional.
I'll recover but Dilma Rousseff's defeat will represent a problem not only to Brazil but for Latin America.

I'm sorry I can't give more details for the moment. I have to calm down because it is not easy to watch your country on the verge of being put in the hands of other people's interests.
And we didn't had a bloodshed. I cannot imagine the sufferance of those in Iraq, Libya Syria, Gaza...
Whenever I see an American flag it is not the American people that appears in my mind: it is Washington and allies.

The video is Egberto Gismonti's "Clown" that I posted to remember with the laugh of the children that they will be there to fight for Brazilian's sovereignty.

Sunday, September 28

The raise of Islamophobia in America: orchestrated xenophobia

I have been watching some videos and reading some articles that are shocking me because it is very clear that they are all propaganda to spread islamophobia.
It is very difficult for me to understand how people cannot distinguish propaganda material from serious and true information for I lived under dictatorship - backed by US - and at a very early age I knew I could not trust what was reported in the mainstream media.

It helped but even without this experience some people can watch and analyse what they are being told. YouTube videos are easier to analyse since it is possible to stop at any second and take a good look at the images and study them but most people don't do it.
What is causing islamophobia in US?

"That is primarily due to a well organized, well funded islamphobia network."
Dawud Walid

There is a good article: Fear, Inc.: America's Islamophobia Network published in Nation of Change that explains some crucial points.

"And it all starts with the money flowing from a select group of foundations. A small group of foundations and wealthy donors are the lifeblood of the Islamophobia network in America, providing critical funding to a clutch of right-wing think tanks that peddle hate and fear of Muslims and Islam—in the form of books, reports, websites, blogs, and carefully crafted talking points that anti-Islam grassroots organizations and some right-wing religious groups use as propaganda for their constituency.

Some of these foundations and wealthy donors also provide direct funding to anti-Islam grassroots groups. According to our extensive analysis, here are the top seven contributors to promoting Islamophobia in our country:

- Donors Capital Fund
- Richard Mellon Scaife foundations
- Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
- Newton D. & Rochelle F. Becker foundations and charitable trust
- Russell Berrie Foundation
- Anchorage Charitable Fund and William Rosenwald Family Fund
- Fairbrook Foundation

Altogether, these seven charitable groups provided $42.6 million to Islamophobia think tanks between 2001 and 2009—funding that supports the scholars and experts that are the subject of our next chapter as well as some of the grassroots groups that are the subject of Chapter 3 of our report.

And what does this money fund? Well, here’s one of many cases in point: Last July, former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich warned a conservative audience at the American Enterprise Institute that the Islamic practice of Sharia was “a mortal threat to the survival of freedom in the United States and in the world as we know it.” Gingrich went on to claim that “Sharia in its natural form has principles and punishments totally abhorrent to the Western world.”

Sharia, or Muslim religious code, includes practices such as charitable giving, prayer, and honoring one’s parents—precepts virtually identical to those of Christianity and Judaism. But Gingrich and other conservatives promote alarmist notions about a nearly 1,500-year-old religion for a variety of sinister political, financial, and ideological motives. In his remarks that day, Gingrich mimicked the language of conservative analyst Andrew McCarthy, who co-wrote a report calling Sharia “the preeminent totalitarian threat of our time.” Such similarities in language are no accident. Look no further than the organization that released McCarthy’s anti-Sharia report: the aforementioned Center for Security Policy, which is a central hub of the anti-Muslim network and an active promoter of anti- Sharia messaging and anti-Muslim rhetoric.

In fact, CSP is a key source for right-wing politicians, pundits, and grassroots organizations, providing them with a steady stream of reports mischaracterizing Islam and warnings about the dangers of Islam and American Muslims. Operating under the leadership of Frank Gaffney, the organization is funded by a small number of foundations and donors with a deep understanding of how to influence U.S. politics by promoting highly alarming threats to our national security. CSP is joined by other anti-Muslim organizations in this lucrative business, such as Stop Islamization of America and the Society of Americans for National Existence. Many of the leaders of these organizations are well-schooled in the art of getting attention in the press, particularly Fox News, The Wall Street Journal editorial pages, The Washington Times, and a variety of right-wing websites and radio outlets.

