Monday, October 31

An American in Paris by Ken Foster

Another of Ken Foster's great watercolors. This time... in Paris where he spent his honeymoon.
When I was in Paris I lived close to Notre Dame and from my window I could see part of Ile de Saint Louis where the cathedral is. I could also go walking to the Beaubourg.
Ok, the post is about an American and not a Brazilian in Paris.
Ken went with his wife to the cathedral and after that they found
this cafè "Cafè Lutetia".
He took the picture, even in a honeymoon artists don't stop creating, I know because I was married to one. lol
I admire that and this was one of the features that fascinated me. Wow. It is not about me...
Go to Ken's site and take a look at what he wrote about this peice and browse his blog to be enchanted by his work.

Unavoidable notes to Math and FedEx

I'm sure you will need them one of these days.

Saturday, October 29

Sign of the times

Hat tip to Enrique at Philosophisches & Literatisches Sehloft.

Tamara de Lepincka's women

Two paintings by Tamara de Lepincka to inspire your weekend. "The two friends", 
right picture, I dedicate to my virtual friends.
The left is Kizette on the balcon, 1927.
Have a great weekend.

Friday, October 28

Libya's conscience, Mahdi Nazemroaya, on Qaddafi and Libya's wealth

I have seen all the videos Mahdi did and read all the articles he wrote. I think of him when I'm very sad and angry about what US and it's allies did and are doing in Libya. I thought I had seen enough about human's cruelty but the tortures, the killings, the fiction that was done by the corporate media covering all up, journalists will have to answer for their crimes because inventing stories to help the killing of innocents is crossing all lines, the Qaddafi's murder... everything is kind of new for me. It has all reached a degree that it is hard to think of these rulers as human beings. 
Calling them psychopath is not the answer. They are cruel, pure and simple. I have no words to describe what I feel or even how to name some of these crimes. Jurisprudence will have to make some changes in face of some heinous crimes that are being committed in the name of... humanitarian aid and exportation of democracy and other philanthropic and peaceful actions. We have a saying in Brazil: "The hell is full of well intentioned people." This is Mahdi's last article that I want to share with you.

by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
Colonel Muammar Qaddafi symbolizes many things to many different people around the world. Love or hate the Libyan leader, under his rule Libya transformed from one of the poorest countries on the face of the planet into the country with the highest standard of living in Africa. In the words of Professor Henri Habibi:

When Libya was granted its independence by the United Nations on December 24, 1951, it was described as one of the poorest and most backward nations of the world. The population at the time was not more than 1.5 million, was over 90% illiterate, and had no political experience or knowhow. There were no universities, and only a limited number of high schools which had been established seven years before independence. [1]
Qaddafi had many grand plans. He wanted to create a South Atlantic Treaty Organization to protect Africa and Latin America. He advocated for a gold dinar standard as the currency of Muslim countries. Many of his plans were also of a pan-African nature. This included the formation of a United States of Africa.

Qaddafi’s Pan-African Projects
Colonel Qaddafi started the Great Man-Made River, which consisted in a massive project to transform the Sahara Desert and reverse the desertification of Africa. The Great Man-Made River with its irrigation plans was also intended to support the agricultural sector in other parts of Africa. This project was a military target of NATO bombings. Without just cause, NATO’s bombing campaign was intent upon destroying the Great Man-Made River.
Qaddafi also envisioned independent pan-African financial institutions. 

The Libyan Investment Authority and the Libyan Foreign Bank were important players in setting up these institutions. Qaddafi, through the Libyan Foreign Bank and the Libyan Investment Authority, was instrumental in setting up Africa’s first satellite network, the Regional African Satellite Communication Organization (RASCOM), to reduce African dependence on external powers. [2]

His crowning achievement would have been the creation of the United States of Africa. The supranational entity would have been created through the African Investment Bank, the African Monetary Fund, and finally the African Central Bank. These institutions were all viewed with animosity by the European Union, United States, International Monetary Fund (IMF), and World Bank.

