Monday, October 31

An American in Paris by Ken Foster

Another of Ken Foster's great watercolors. This time... in Paris where he spent his honeymoon.
When I was in Paris I lived close to Notre Dame and from my window I could see part of Ile de Saint Louis where the cathedral is. I could also go walking to the Beaubourg.
Ok, the post is about an American and not a Brazilian in Paris.
Ken went with his wife to the cathedral and after that they found
this cafè "Cafè Lutetia".
He took the picture, even in a honeymoon artists don't stop creating, I know because I was married to one. lol
I admire that and this was one of the features that fascinated me. Wow. It is not about me...
Go to Ken's site and take a look at what he wrote about this peice and browse his blog to be enchanted by his work.


Ken Foster said...

Thanks Ana! "American in Paris" - I like it!

Ana said...

I watched the movie when I was a teenager and I still love it.