Misinformation experts such as Gaffney consult and work with such right-wing grassroots organizations as ACT! for America and the Eagle Forum, as well as religious right groups such as the Faith and Freedom Coalition and American Family Association, to spread their message. Speaking at their conferences, writing on their websites, and appearing on their radio shows, these experts rail against Islam and cast suspicion on American Muslims. Much of their propaganda gets churned into fundraising appeals by grassroots and religious right groups. The money they raise then enters the political process and helps fund ads supporting politicians who echo alarmist warnings and sponsor anti-Muslim attacks.

These efforts recall some of the darkest episodes in American history, in which religious, ethnic, and racial minorities were discriminated against and persecuted. From Catholics, Mormons, Japanese Americans, European immigrants, Jews, and African Americans, the story of America is one of struggle to achieve in practice our founding ideals. Unfortunately, American Muslims and Islam are the latest chapter in a long American struggle against scapegoating based on religion, race, or creed. (read the whole article)

The same is happening in Europe.

Friday, September 19

Brazilian products are no good: I need a blender!

To make a long story short: you need a vacuum cleaner and you search and search and end up buying something that will last three months or even not work when you try it for the first time.
I bought one after searching for six months. It is not what I want but there is nothing better.
Now I need a blender and a food processor. Same problem: there are only three or four brands and the quality is so terrible that it is better not to buy.
There are numerous complains in sites all over the internet. I don't know what to do.
Do you think these items are cheap? No. They are extremely expensive.

Oh Lord won't you buy me things that work...

Thursday, September 18

CIA-Supported Candidate Runs for Presidency in Brazil

by Nil Nikandrov

Marina Silva is a presidential hopeful running on the Socialist Party ticket. Her personality attracted the attention of CIA in the mid-1980s when she was attending the Federal University of Acre. Back then she was taking great interest in the theory of Marxism and became a member of clandestine Revolutionary Communist Party. Soon her infatuation with leftist views was over as she switched to fighting for environment protection in the Amazon region. The US special services have always been interested in this part of the continent hoping to control it in case of geopolitical emergency.

Thus, the Brazilian environmental activist was noted by the CIA and some smiling guys established contact with her. It was not an occasion that in 1985 she joined the Workers’ Party (PT - Partido dos Trabalhadores) that opened new prospects for her political rise. In 1994 Marina Silva was elected to the federal Senate with the reputation of ardent environment protection activist. That’s when the information on her ties with the CIA started to go around. In 1996 she received the Goldman Environmental Prize. She has got other prestigious decorations for environment protection as well. CIA curators did their best to raise her rating. For five years she served as a member of cabinet under Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva changing her party allegiance. In 2009 Silva announced her switch from the Workers’ Party to the Green Party primarily in protest against the environmental policies endorsed by the PT. Ms. Silva really shook up Brazilian politics by announcing her intention after nearly three decades. She had polled nearly 20 million votes in the 2010 election as a Green Party candidate and accepted a role as Campos’ vice-presidential candidate when attempts to found her own Sustainability Network party foundered. Dilma Rousseff, the PT candidate, wanted to continue independent policies practiced by her predecessor Lula da Silva. It did not suit Washington.

The US relationship with Brazil has wosened recently as a result of eavesdropping scandal. The US National Security Agency (NSA) spied on Dilma Rousseff and the members of her cabinet. The Brazilian President has even suspended her official visit to the United States as a sign of protest. She never got apologies or promises to stop spying activities. So she started to act. The President has condemned the NSA and CIA activities in Latin America and taken steps to enhance communications safety and tighten control over US representatives working in the country. It provoked exasperation on the part of Barack Obama.

