Sunday, October 9

I need encouragement

I'm trying to learn to play acoustic guitar again. This is the third time in my life I try and I don't wanna quit.
I'm just writing this post to commit myself not to stop again. They say the exercise above must be practice everyday for a while.
I need support! Help! It is so boring at the beginning!


♥●• İzdiher •●♥ said...

I can only wish you lots of good luck .GO for it.

Follow each other .

Mike Golch said...

I'm trying to relearn the tunes that I used to play al ot on my hammered dulicmer.most of the time it is just stashed behind the love seat in our living room.I have been afraid to play it because of the seizures that I have,but I still try to relearn how to play it.Bottom line is if I'm willing to try it you should try to play the guitar as well.Big Time Hug.

Ana said...

Thank you Izdiher!

I didn't understand why the seizures prevent you from playing.
I'll go to your site to see how you're doing.
Thank you!

Dean J. Baker said...

keep doing it.....

Ana said...

Thank you Dean!
I'll keep going...

Balqis said...

Don't stop no matter how difficult it is at first. Practice makes perfect. :)

Balqis said...

Don't stop no matter how difficult it is at first. Practice makes perfect! I'm happy that you're learning to play guitar again. Keep going! :)

Ana said...

Yeah! Thank you Balqis!

Mark p.s.2 said...

I am sorry it feels boring. If you do that exercise well, I don't think you need to do it, unless it is to build up callous skin on your fingertips.
You need hard skin to play ( I think). Sorry you have to train :(.

Ana said...

Yes, I'm building callous and this exercise also helps to make us recognize the arm and change quickly the fingers.
We also need to create a kind of mobility in the muscles. I'll keep doing.
I hope so!

cindyrina said...

Don't stop!!! keep going!!! get the satisfaction and good feeling when you finally did it!!! You go gal!!

Ana said...

Thank you!
OMy! You are all really being supportive.
I have to do it.
I'll have to buy an acoustic guitar because this one was given to me and it is... terrible!
I just wanted to know if I'll really will commit.
I think I'm this time.

susan said...

Good for you! I want to learn how to play guitar too!

Ana said...

Do it!
I'm still at the beginning and I think I'll be under this condition for a long time because this guitar is not good.
I'll have to buy another one.

D Bunker said...

I'm not Surprised you're having a hard time learning it THAT WAY.

When you were a baby learning to walk did you learn how to walk using Only your right big toe until you had mastered it?

Forget that nonsense. Either buy a book teaching you to play basic chords AND scales on ALL 6 strings, or go to a human teacher to learn it, NOW, playing That exercise will only Bore you to death.

Buy a song book with Chord Charts of songs of one of your favorite bands, or one you are used to listening to.

And for God´s sake, COUNT when you are practicing. Tap your foot or do it out loud.

If you make a mistake in your playing, it's More important to KEEP GOING in correct Time than to break rythm.

Practice a song at HALF of the speed you're used to hearing it at. Playing it CORRECTLY is far more important than playing it fast enough. The fast enough only comes after you're doing it Right in the 1st place.

Ana said...

Thank you D Bunker.
Yes, you are right!
I'm searching for books now and I have found a video that teach how to play "Wish you were here", Pink Floyd.
This is the first music I'll learn.
Everything you said is correct and I'll follow your advice.
Thank you!!!!!!!

Ana said...

It's so hard to memorize the name of the chords... lol

Raziel said...

Mastering the F chord is the single major turn off for a beginner.At least that's what I felt..Work at it, you'll be amazed how many simple songs with few chords you can play.

Ana said...

Thank you Raziel!
I'll check it right now.