Monday, October 10

Bernard Henry-Levy: What happened to French philosophy?

Never, never I could think of such an absurd as the way Bernard Henry-Levy - he claims to be a philosopher but he is more a war diplomat that has blood in his hands - did all he could to promote the Libyan invasion.
It is is not the first time that the millionaire philosopher behaves like a war monger.
My biggest concern is not BHL as the French refers to him. I want to know how can it be that the French philosophers keep silent not only in relation to BHL but to what is happening to the world.
Of course there are some intellectuals raising their voices but the French philosophy that had a powerful anti-establishment voice some decades ago is hiding or dead, I don't know.
There would be no room for a man like BHL in France because he would never dare being a war monger feeling the breath of real philosophers on his neck.
Now we have a French philosopher that promotes crimes against humanity and nobody seems to see how serious it is or little effort is done to take the "philosopher status" from someone that should be recognized as a politician or a journalist, of the mainstream media, a lobbyist but never an activist.
Surely, what he does is not related to philosophy. Bernard Henry-Levy a war monger that has blood in his hand. blood of people who are murdered or tortured in crimes against humanity. This is outrageous.

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