The presidential election in Brazil is slated for October 5. Washington wants to make Dilma Rousseff a one term president. US special services launched a campaign aimed at getting rid of the current Brazilian leader. At first they provoked allegedly spontaneous street protests calling for changes and leaving the «old policies» behind. There were youth groups raising voices against political parties’ propaganda and symbols, especially the Workers’ Party.

Marina Silva formed the Sustainability Network Party. It is still a mystery where she got funds from. The new organization was to take the place of the old parties that allegedly became relics and over the hill. The 2014 presidential election is supposed to make Marina and her Network Party become a wisp of fresh air shaking the political landscape of Brazil and removing «archaic» political forces. Having come third with 19 million votes in the last election, she was initially denied another opportunity to run on the top of presidential ticket after failing to get the signatures needed to get her Sustainability Network party on the ballot. But the tragedy that killed Campos and six others near São Paulo last month gave Silva an unexpected second chance to fulfill her presidential ambitions. To become the country’s first black President, she will have to defeat the first female President, Rousseff of the Workers’ Party (PT), as well as the pro-business Aécio Neves of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB), who is now running in third place. The White House is frustrated. Campos had no chances, but he was adamant to stay in race no matter the Brazilian media accused him of involvement in corruption schemes. Dilma Rousseff and her team went under strong attacks too.
On August 13 the Brazil’s presidential election campaign was thrown into uncertainty when a private jet carrying the socialist party candidate Eduardo Campos crashed into a residential area near São Paulo. Campos and the six other crew and passengers were killed in the accident, which occurred in bad weather as the Cessna plane was preparing to land. The deaths prompted a wave of mourning across the country, which is likely to be followed by speculation about the effect on the presidential vote on 5 October. President Dilma Rousseff declared three days of official mourning for Campos who she served alongside in the Lula government. The aircraft had gone through regular technical service with no glitches ever found. The Cessna recorder in the cabin happened to be out of order. It raises questions. It had worked smoothly before but failed to record the conversations on the day of the tragedy. The plane used to often change owners (US and Brazilian businessmen representing companies with dubious reputation). Some Brazilian commentators believe that it was an assassination. Before the tragedy the aircraft had been used by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). People sent by former owners could get access to the plane under different pretexts. It makes one wonder. Could the United States be behind the tragedy? Who exactly did it?

The aircraft took off in Rio de Janeiro where a CIA station functions on the territory of US consulate. No doubt the office is used by the Agency. Perhaps the Brazilian special services should pay attention on those who speedily left the country right after the plane crash in Santos. The death of Eduardo Campos spurred the Silva’s rating as she was running on the Socialist Party’s ballot. If Campos never gathered more than 9-10% she scored 34-35% in the first round. The predictions say the support is to increase in the run-off election.

Marina Silva is painted as a staunch fighter against corruption and a person who could assuage internal confrontations. She promises to work with everyone: all groups, parties and coalitions, no matter the existing differences. It’s hard to say what her real intentions are. It’s always hard to say something definite when talking about the people supported by the United States. Too often Silva switched sides. For instance, joining Campos she supported the idea of keeping the ideas of Chavez (Hugo Chavez – late President of Venezuela known for his socialist convictions and left wing policy) away from Brazil. Today she says the President Lula’s team that she worked with was too much Chavista (pro-Chavez). Now what about her proclaimed readiness to work with everyone? No doubt the Brazilian Workers’ Party enjoys wide support but it can hardly be compared with the ruling party in Venezuela. Perhaps the Central Intelligence Agency wants to use Silva for the implementation of its old plan to create an «alternative left wing belt» in Latin America to oppose the authoritarian, populist and archaic regimes in Venezuela and Cuba.

Silva is becoming more neo-liberal as the campaign proceeds. She says there is no need to make BRICS another «center of power» and speed up the implementation of the bloc’s recent decisions to establish a development bank, a reserve fund etc. Silva has doubts about the South American Defense Council. In half-muted voice she calls for paying less attention to MERCOSUR (from Spanish Mercado Común del Sur, a sub-regional bloc comprising Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela) and UNASUR (The Union of South American Nations, Spanish: Unión de Naciones Suramericanas, an intergovernmental union integrating two existing customs unions – Mercosur and the Andean Community of Nations – as part of a continuing process of South American integration). According to her, the development of bilateral relations should be given a priority. These views run counter to the process of Latin America integration.

