Monday, June 24

Brazil is being ruled by USA

It's shameful, criminal, absurd but for those who know US foreign policy no news.
Brazil is upside down. 
I am indignant.

Image: Carmem Lúcia the Brazilian judge who rescheduled Lula's Habeas Corpus that would be appreciated tomorrow June, 25, 2019.

Collateral damage: too easy to forget

This image found here was removed so I don't have the credit.
What an expression "collateral damage"! It erases reality and we forget.

Sunday, June 23

Nick Drake's Chime of the city clock

During a dark period I listened to this song over and over again and other Nick Drake's songs as well.
Now I'm  fine I decided to revisit the song and, Lord, it is too intense. One of those songs that goes somewhere deep inside you you don't know how to explain  or even where it is..
Impossible to listen to this song without feeling a little pain even if it is the pain that comes with a certain kind of beauty.

A city freeze, get on your knees
Pray for warmth and green paper
A city drought, you're down and out
See your trousers don't taper

Saddle up, kick your feet
Ride the range of a London street
Travel to a local plain
Turn around and come back again

And at the chime of a city clock
Put up your roadblock
Hang on to your crown
For a stone in a tin can
Is wealth to the city man
Who leaves his armor down

Stay indoors beneath the floors
Talk with neighbors only
The games you play make people say
You're either weird or lonely

A city star won't shine too far
On account of the way you are
And the beads around your face
Make you sure to fit back in place

And at the beat of a city drum
See how your friends come
In twos or threes or more
For the sound of a busy place
Is fine for a pretty face
Who knows what a face is for

A city clown will soon fall down
Without a face to hide in
And he will lose if he won't choose
The one he may confide in

Sonny boy with smokes for sale
Went to ground with a face so pale
And never heard about the change
Showed his hand and fell out of range

In the light of a city square
Find out the face that's fair
Keep it by your side
When the light of the city falls
You fly to the city walls
And take off with your bride

But at the chime of a city clock
Put up your roadblock
And hang on to your crown
For a stone in a tin can
Is wealth to the city man

Who leaves his armor down

Image source: I found this gif in two sites and none of them had the credit. If the author happens to watch it, please, leave a comment. Thank you.

Whistleblowers need protection and reward

Whistleblower Protection Law: a blog by the attorney James Zuckerman that I just came across where we can find law protection to whistleblowers..
I thank all whistleblowers and I wish we could create a prize for them.

Friday, June 21

Carmen by Carlos Saura

Carmen (1983), de Carlos Saura - Extrait from Luc Séguin on Vimeo.
I'm fortunate to be part of a generation surrounded by culture. Great filmmakers, musicians, painters, writers... you name it.
Carlos Saura is one of these geniuses, I watched all his movies and now I'm having the pleasure of rematch.
Even though I think that on a certain point Carmen loses it's way there are incredible scenes among them this 06:39 minutes of flamenco dance. The casting is perfect.
I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, June 20

Edward Hopper and the Usher

The painting on the right is Edward Hopper's "The Usher" and the right is a print screen of the movie "Shinning Through".

Wednesday, June 19

Stephen Fry has been working occasionally for Bill and Melinda foundation?

50:30 OMG! Stephen has been working occasionally for Bill and Melinda foundation? This is appalling! I'm extremely disappointed with Stephen! I love him so much but after listening some of his statements in this interview it's clear he lacks some information.
Queen Elizabeth as a totem? She is a ... Ok... Do your research for I'm not the one who will spoil the party. 
Stephen being a part of technocracy?
No Stephen, don't be in the center. Be outside this system. This is your place.
Now I'm going to cry.
Stephen working for agenda 2030... Oh! Bill, the murderer.

I'll keep admiring Stephen. I don't think he is aware of what this foundation is all about.
He has been fighting cancer and I wish him a very quick recovery.

Start by this article. Do your research.

Report Slams Gates Foundation for Self-Serving Agenda, Corporate Ties

January 26, 2016

By Sean Norris

Just days after Microsoft announced it would donate $1 billion in cloud-computing resources to 70,000 nonprofits worldwide, founder Bill Gates is in the crosshairs for his philanthropy.

In a 54-page report released Thursday, U.K. social advocacy group Global Justice Now slammed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for using its enormous giving-power to influence global health policies in the foundation's own interests. The report also claims the Gates Foundation often invests in the same health care and pharmaceutical companies it funds, creating “a corporate merry-go-round" that benefits corporations while undermining support for basic public health systems.

