Sunday, October 2

Gustav Klimt beyond The Kiss 2

Gustav Klimt strikes again. There has been some posts about
him but this time I would like you just to look without any words,
not even the title, to guide your eyes. Just feel.
Have a great Sunday.


Balqis said...

A really fine art! There's so much beauty in Gustav's work.

Ana said...

Wow! You read my mind. I came online because I was watching the news ant they were talking about Philippines.
I wanted to know if you're are fine.
I'm glad to hear from you.

Balqis said...

I'm fine. Thank you, Ana, for your concern. I said the same thing to you at my blog.

Ayie Abas said...


Ana said...

Klimt thanks you!

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

As a graduate of fine art and photography Klimt has long been a favorite of mine. His work is so detailed, emotional and complex. Great post!

Ana said...

I didn't know you have a fine art degree.
That's why your pictures are special. You learned to see.