How will Brazilians react to neoliberal turn in the country’s policy in case she wins? There is a big chance it will end up in social unrest. They have become accustomed to social progress in the country. The people are listened to, reforms are brought into life, and the country is stable and making progress. If Silva becomes President (George Soros, an American business magnate, investor and philanthropist, provided her campaign with significant funds) there will be a great possibility of having many social and economic programs suspended to evoke wide discontent. To achieve this goal  the American offices in Brazil are being filled with special agents tasked to spur civil protests.

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation.


Tuesday, September 9

Robin Williams in Actor Studio: Legalize Insanity

I was reading an article about ISIS and was sent to a very good video that I was watching but you know how things are when we are at the internet: we start searching for a lemon pie recipe and end up having a detailed description on how to build a homemade anti-robbery device.
I looked to the right - mental note: never look to the right of the screen while watching a video on YouTube - and I noticed that there are numerous sensationalists stuffs about Robin's death.

I wish that the cause of death of famous people was only revealed after two years of the decease.
But I was lucky enough to find this great video of Robin Williams in "Inside the Actors Studio".
I'm still laughing and decided to share it with you.
In the beginning he is asked about what he means by "Legalize insanity."
This is Robin's legacy and this is what matters. This is what he left for us.

Billie Holiday: Homage to Lady Day

This music is in Billie's last album "Lady in Satin".
Some people said at the time it was released, 1958, that her voice was not the same and other critics.
I love her voice this way.
As someone stated: "This is the voice of someone with a life."
The Audio Story shows Billie rehearsing and singing alone in the last two minutes,

I'm not blogging lately because things are a little hectic.

Friday, August 29

Dog's skin disease: HELP

Everybody knows that dogs scratch their ears often and there is nothing wrong with that. A quick scratch here and there is normal but for those who have dogs there are some signs: when they scratch too often the fleas alert must be turned on. I noticed that when they scratch the armpits I have to check and in most cases they are there.

The problem is that this time I'm having problems with my male dog that developed a rash and it is spreading. It started in the leg where he lost some hair and now his belly is covered with rashes.

He has been linking himself a lot and I'm using all I'm discovering. I'm stressed now and I fear searching for a vet for I don't trust them and after researching reading numerous testimonies of people who took their pets to numerous vets and they prescribed lots of medicines - antibiotics, anti-histamines - and they didn't work.

I'm using gentian violet and a talcum powder with boric acid and salicylic acid after having used the flea controlling stuffs.

It is outrageous that we cannot trust physicians anymore and something simple is not healed because numerous people have to profit.

Missing the sight of a good scratch!

UPDATE: 09/13. 2014

I'm so happy!
I did passed the antiseptic talcum powder in all the areas of the skin that had the rashes - the belly was terrible and even had blisters of pus - and the gentian violet twice a day.
It is funny that he opened his legs to help the whole process.
After a week I did bath him with an antiseptic soap and kept doing the treatment.
His belly is so beautiful again! The fur that was lost in some tiny areas are back.
There are no fleas anymore in the house I'm not sure they were the cause.
I got this treatment from a comment in a blog where a woman said that after going to numerous vets and using numerous medicines this is how she healed her dog.
It seems to me that gentian violet is not available in US over the counter.
If so, this is sad because I paid US$ 2,00 for it and the talcum powder and the soap costed US$ 5,00.
It took me US$ 7,00 to treat my dog and he didn't take any of these medicines that have a lot of side effects.
I'm so happy!

Wednesday, August 27

Seinfeld's famous quotes games




It is amazing how quickly I find the solution. Play it here.

Famous Simpsons's quotes game




This is the one I liked the most. You can play it here.