Sunday, May 31

Foundation Tips by Lisa Eldedridge: costumers' right to samples and refund

In Lisa Eldedridge YouTube channel there is a lot of good information about makeup and in this video she gives seven tips about foundations being one of them how to purchase it.
As we live in a era where it seems all our rights were withdrew I think that this tip is a very good one:

04:06   Tip number 6: Be a savvy shopper

"When you go shopping for foundation ask nicely for samples, I know that in some countries it is impossible to get a sample but ask, at least ask. If you can find the manager... ask someone nice you can ask. Because most companies have samples, lots of companies have samples so, ask the right person to help you. If you can at least try to get a sample it will be helpful. If you can't have a sample than know your rights.
Check what the policy is, the return policy. Can you return it if it is the wrong shade... go out into daylight after you tried it on the counter don't buy it straight away.
Go out outside the store with a mirror to look in the daylight... be as a savviest as you possibly can.
When buying online, if you have to buy online check again what the return policy is.
Are they going to let you send it back and get a full refund or are they going to let you change for another color? Check your rights.
Don't be afraid to ask. Be confident. You're the person with the money, you are buying the foundation, you hold the cash.
Have confidence. Make sure that you ask and receive."

This is the sample of Lancôme Visionnaire foundation. I sent them a request for a sample. Let's see what the answer will be.

It is not necessary to be a very elaborate sample.
Sachets would do. Buying online is becoming more and more frequent and it is impossible to choose the right foundation without testing it.

Is it so hard to understand that? There are  lots of costumers that bought a very expensive product and the shade was not the right one, the texture... name it.
Even buying in physical stores we make mistakes.
I did one: I bought a Clinique foundation and when I got home I realized that it was not the right color and that it accentuated all the problems I have.

I  phoned the Costumer care and they are refunding me. I was amazed by the kind way they treated me and I'll write a post about how things were done. I don't know if I'll have cash refund or  products.
We have to fight for our rights.
I also had a great experience with Maybelline but this will be my next post.
Be a savvy shopper!

Saturday, May 30

Shiseido: I found the foundation

I said here that I'm starting to be interested in makeup and that finding the right foundation is extremely hard.

Yesterday I found Shiseido' Radiant Lifting foundation color 160  and I loved it.

The price is obscene.and I thought, and thought... and thought - "how can it be that a foundation costs almost half the price of the minimum wage?" - said my conscious side while the shallow side answered: "but is is your face and it looks very good".

I got out of the shop and walked in circles around the mall... I could only think about the foundation.
"Ok! I'll buy it. Fukitol!"

These are my first impressions about this foundation since today is the first day I'm wearing it.
The best thing about this foundation is that it evens the skin and gives it a glow but it feels like we are not wearing a foundation. The color is perfect for my skin and it does not have either a yellow or a pink undertone. The color looks natural.

If you like matte foundation this is not the one for you since it is creamy which makes it easy to apply and a tiny drop covers all the face.
I apply translucent or a very thin fair colored powder on the T-zone so that it doesn't look oily.
My skin is dry and most foundations available on the market are for oily skin.

I was trying  Lancôme Teint Visionnaire foundation and I liked it a lot but I was not sure about the concealer that comes with it. So the girl who was helping me brought Shiseido's and I did choose it but maybe, I would have to try again, Lancôme's gives the exact amount of glow that doesn't require powder.

Shideido's Radiant Lifting claims a lot of things:

  • "Smooth Wrap Oil and Hydroxyproline provide abundant moisture to the help counteract wrinkles and firm the skin" 

I loved the foundation but please don't tell me that it will help my skin go back in time. It is a foundation, just a foundation and this is what I was looking for. Radiant "Lifting"? I want my money back because it is not happening and I'm pretty sure that as time goes by things will keep aging.
Aging is part of life and not a disease.
Why can't we age in peace and without all these traumas?
A lot of things are constantly surrounding our minds to make us feel insecure and unhappy about our appearance during our entire life.
We have to do our best but not extremely vigilant or we'll never be at peace with our bodies.

Wednesday, May 27

Lost in the makeup world

Finding the best foundation is not easy and the right color is part of the problem. I'm amazed with the amount of brands available on the market.

In some countries, like in Brazil, the purchase of some brands has to be done online because those makeup shops that were all over the town have almost disappeared. The prize when converted to Brazilian currency is "obscene" but some women consume it in a  compulsive way. buy and buy...
I don't think any woman needs more than two good foundations - I'm still trying to find them - and two BB creams.

For the moment I'm using L'oreal and Nivea BB creams and Maybelline Super Stay 24 shade classic beige medium.  I heard that! "Oh! drugstore makeup?" Yes, why not? I bought an expensive Clinique one but the light of the store was no good. I tried it for four days applying in different ways and tried to correct the color with powder and it didn't work. I phoned Clinique and they were kind enough to refund me. That made more afraid of buying something that doesn't work.
Samples? No. There is not such a thing so people think it is normal to spend a lot of money in a product that they'll not use.

There is one Sephora store and even there are some good brands missing.
For the moment I'm giving up. I feel strange in Sephora watching women hypnotized by the products as if they were a kind of miraculous potions and after using it three times something new is needed.
I don't have a fetishist relation with makeup. It is just as another tool.

Saturday, May 23

World Cup 2014: Neymar faked injury

Did Neymar fake or not being injured during Brazil vs Colombia game?
In this video we can see the moment Neymar is injured by Zuniga and prior to that both of them talking to each other. There are numerous videos in Portuguese but not a single one in English but you can see in this one what has happened.

Neymar starts running and Zuniga goes after him and push him.
As FIFA is not committed to investigate or make things transparent numerous accidents like this will be in the list of suspicious cases.
As always money is the cause of lack of ethics, integrity and justice.

Friday, May 22

Celebrities without makeup by Wayne Goss "They are just like you and me"

I've been watching Wayne Goss videos because I would like to learn how to apply makeup. It's not easy to find the right products, the colors... sometimes I feel like giving up.

There are millions of videos of girls making tutorials and explaining but when you do it>" FAIL"
Wayne Goss is an "independent" professional, meaning he has no ties with industries, and he gives great tips that helps a lot. He is not compliant and is always ready to say what he really thinks.

I decided to share this video for the same reason Wayne did it: to remind us that they look gorgeous because they are wearing makeup.

I'll not even talk about the surgeries and all the treatments they are submitted for this is another topic and as we have being exposed to so many faces with muscles that don't move and lips that all of a sudden get fuller it is a little obvious.
This is not about judging people - men do them two - for doing it all. It is about raising awareness that we should not feel bad about ourselves because we're not size 0 (zero) and our face and body are... normal.

We must not feel insecure about our natural ugliness. Mankind has always created ideals to be achieved so we can assume that it is part of human condition feeling ugly.
I'm ugly and I'm proud!

Wayne Goss

Monday, May 18

"We are all seeds" message from Vandana Shiva

I had the pleasure of talking quickly with Vandana Shiva during an event I worked, I admire this woman and thank her for all the work she has been doing.

"As 2015 has been declared the Year of Soil, let us recognize that in the seed and the soil we can find answers to every one of the crisis we are facing"

 One of Vandana Shiva's books.

Thursday, May 14

What to do when dogs get stuck together after mating

Those who have animals come across with problems that are new and it is difficult to know what to do or not to do.

In this article "Why does my dog get stuck to the female after mating?" you can find the dos and don'ts. There are other articles if you google,
Good Luck!

Tuesday, May 12

The shore

The shore is part of my life since ever but whenever I see it again it is just like the first time.