Qaddafi’s Wealth Redistribution Project
Qaddafi had a wealth redistribution project inside Libya. U.S. Congressional sources in a report to the U.S. Congress even acknowledge this. On February 18, 2011 one report states:

In March 2008, [Colonel Qaddafi] announced his intention to dissolve most government administrative bodies and institute a Wealth Distribution Program whereby state oil revenues would be distributed to citizens on a monthly basis for them to administer personally, in cooperation, and via local committees. Citing popular criticism of government performance in a long, wide ranging speech, [he] repeatedly stated that the traditional state would soon be “dead” in Libya and that direct rule by citizens would be accomplished through the distribution of oil revenues. [The military], foreign affairs, security, and oil production arrangements reportedly would remain national government responsibilities, while other bodies would be phased out. In early 2009, Libya’s Basic People’s Congresses considered variations of the proposals, and the General People’s Congress voted to delay implementation. [3]
Qaddafi wanted all the people of Libya to have direct access to the nation’s wealth. He was also aware of the deep rooted corruption that plagued the ranks of the Libyan government. This was one of the reasons why he wanted to apply a model of political anarchy in Libya through progressive steps.

 He was talking about both these project for a few years. On the other hand, the Wealth Redistribution Project, along with the establishment of an anarchist political system, was viewed as a very serious threat by the U.S., the E.U., and a group of corrupt Libyan officials. If successful, the reforms could have created political unrest amongst many domestic populations around the world. Internally, many Libyan officials were working to delay the project. This included reaching out to external powers to intervene in Libya to stop Qaddafi and his projects.

Why Mahmoud Jibril Joined the Transitional Council

Amongst the Libyan officials that were heavily opposed to this project and viewed it with horror was Mahmoud Jibril. Jibril was put into place by Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi. Because of strong influence and advice from the U.S. and the E.U., Saif Al-Islam selected Jibril to transform the Libyan economy and impose a wave of neo-liberal economic reforms that would open the Libyan market.

Jibril became the head of two bodies in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, the National Planning Council of Libya and National Economic Development Board of Libya. While the National Economic Development Board was a regular ministry, the National Planning Council would actually put Jibril in a government position above that of the Office of the General-Secretary of the People’s Committee of Libya (which is the equivalent of the post of a prime minister). Jibril actually became one of the forces that opened the doors of privatization and poverty in Libya.
About six months before the conflict erupted in Libya, Mahmoud Jibiril actually met with Bernard-Henri Lévy in Australia to discuss forming the Transitional Council and deposing Colonel Qaddafi. [4] He described Qaddafi’s Wealth Redistribution Project as “crazy” in minutes and documents from the National Economic Development Board of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. [5] Jibril strongly believed that the Libyan masses were not fit to govern themselves and that an elite should always control the fate and wealth of any nation. What Jibril wanted to do is downsize the Libyan government and layoff a large segment of the public sector, but in exchange increase government regulations in Libya. He would also always cite Singapore as the perfect example of a neo-liberal state. While in Singapore, which he regularly visited, it is likely that he also meet with Bernard-Henri Lévy.

When the problems erupted in Benghazi, Mahmoud Jibril immediately went to Cairo, Egypt. He told his colleagues that he would be back in Tripoli soon, but he had no intention of returning. In reality, he went to Cairo to meet the leaders of the Syrian National Council and Lévy. They were all waiting for him inside Cairo to coordinate the events in Libya and Syria. This is one of the reasons that the Transitional Council has recognized the Syrian National Council as the legitimate government of Syria. Do Not Pity the Dead, Pity the Living! Muammar Qaddafi is now dead. He was murdered in his hometown of Sirte. He stood his ground until the end like he said he would. The Transitional Council, which vowed to take him to court had him murdered. 

