Friday, October 7

Tribute to Anna Politkovskaya: Fifth anniversary of assassination

Five years ago Anna was shot dead when entering the building of her apartment: " ...the pro-Kremlin premier of Chechnya." Yaroshevsky noted, according to the Times, that "a Makarov 9-millimeter pistol had been dropped at her side, the signature of a contract killing."* .
I want to remember her as the great journalist and woman she was.
The video shows her working always with the passion, commitment in search for justice.
I have publish some posts about Anna Politkovskaya and the first post I published at this blog was this one about her with this quote:
"...I want to be able to live the life of a human being, where every individual is respected, in my lifetime."
Anna Politkovskaya
According to International Freedom Exchange 300 Russians journalists were killed between 1993 to 2010.
* source: "The Chicago Blog"


adnan said...

Really sad... i didn't know her before. but she was absolutely great.

Ana said...

Yes! The first time I saw her she talked for 3 minutes and I was so impressed by her...
What a great woman!

Balqis said...

She was a great woman indeed! I don't know much about international journalists. I admire her for her courage in looking for justice. Freedom always comes with a price and a heavy one!

Thanks a lot for sharing.

Ana said...

Yes. And she knew she was going to pay this price.

There are lots of great journalists that are doing their work without payment.
This is are the ones that will stay in the history.