Wednesday, September 23

Mirabelle - The female body in watercolours

"My subject of preference... the human body and its language mainly "The" woman, as a Venus swelling from the noisy pigments, showing her ardent plastik." "The background of my watercolours, implement the whim of the fusion of pigments and water, such like a mysterious wave that mix and forward the model." Mirabelle 'Art I went to two art exhibitions at Second Life this week. I've just saw Marielou DeCuir's watercolours and took these pictures: me plunged into her works and her. It was funny because for the first time I have used a tatoo in my avatar and wore more revealing clothes. There I'm in front of "Mirabelle" one of the works that she has used at her site where you can see some of the watercolours of this beautiful woman who lives in Monaco. I'm amazed by the fact that yesterday's exhibition also approached the female body and I'm planning to write about it tomorrow. For the moment enjoy Mirabelle's work. It's not easy to work the human body in watercolour. "Originally, each of my watercolour starts with an encounter, a movement, a soft curve. Then follows a quick preparative drawing. My purpose is not to draw, but to jump in my imaginary, play with the grammage of the paper, the pigments and the magic of water."

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Sandee said...

Wow, they are indeed beautiful. I agree that the human body being done in watercolors would be very difficult.

Have a terrific day Ana. :)