 He even reminded the men who beat him, anally raped him, mocked him, and finally murdered him that they were not following the laws of Islam about respectful treatment of prisoners. NATO played a central role and oversaw the whole event. The murder was systematic, because after Qaddafi was murdered his son and several other Libyan leaders were killed too. Colonel Qaddafi’s death marks a historic milestone for Libya. An old era has ended in Libya and a new chapter begins. Libya will not become a new paradise like the Transitional Council says. In many cases the living will envy the dead, because of men like Mahmoud Jibril, Ali Tarhouni, and Sliman Bouchuiguir. Mahmoud Jibril is a mere opportunist. The man had no problems being a government official under the late Qaddafi. 

He never complained about human rights or a lack of democracy. He was the prime minister of the Transitional Council of Libya until a few days after the savage murder of Colonel Qaddafi. The opposition of Jibril to the late Qaddafi’s Wealth Redistribution Project and his elitist attitude are amongst the reasons he conspired against Qaddafi and helped form the Transitional Council.

Is this ex-regime official, who has always been an open supporter of the Arab dictators in the Persian Gulf, really a representative and champion of the people? How about his colleagues in the Transitional Council who negotiated oil contracts with NATO member states, even before they held any so-called government positions in the Transitional Council? 

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is a Sociologist and Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montréal. He specializes on the Middle East and Central Asia. He was on the ground in Libya for over two months and was also a Special Correspondent for Flashpoints, which is an investigative news program carried on numerous stations in the United States and based in Berkeley, California. Nazemroaya has been releasing these articles about Libya in conjunction with aired discussions (now archived) with Cynthia McKinney on Freedom Now, a show aired on Saturdays on KPFK, Los Angeles, California.

[1] Henri Pierre Habib, Politics and Government of Revolutionary Libya (Montmagny, Québec: Le Cercle de Livre de France Ltée, 1975), p.1.
[2] Regional African Satellite Communication Organization, “Launch of the Pan African Satellite,” July 26, 2010
[3] Christopher M. Blanchard and James Zanotti, “Libya Christopher M. Blanchard and James Zanotti, “Libya: Background and U.S. Relations,” Congressional Research Service, February 18, 2011, p.22.
[4] Private discussions with Mahmoud Jiribil’s co-workers inside and outside of Libya.
[5] Internal private documents from the National Economic Development Board of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

Wordless Friday


Thursday, October 27

US crackdown Americans in Occupy Wall Street pacific demonstrations

These pictures were taken from this video at YouTube. There are lots of video showing the police cracking down American pacific protesters. "You are causing the violence" one of the protesters shouted to the policemen that were armed. Tear gas was used. Blood has already been shed and severe injuries have already been reported. This is the USA, this is America.

Moebius strip cartoon by Jim Woodring

Moebius strip comic - Jim Woodring
It is so good when we find something amazing even when we feel a fool because the work of the person is famous.
I just came across with Jim Woodring work and I'm so happy to discover someone who speaks to children and adult's imagination and enchantment. Jim is the creator of the famous Frank comic that I still don't know.
This cartooned moebius strip is great is still enchanting me and I feel like doing one.

Wednesday, October 26

The Four Dogs

Twelfth of The Four Dogs series!
I would beware of the second dog, left to right, and I wonder why his friends look helpless because of him.

Tuesday, October 25

Living in a tree-house

After seeing David Dee's collection of 199 photographs of tree-houses in his Facebook album
I started wanting to have one.
They are beautiful and it is amazing how comfortable they can be. I only thought about tree-houses as
something we do for kids.
I want one, I want one...

Monday, October 24

Jeremy: Eddie Vedder's live

*This song is about Jeremy Welle who took his life at the age of 15 years-old at Richardson High School at his classroom in front of thirty teenagers like him. He did put a gun in his mouth and shoot in January, 1991. I just found this video and the way Eddie Vedder sings impressed me even thou I've always been impressed by the official clip and other performances. I'm not alone and other people left comments expressing their amazement with this interpretation.

and why Jeremy is the greatest and deepest song ever performed. This is more than Live, there should be another definition for this theatrical dramatic feeling

It is a very known video. Jeremy's story* is shocking and many people feel his pain and can relate to him and some teenagers sing Jeremy as if it could be their story.
"Try to forget it"... impossible for many. "I don't need no mom and dad." that is said by Eddie at the end is the first line of "Sonic Reducer" by the band "Dead Boys".

