Sunday, May 31

Foundation Tips by Lisa Eldedridge: costumers' right to samples and refund

In Lisa Eldedridge YouTube channel there is a lot of good information about makeup and in this video she gives seven tips about foundations being one of them how to purchase it.
As we live in a era where it seems all our rights were withdrew I think that this tip is a very good one:

04:06   Tip number 6: Be a savvy shopper

"When you go shopping for foundation ask nicely for samples, I know that in some countries it is impossible to get a sample but ask, at least ask. If you can find the manager... ask someone nice you can ask. Because most companies have samples, lots of companies have samples so, ask the right person to help you. If you can at least try to get a sample it will be helpful. If you can't have a sample than know your rights.
Check what the policy is, the return policy. Can you return it if it is the wrong shade... go out into daylight after you tried it on the counter don't buy it straight away.
Go out outside the store with a mirror to look in the daylight... be as a savviest as you possibly can.
When buying online, if you have to buy online check again what the return policy is.
Are they going to let you send it back and get a full refund or are they going to let you change for another color? Check your rights.
Don't be afraid to ask. Be confident. You're the person with the money, you are buying the foundation, you hold the cash.
Have confidence. Make sure that you ask and receive."

This is the sample of Lancôme Visionnaire foundation. I sent them a request for a sample. Let's see what the answer will be.

It is not necessary to be a very elaborate sample.
Sachets would do. Buying online is becoming more and more frequent and it is impossible to choose the right foundation without testing it.

Is it so hard to understand that? There are  lots of costumers that bought a very expensive product and the shade was not the right one, the texture... name it.
Even buying in physical stores we make mistakes.
I did one: I bought a Clinique foundation and when I got home I realized that it was not the right color and that it accentuated all the problems I have.

I  phoned the Costumer care and they are refunding me. I was amazed by the kind way they treated me and I'll write a post about how things were done. I don't know if I'll have cash refund or  products.
We have to fight for our rights.
I also had a great experience with Maybelline but this will be my next post.
Be a savvy shopper!

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