"The [foundation's] program is not a neutral, charitable strategy for which the world should be thankful that a rich man is deciding to spend his money on good causes," reads the report's introduction. "Analysis of the foundation's programs shows that it has an agenda—it is a specific ideological strategy that promotes neo-liberal economic policies, corporate globalization [and] the technology this brings, and a long outdated view of the centrality of 'aid' in helping the 'poor.'"

Among the report's allegations against the Gates Foundation:

It provides a disproportionate amount of funding to health organizations in high-income countries, "exacerbating unequal research and development infrastructures between poor and rich regions." The report cites as an example the foundation's "overwhelming focus" on developing and promoting new vaccines at the expense of already-proven preventative measures for diseases that most affect poverty-stricken areas.
Its projects are primarily "vertically funded interventions targeted at specific diseases or health problems" and do little to strengthen public health systems, leaving underdeveloped nations ill-equipped to combat the root causes of disease. The report backs this claim with comments from Margaret Chan, director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), who said in an interview with The New York Times that the WHO's budget is "driven by what I call donor interests." This limits the organization's ability to maintain fixed support staff "to build response systems" when there is no active health emergency. Adds the report: "The inference in Chan’s remarks is that the WHO, whose largest donor is [the Gates Foundation,] is unable to respond adequately to ebola and other disease outbreaks because donor interests prevent it from being able to build public health systems in developing countries.
It "prioritizes support for corporations." The report notes that the Gates Foundation has funded a huge number of projects for major corporations—including Monsanto, Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and Coca-Cola—and that the corporations often stand to profit. According to the report, the foundation has owned or still owns shares in some of the corporations it funds. "The foundation is profiting from its investments in corporations which contribute to social and economic injustice," reads the report.

Perhaps the most troubling allegation, though, is one we've heard before—that the Gates Foundation, through massive donations and global influence, has effectively bought the silence of would-be critics. The Seattle Times addressed the issue in 2008:

“The danger isn’t in what people do tell you—it’s in what they don’t,” departing foundation CEO Patty Stonesifer warned in the 2007 annual report.

In other words, Stonesifer says, the Gates Foundation needs honest feedback and criticism to help it figure out how best to improve the health of the world’s poor, boost food production in Africa and improve schools in the U.S.

Honesty can be hard to come by, though, when you’re handing out staggering amounts of cash.

And some question how sincere the foundation is about listening to critics.

“They’re not really fostering tough debate,” said Pablo Eisenberg, a columnist for The Chronicle of Philanthropy and senior fellow at the Georgetown Public Policy Institute. “They have not solicited and gone after people who will tell them the truth.”

The Global Justice Now report reinforces those claims. It notes that the Gates Foundation has spent $1 billion on policy and advocacy, investing heavily in training programs for journalists at major media organizations, and funding research and articles in scientific journals. It also notes that the foundation supports a number of NGOs that "might otherwise be expected to criticize aspects of the foundation's agenda," but have been notably silent.

In other words, many of the organizations capable of holding the foundation accountable are unwilling or unable to do so. Adds the report, quoting Sophie Harman, an academic at Queen Mary University in London: "One explanation for the silence is that 'everyone is scared of challenging Gates and the foundation’s role because they don’t want to lose their funding.'"

It makes sense that the organizations receiving funds wouldn't actively criticize the foundation providing the funding. But if the reports are true, it's led to an echo chamber of sorts—one in which the Gates Foundation cannot be criticized. From The Seattle Times story above:

Countless blogs and websites spout off on Microsoft’s every twitch. A single blog, The Gates Keepers, watchdogs the Gates Foundation. Few people ever weigh in with comments. The moderators say they remain anonymous out of fear of lawsuits and what they call “Bill Chill.”

“If we criticize the foundation in our own names our funding will be cut or we will lose our jobs,” reads one exchange.


It's a complicated ethical dilemma. The Gates Foundation is the world's 12th-largest donor, spending more on aid than most countries—including Canada, Belgium and Italy. It is a vital source of funding for hundreds of nonprofits, NGOs and other organizations in almost every sector, providing critical support for their missions. According to the report, the foundation issued 6,210 grants from 2010 to 2014 alone, and has spent $23.9 billion since 2000.

Even if the Gates Foundation is a bully that stands to benefit from its own philanthropy, as Global Justice Now alleges, it's hard to argue that it's not making a positive difference in world affairs. At one point, the report notes that The Global Fund, an organization that the foundation supports, has spent just 10 percent of its total output since 2002 on strengthening public health systems. It is intended as a knock against the Gates Foundation, but the math says otherwise. The Global Fund has spent a total of $25 billion over that span—10 percent of that is still $2.5 billion. That's not inconsequential.