When the era many teenagers have such a story as catharsis started? This is an issue that has to be discussed not by psychiatrist that will diagnose and prescribe drugs that induce suicide, like Prozac-like antidepressants, and have side effects that can last forever even when the medicine is not taken anymore.

It seems that family is a key element here and we are no longer talking about the old "conflict of generations" when a dialog was not entirely possible. It is something deeper.
This is a problem that requires an interdisciplinary approach. We are talking about children's and teenagers existential condition and this is the period that will stay in the memory of every human being forever.

The silence about suicide must be broken because there are many people that are haunted by this idea on a daily basis.

Mariel Clayton's barbie world and Vermeer

I came across with the work of Mariel Clayton at Stumpleupon and as I was enchanted by this recreation of Vermeer's "The Milkmaid", left picture, I searched her name.
She has an amazing collection of scenes she creates with Barbie dolls that expresses many situations of human life in a very deep way.
Her work is divided in labels and this is what she says about "Fables":
"The whole idea of Fairytales and Nursery Rhymes has always been fascinating to me because most of the stories and ditties that we know from youth have the darkest, most gruesome origins you can think of - and nothing that we would ever consider telling our children today.

Fairytales and Nursery Rhymes were not intended strictly for entertainment, they were meant to be harsh lessons in life that children could comprehend and learn from, morality stories and ways to remember important events.

I'm absolutely absorbed by some of the original versions, and the original messages - and I wanted to pictorialise and interpret them in my way. I would also recommend, for anyone interested - that you research further into the background and history of your childrens stories."
Barbie's world can have other meanings when used by creative and inquisitive people.

Friday, October 21

God by George Carlin

"If this is the best God can do I'm not impressed."

George Carlin here, have fun!

Monks, shades of spirituality

Copyright: Shades of Asia that does not provide the name of the artists.
I found these interesting to contrast with the post below.
Peace, a little bit of peace and quiet mind.
I can hear the silence and it feels good.

Thursday, October 20

100.000 monks in prayer for a better world

Photo by Luke Duggleby.

Martyr Square pictures of celebration of Qaddafi's death manipulations

Mainstream media is not journalism: it has to do with indoctrination and manipulation. They don't inform, they misinform and creates fictions as it was already shown here.
The headline of the article uses the word tyrant to refer to Qaddafi. He is called other names.
This is one of Reuter's pictures of the alleged celebration of Qaddafi's death in Tripoli that are at Mirror a clear pro-NATO version.
Take a look at the flags. Only one of the flags is different and the others are same size, same color, same pole. I wonder from where these flags, ten? twelve? appeared. (click at the picture to enlarge)
The caption of the pictures gives a version of what is happening that is not proven.
What are these men saying to each other? Why are they pointing their fingers in a defying way?
Now the number of people celebrating:
There is a group in the middle and we can see observers surrounding. They are not celebrating. They are looking at those with the flags.
But the captions gives the impression that it is describing what is happening:
"Martyrs Square is packed": do you consider this group a huge crowd?
"Libyans share their joy at the news": Do we know who these people are?
"Libyans welcome the news": What about those who are watching?
"Libyans share their joy at the news": All the Libyans? The whole country is partying?
This is how they tell people what to think. Read the article with a critical mind and see if what you read and see reflects an unquestionable truth.
If you want to know what many people thought about Qaddafi that is not the sanguinary dictator portrayed by the mainstream media read "The Qaddafi I Know" by A. Akbar Muhammad who traveled in Libya with Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Muammar Qaddafi is not dead Mrs Hillary Clinton

Yesterday Mrs. Clinton said that she wanted Qaddafi dead. Read here
This is already criminal. She is demanding a man's execution without trial. This is not craziness because crazy people are dignified and have humanity in their veins. This is cruelty and a total lack of ethics, integrity and honor.
These people belong in jail. Troy Jones was executed. This is the American way of JUSTICE!

