Wednesday, September 30

Matisse - The Woman in Blue

Painted in primary colors and in total lack of perspective "The woman in blue", 1937, is in introspection one of Matisse's and other painters way of depicting women.

Tuesday, September 29

Award - Most Inspirational Blog

Sandee at Comedy Plus has honored me with this award and receiving it from her adds a special appeal because she is always inspiriting bloggers. As usual the list of friends that I would like to share this award is long. These are my choices for the moment and I might update it in the afternoon: Bob Fiddaman at Seroxat Sufferers Catatonic Kid at Catatonic Kid Cathy at Dare to Think Cheryl at Wishing and Discovering D Bunker at Psychiatry, It's a Killing Diane at Good Morning Glory! Gianna at Beyond Meds Herrad at Access Denied Katharine at kath.A.rine Kim at Invincible Summers Mari at 365 Days; Marj at Survivors can Thrive! Mark at PsychSurvivor 2.0 Marian at Different Thoughts Matthew at It's quite an experience Naturalgal at Naturalgal's Weblog Stephany at Soulful Sepulcher Susan at If you're going thought hell keep going Update: Why we always "forget" important people? There they go and I want to say I'm sorry I still didn't put your names. I'm already becoming senile... Cathy at Dare to Think Cheryl at Wishing and Discovering.

Monday, September 28

Every men's dream when in love

Thanks to Christine and Vamp.

Ingres - La Grande Odalisque

This is one of Ingres work, "La Grande Odalisque", 1814, in which he uses the exoticism, - the peacock fan, the turban, the enormous pearls, the hookah (a pipe for hashish or perhaps opium), - in a French interpretation way of the eastern culture.

Ingres - "Apotheosis of Homer"

If you click at the image you will read the names of the masters Ingres has portrayed in this work: "Homer is the central person, with a godlike status he is made immortal (apotheosis) surrounded by the important persons of European culture. Here we have the great men of ancient and modern times in the realms of literature and the arts. Apelles holds the hand of Raphael, Dante is close to Virgil, Plato next to Socrates. Also supporters of the Greek culture are seen such as Peisistratos and also Alexander the Great who admired the work of Homer. Whereas Raphael used mainly portraits of his friends or other personalities of his time Ingres tries to be as realistic as possible using information from sculptures of the persons included in the Apotheosis of Homer. Scholars call this work an academic piece of art, nevertheless Ingress influenced the work amongst other of Edgar Degas, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Henri Matisse and also Pablo Picasso. We can consider this work also as “a visualization of knowledge”." read and see more here.

Sunday, September 27

Velázquez - Venus at the Mirror

"... the only Spanish seventeenth-century mythological work that depicts a naked woman. Other European painters who painted female nudes seldom used a back view. Unlike those of Rubens, Annibale Carraci, and Simon Vouet, Velázquez's goddes was based on life study, in part because he had no classical statues and few painted models from which to derive his knowledge of the female body at second hand. The modest back view was chosen yet what could be more provocative than her soft right buttock settled against the gray-blue silk cover of her day bed? As Allan Brahan proved by posing a woman in this position with a child playing Cupid with the mirror, Venus could not have seen her own reflection with the mirror at that angle, and we would have seen her crict, unless it was concealed by drapery." (emphasis mine) Source: "Seventeenth-century art & Architecture" by Ann Sutherland Harris

Friday, September 25

Visiting Van Gogh's Bedroom

I believe that Van Gogh's Bedroom at Arles is one of the most famous of his works. I have visited the 3D version at Second life as well as some others of these reconstitutions. It's an interesting experience but I prefer the image I have in my mind of the actual work I saw at the Louvre museum. It looks so cold all these perfect lines and colours without the thick of the painting and total lack of hues and textures. I feel home when I see the paintings while here I feel I'm inside a house.

Thursday, September 24

Edward Hopper - "Nighthawks" Parody

One of the most famous of Edward Hopper's work "Nighthawks" has many parodies. I liked this one by Clayton Talbot and I think it emphasizes the idea that each one is concerned with their own problems in the company of others. (click to enlarge if you are above 48 years-old or is myopic but refuse to wear glasses)

Nude Beach funny sign in Florida

Wednesday, September 23

Mirabelle - The female body in watercolours

"My subject of preference... the human body and its language mainly "The" woman, as a Venus swelling from the noisy pigments, showing her ardent plastik." "The background of my watercolours, implement the whim of the fusion of pigments and water, such like a mysterious wave that mix and forward the model." Mirabelle 'Art I went to two art exhibitions at Second Life this week. I've just saw Marielou DeCuir's watercolours and took these pictures: me plunged into her works and her. It was funny because for the first time I have used a tatoo in my avatar and wore more revealing clothes. There I'm in front of "Mirabelle" one of the works that she has used at her site where you can see some of the watercolours of this beautiful woman who lives in Monaco. I'm amazed by the fact that yesterday's exhibition also approached the female body and I'm planning to write about it tomorrow. For the moment enjoy Mirabelle's work. It's not easy to work the human body in watercolour. "Originally, each of my watercolour starts with an encounter, a movement, a soft curve. Then follows a quick preparative drawing. My purpose is not to draw, but to jump in my imaginary, play with the grammage of the paper, the pigments and the magic of water."

Don't keep looking for too long

Saturday, September 19

Jorge Pontual interviews Bob Geldof

"When you are told about something, when you are informed about something that is evil, to do nothing is to be complicity." Bob Geldolf Jorge Pontual is a Braziliam journalist that lives in New York for more than ten years and works as a freelancer for this Brazilian channel where he interviews intellectuals, activists and the most amazing people. He has a blog New York on Time that I follow for more than two years because he loves art, poetry and publishes many things that makes me admire him. This interview with the activist Bob Geldolf broadcast on 9, 14 shows that Bob Geldolf is not only a rock star who decided to promote himself as many people said about him and Bono. He is deeply concerned and knows a lot about Africa. I saw his documentary for BBC where he travels around some African countries. (here is a part of it at YouTube) I'm publishing the interview now because I don't know for how long it will be available. The first minute is Jorge's voice in Portuguese but soon Bob Geldolf appears. Take half an hour to watch it and know why your stats almost doesn't show African countries visits.

Renoir - Little boy with quill and pen

A quiet and nice weekend for all of you.

Wednesday, September 16

The genius dog

First of the "Dogs with human professions series".

The Great Gig in the Sky - Pink Floyd

"And I am not frightened of dying, any time will do, I
don't mind. Why should I be frightened of dying?
There's no reason for it, you've gotta go sometime."

"I never said I was frightened of dying."
Listen to the music. It's great!

Monday, September 14

Julian Beever - amazing chalk drawing illusions

It's difficult to chose two of Julian Beever's works. He creates amazing 3D illusions using chalk. You can see more about this English artist here and this video where he shows the process of his work. Yes, it's him with the French flag on top of the chalk Eiffel Tower. I have no idea how he did it.

Sunday, September 13

Blue Tits - the birds that love milk

Found throughout Europe they eat insects, caterpillars, nuts and seeds. But they have learned, and teach their children, how to open the British milk bottle. I think it's a fair trade: beauty, taking care of the garden and singing for a little milk.
Right picture: Colin Sargent