It's also worth noting that many of the report's positions are subjective. Has the Gates Foundation prioritized vaccines? Yes, but those vaccines have saved an estimated 5.812 million lives. Has the foundation invested heavily in genetically modified organism (GMO) research and advocated for genetically modified crops? Sure, but a large portion of the scientific community believes GMOs could end world hunger. Global Justice Now counts these and other claims as a strike against the Gates Foundation, while largely ignoring the positive outcomes.

Still, the report's top recommendation—that the Gates Foundation should receive an independent review and evaluation—seems fair. More accountability, especially from organizations of this size, isn't a bad thing. As Nonprofit Quarterly's Martin Levine writes, "Beyond debating merits and downsides of specific strategies, the growing influence of a small number of very large foundations should cause us to consider if their work is sufficiently transparent and accountable."

For its part, the Gates Foundation stood by its philanthropic approach. In a written response, the foundation said its chief goal is to "improve quality of life for the world's poorest people," and that doing so requires collaboration from organizations across all sectors—nonprofit, for-profit or otherwise.

"Governments are uniquely positioned to provide the leadership and resources necessary to address structural inequalities and ensure that the right solutions reach those most in need," said the foundation. "The private sector has access to innovations—for example, in science, medicine and technology—that can save lives. And we believe that the role of philanthropy is to take risks where others can’t or won’t."

Tuesday, June 18

America according to D. H. Lawrence

"The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted."
D. H. Lawrence

Sunday, June 16

Michael Brooks interview Glenn Greenwald on the archives about Car Wash operation crimes

This is the free version of TMBS for June 11, 2019. Radio interview. Support Michael Brook.

Michael Brooks said "Lula Livre" (Free Lula) perfectly!
Thank you Michael!

Glenn Greenwald on the Leaked Brazil Archive Exposing Operation Car Wash

Glenn Greenwald explains the political scene in Brazil especially the imprisonment of Lula and it's reasons and the consequences of the leaking of the three archives of The Intercept.
The political consequences of the Car Wash operation done by the judge Sérgio Moro, trained in US to construct the prison of Lula without a single prove.
"Sérgio Moro is a liar."

Stephen Fry: Casablanca

"Casablanca for God's sake! If you have not seen Casablanca you might as well just simply show up. to anything. You don't to live. It is as simple as that."* (Click on the video that is set to the time he says that.)

*I'm whispering. I hadn't seen Casablanca. I don't know what happened but our paths didn't cross. One day I was at a shop and I found Casablanca in DVD. I bought it. Quite a relief! I deserve to live!

Lately: I'm watching movies. Yesterday I watched again "Peter's Friends",
It was great watching it again. 
I'm not feeling like talking about the movies. I have a lot to watch today. This is a good review* I found from a British perspective. The image above was a print screen but it is the same of the article with tiny difference.
Have a great Sunday. Don't tell anybody you didn't watch Casablanca. Do what I did..

*Revisiting Peter's Friends

Simon Brew
Mar 14, 2018

Saturday, June 15

...where you feel most like yourself

"Hopefully, you'll be the first to listen. 

On your day off, get as far away from this place as you can. 
Go someplace where you feel most like yourself."

Quote from the movie "The Lake House"

Friday, June 14

I caught fallen stars

Last years I did post the music "Catch a fallen Star". That week I found some paper stars on the floor of the street.
I found it funny and I caught some of them.
Today I changed the handbag and I found the stars. Funny I'm going through some rainy days. 
I'm smiling.

Wednesday, June 12

Leaked Messages Confirm: Imprisonment of Brazil's Lula da Silva was Politically Motivated

Source: The Real News Network

June 12, 2019
The website The Intercept received a massive archive of communications between prosecutors and judges, involving Brazil's corruption cases. Initial analysis reveals that former president Lula da Silva's prosecution and conviction were politically motivated. Mike Fox discusses the ramifications 

I fear I'm falling apart

It is human, all too human.
Sometimes we fall apart and when we fear we are falling apart we have already fallen.
There is no comfortable place, people don''t understand as if they forgot their fallen periods.
When we fall it is like it never happened before. 
There is strength deep inside but we can't reach it. We are fearing something that has already happened.
Time, we need time, patience.  We need to accept the grief. Grief, grief...
That will also pass. 

Source of  Amelie gif here.
Source of selfhug here.