According to Mathaba News Colonel Qaddafi is not dead:
Muammar Qaddafi's ''capture'' denied by Green Charter Movement in Jamahiriya
Rumours of Muammar Qaddafi Spread by NTC for Hillary Clinton
"Rumours are circulating with once again European and American leaders misinforming the public, and the usual media culprits Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia broadcasting the occupation NTC (National Terrorist Council) claim of the capture or death of Muammar Qaddafi.
Green Committees have confirmed that the leader is alive, and that the enemy is seeking to take advantage of his being currently out of communications. The aim is to please Hillary Clinton who barked at her Arab slaves that she wants Muammar Qaddafi "dead or alive."

The analysts who are close to the Libyan leader have told Mathaba that the aim of the rumours is several fold. On the one hand, they wish to demoralize the Libyan resistance which has held out for over 7 months against the strongest terrorists and invading armies in the world. On the other hand, they wish to thus lure the Leader out to make a call in order to attempt to get a fix on his location.

The Secretary-General of the International People's Conference Organization told Mathaba that there is also another aim in this strategy of Clinton and her minions, which is to attempt to perpetuate the myth that the NTC controls all of Libya and that the Jamahiriya is no more, because the NTC has made it clear they cannot declare a government unless they control the entire country.

NATO, the American-European armed forces, primarily cowardly Air Forces which have been bombing Libya non-stop since March this year, and special ground forces and foreign terrorists, have killed an estimated 60,000 Libyans thus far, but the Libyan Jamahiriya remains the only legitimate government because it rests squarely upon the Libyan people.

The IPCO Secretary-General said "Clinton wishes to lay her hands on the over 100 billion dollars of Libyan Jamahiriya assets which have been frozen. She cannot do so legally nor hand over any of those funds on any legal footing so long as the Jamahiriya continues to exist. And it does continue to exist, because it consists of over 6,000 basic people's conferences.

"The fact that the basic people's conferences could not convene at least twice a year as usual this year, has been because of the heavy NATO bombing and lack of security for the public to gather in their conference halls. However, in other countries around the world, elections take place only every 4, 5 or even 7 years, not several times a year as in the Jamahiriya, so the existing policies and legislation remain in force, as well as the existing authorities, until such time as the masses can convene again", the Secretary-General said.

Mathaba Libya news editor said that NATO and Clinton are desperate to show a "victory" in Libya, by way of a compliant media, and the NTC is anxious to provide that "victory" for their masters, in order to secure further support.

 The NTC leaders and their factions are all fighting amongst each other, and are dissatisfied with the spoils, which so far have not been forthcoming due to the armed population putting up a fierce resistance, and the globalist bankers being unable to keep their promises to the Libyan traitors.
Libyans should continue their mass green demonstrations and resistance, and ignore all rumours, as it has been confirmed that Mu'ammar Qaddafi is alive and well and will not be in communications currently for security reasons. 

One of the main aims of Clinton has been to kill or capture Qaddafi, or otherwise force him to leave Libya, and none of those aims will be granted her."

Muammar Qaddafi was murdered in Libya

I'm sorry Libyans! The West is being ruled by non-humans.
US, the most terrorist country in the world, and allies, murdered again. I'm just reading some speculations but it seems they murdered Muammar Qaddafi. This is outrageous and, once again, criminal. I want JUSTICE! JUSTICE in capital letters. MURDERERS! CRIMINALS! ASSASSINS!

This video shows what NATO do to civilians at their own country and homes. Children. And if you think this is too strong you have no idea of what is really happening. Will the US president Obama, who has received corporate money during his campaign and is still receiving, appears again telling the world that "Justice was done!"? If this is the American way of doing justice it is good precedent to people interpret it as an example that killing those we don't like is meaningless and you can plead guilty but following US American way of doing justice so, it is the right thing to do.

 Update: The mainstream corporate media is reporting that Muammar Qaddafi is dead. So he is really dead because the mainstream media says so. Of course they are showing the official version of history and how Libya will have a bright future because the dictator is dead... all the lies. Take a good look at what is happening in Egypt.

When Mubarak went down Egypt was also going to be a paradise. Saddam Hussein was executed: take a look at Iraq! For how long, I wonder, for how long these people will keep their bloodshed agenda going on? According to American federal budget that dedicates more than 55% for war it will a long time. Profiting from war, profiting from killing and torturing innocent civilians.... and lying.

Sugestion: I suggest to Google search that results that has versions that are not those of the official media appear in front two because the ten or fifteen pages that appear first only show the same version in different outlets.

Shirley MacLaine on dissapointment

I'm watching once again "The Evening Star" and Aurora tells her granddaughter
not to care about disappointment for:

"Disappointment has ruined more lives than all the diseases known to man."

I love Shirley MacLaine and watch all her movies over and over again.

Vick Shuck's women and girls

I have already published Vicki Shuck and I loved these two paintings so I'm sharing them.
I like her work, her themes and the way oil looks soft in the way she uses it.
At her site you can see more of her work and the explanations she writes about each painting.
She really masters the tech of those who paint as a hobby.
Right: Rebecca and Misty, 2011, oil
Left: At the lavender farm, 2011, oil

Monday, October 17

Wordless Monday

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Sunday, October 16

Eiffel Tower struke by lighting

It was taken by Bertrand Kulik, 21:02 GMT, 28 July 2008 during a storm in Paris. The shades of blue from the lights that illuminate the tower are so beautiful and made the photography special. The lightning seems to embrace the tower. Amazing!

Jean Shin's art

Jean Shin is "recognized for her monumental installations that transform everyday objects into elegant expressions of identity and community. For each project, she amasses vast collections of a particular object—prescription pill bottles, sports trophies, sweaters—which are often sourced through donations from individuals in a participating community. These intimate objects then become the materials for her conceptually rich sculptures, videos and site-specific installations. Distinguished by her meticulous, labor-intensive process, and her engagement of community, Shin’s arresting installations reflect individuals’ personal lives as well as collective issues that we face as a society." I loved the vinyl work "The sound of Wave", top right, with the vinyl records, recreating Hokusai's famous wave. The TEXTile installation, 2006, is a "fabric" created with 22.526 recycled keycaps with a keyboard at one end and the text at the other. You can see it clearly here.

Saturday, October 15

I'm an alien: ramblings on a rainy Saturday

Just a reminder that this is where I am geographically. Sometimes I cannot help thinking how little Brazil is known by many and how it hurts to hear "now our jobs are going to Brazil." as if it was an explanation. 
I wonder what do Chinese think when they hear it, and I met Chinese people two years ago that hated the same phrase.
Karoshi is a Japanese word for "death from overwork". I never bought at Wall-Mart and will never do.
Mexicans are also to blame for the job crisis. Work for peanuts is understood as a choice people do: "When I grow up I want to work as a slave. Yippee! Yippee!"
One of the many stories I have was an American that once told me: 
"You know, I was amazed that you said you know James Joyce being a Brazilian."
This man is a writer so he is part of a certain elite. The conversation kept going and I told him how I like Lawrence Sterne's Tristram Shandy, that influenced one of our most important nineteen century writers, and he didn't know Lawrence Sterne.
I also mention a couple of writers from Ireland and England that he also didn't know. But what does this man think that Brazilian cities are?
By looking at the map and considering the area of this country the conclusion is obvious: there is a lot of regional differences and just by taking into consideration the city we are born we know that there are different groups of people according to different criteria I don't want to mention now.
I am getting in touch with many Americans lately because what happens in US affect us all and also because it is easier to talk to some Americans about certain topics that I care. 
I don't know why I started writing this post. It started when I looked at my Facebook account I finally noticed that I have only one Brazilian friend that is a virtual friend I met in 2005.
I started blogging in English about the pharmaceutical industry in 2008 because all my research was in English and only Americans and British people are fighting to raise awareness about the medicine bad practice.
I met amazing people doing a great job.
As it is a very hard topic and many times I got angry or sad because it is very difficult to see not a single change and things getting worse instead I decided to start this blog that was only about art and culture and good things people do in institutions or great initiatives... but all of a sudden I got involved with the US foreign politics and it's capability of spreading horror all over the world, and, now with the movement Occupy Wall Street.
Sometimes I feel like an alien at the internet and I blame it on my citizenship: "Ana, that Brazilian?" is how I'm remembered.
Funny because when you are living in another country as I lived in the eighties it is not mention because you are face to face talking with your accent doing the gestures with your hands that are not local so it is not that necessary to remind others that you're an alien. What people knew about Brazil was the horrors of some few headlines.
When I feel an alien in my own country I blame it on my agenda.
Guess it's hard to feel home when one has lots of concerns and cares too much.
The most strange is that I would not feel comfortable having a blog in my own language but I'll spare you the details.

Brazilian vibes to "Occupy Wall Street": Alceu Valença's FM Disobedience

Today Occupy Wall Street will demonstrate in 851 cities around in 81 countries. Manifesters at New York were told by Mayor Bloomberg that they will be arrested if they keep at Liberty Square and since yesterday the occupiers are at the square to keep the movement going.
Today will be an important day for OWS so I decided to share this rhythm of Alceu Valença's song FM Rebeldia.
I did chose this picture because of the flower. OWS is a pacific movement and you have this link at the site: Click here to learn nonviolent tactics for holding ground.
Like the hippies? I think that all what is being said at the mainstream media to put the movement in disbelief should not be taken seriously.
Yes, what the good side of many historical protest movements and why not remember the hippies that believed flowers could stop the war?
This is a great symbol.
Music unites people so I though about giving this little help and chose this song because it talks about the poor people that live in the hill, slungs, coming down to conquer their space. It's rhythm is amazing and I dare you not to want to move any part of your body.
It is influenced by samba. Alceu Valença was influenced by pop, rock, music from the north of Brazil, blues, jazz... it would be easier to name the music that didn't help him creating his amazing and unique style. I did a not very good translation just to share.
FM Rebeldia by Alceu Valença
 Um dia eu tive um sonho
Que havia começado a grande guerra 
Entre o morro e a cidade 
E o meu amigo Melodia 
Era o Comandante-em-Chefe Da primeira bateria Lá do morro de São Carlos 

Ele falava, eu entendia 
Você precisa escutar a rebeldia
 Pantera Negra, FM Rebeldia 
Transmitindo da Rocinha Primeiro comunicado 
O pão e circo e o poder da maioria 
Um país em harmonia 
Com seu povo alimentado

E era um sonho ao som 
De um samba tão bonito 
Que quase não acredito 
Eu não queria acordar 

Pantera Negra, FM Rebeldia 
Transmitindo da Rocinha Primeiro comunicado 
Um dia desses... 

Alguém falava, eu entendia 
Nós precisamos conviver em harmonia
Ele falava, eu entendia 
Você precisa escutar a rebeldia 
Pantera Negra, FM Rebeldia 
Transmitindo da Rocinha Primeiro comunicado 
O pão e circo e o poder da maioria 
O país bem poderia 
Ter seu povo alimentado

Disobedience FM by Alceu Valença 
One day I had a dream 
That the great war
Between the hill and the city had started 
And my friend Melodia 
He was the Commander in Chief Of the first battery There on the hill of San Carlos 

He spoke, I understood 
You need to listen to disobedience  
Black Panther, Disobedience FM 
Transmitting from Rocinha, first release 
The bread and circuses the power of the majoriy 
A country in harmony 
With it's people fed 

And it was a dream with the sound of 
A samba so beautiful 
That I could hardly believe 
I did not want to wake up 

Black Panther, Disobedience FM 
Transmitting from Rocinha first release 
One of these days... 

Someone spoke, I understood 
We need to live in harmony 
He spoke, I understood 
You need to listen to disobedience 
Black Panther, Disobedience FM 
Transmitting from Rocinha, first release 
The bread and circuses, the power of the majority The country could well 
Have it's people fed
If you did click at the video, are you standstill?