Thursday, September 30

*•●☆★☆ bumble~bee ☆★☆●•* amazing photographies 2

This is the second picture I published by *•●☆★☆ bumble~bee ☆★☆●•*. Once again I invite you to click at the link and look at this pictures.
I noticed that there are some great works using shadows at the wall. I will create a label for that.

Tuesday, September 28

SOMEONE STOLE MY ACCOUNT: Google has returned it to me!

Yay! I got my other blog back. I have to thank to Google.
I'm really very happy!
I also received this award from Herrad at Access Denied. I will be back later to share it with my blog friends. One of the winners will be my other blog. LOL. YAY!
These are some of many blogs that inspire me:
Bob Fiddaman at Seroxat Sufferers
Cathy at Dare to Think
and last but not least: Ana at justAna comemorating her blog being back to her after having her account hacked. I didn't know how much she inspires me, even thou hers is the Hell side of this Hella Heaven. I'm very close to her I will surelly tell her about other blogs that are dear to me.


I received an e-mail from Google and did these two steps:

"Follow each step below to ensure only you have access to this account.
Step 1: RUN A VIRUS SCAN ON YOUR COMPUTER - Scan your machine for viruses and malware. Get rid of any programs found during the scan. - You may want to download Google Pack, which comes with free anti-virus software: STEP 2: RESET YOUR PASSWORD - Once you've run a virus scan, visit to reset your password. - On this page, enter the username of the account you are recovering. Google will send you a message at your recovery address with a link to reset your password. - IMPORTANT: Do not re-use your old password, or a password you use frequently on other sites. To create a strong password follow these tips:"
I didn't receive the message with a link to reset the password. This is very strange to visit your blog without being able to login. I doing this blog for three years and... I don't know what to say. Very strange feeling. I don't feel like posting today. I'll try to make a post about what I did read about how to prevent it to happen so that others don't lose their blogs. But not today.

Monday, September 27


The account from my other blog has been stolen and I don't have access to the blog and to Gmail. If you are at my list of this e-mail you might receive an e-mail claiming that I'm at Scotland and need money. It is not me. I'm trying to fix the problem. It's very easy to hack a password as you can see at this video. I hope that Google finds a way to protect us and those who blog should have access to the account with if the account is stolen. I hope it can be fixed as soon as possible.
This is the e-mail that is being sent with my account and my name:
  • Assistance Please(Help)‏

Hello, How are you doing? hope all is well with you, I know this might be a surprise to you but I am sorry I didn't inform you about my traveling to Scotland in United Kingdom for a Seminar. I was robbed on my way to the hotel and I lost wallet and other valuable things, I am accessing my email from the internet cafe now and I have limited access to the internet, I will like you to assist with the sum of £1,500 GBP to sort-out my hotel bills in which I promise to refund immediately I return home. I've been to a bank and they said the only way I can get money using my passport is by Western Union, I will appreciate whatever you can afford and and i'll pay you back as soon as I return. Get back to me so I can email you the details you need to send the money Thank you so much and sorry to bother you.
I've just received an e-mail from Google saying they cannot give this account back.
How am I going to access my blog?
This is quite a situation.
It seems that once you lost your password you lose access to your blog. I have trued all that Google propose and it is impossible. Now what?
This is the Google form you have to fill if someone hack your account. You have to remember five e-mail addresses, the date of your account creation, date of last successful login, five labels... (what are these?)...
If I knew it I would have copied all the informations necessary and save it in my computer.
I didn't know about the verification code. We have a verification code at Google somewhere.
I didn't lost only an account for e-mails. I lost the account for my blog.
I don't believe it!
The person who stole it can publish at my blog. I can't. Amazing!
Bob Fiddaman at Seroxat Sufferers received the e-mail and said that he has already got it by the time one of his friends had his account compromised.
I don't understand how can it be that Google don't pay attention at these problems.
We have to do everything to assure security.
The problem is that even if one changes the password everyday these people would have done it anyway.
Those who have accounts with blogs should have a way to access their blogs in another way aside Google's account.
Don't they think about it?
I'm searching a way to get my account, and blog of course, and I found many people reporting the same at Blogger but have no help. This is one of them reporting the same problem I have:

HELP! Someone's hacked my account, changed my password--same gmail account name and password for my blog!Report abuse

Level 1 11/23/09
My gmail account was hacked this morning. Someone got in and changed the password and the secondary email address to some email (I live in the states!) I've filled out the forms from google (twice!), and I've received two responses: "unable to verify I own my account." However, the questions they asked are the exact month and year I created my google account! I have no idea! It was years ago!! They aren't asking questions that allow you TO verify your own account! Now, I can't access my blogs (yes, PLURAL). No where to turn! No one to call! Nothing. How do I get my blogs back????? Email is one thing, but all my blogs are now in control of someone else in the world? I feel sooooo robbed. HELP!
It seems I will have to say justAna goodbye. I'm glad I created another account for this one. But I will change for a safer place. I feel so robbed!
I have access to the Statcounter but cannot access the blog. Kafka would love it!

Friday, September 24

El Greco's unique style

Born in Crete Δομήνικος Θεοτοκόπουλος (Doménikos Theotokópoulos), went to Venice at the age of 26 years old. El Greco, a nickname in reference to his Greek origin, was recognized last century as a talent of his own without matches:
"El Greco's elongated figures, ever straining upward, his intense and unusual colors, his passionate involvement in his subject, his ardor and his energy, all combine to create a style that is wholly distinct and individual."
Right: Mary Magdalen in Penitence,1585-90 Left: A Boy Blowing on an Ember to Light a Candle,1570-1572 The subject of a boy blowing on an ember appears frequently as a subsidiary element in subject pictures in mid-sixteenth-century Venetian painting.

Thursday, September 23

Georges de la Tour Candlelit Scenes

Georges de la Tour, influenced by Caravaggio, depicted scenes lighted by candles in many of his religious works creating an atmosphere of stillness, quietness and introspection.

Tuesday, September 21

The Cure and flamenco guitar

I remember when the album The Head of the Door was launched in 1985 and the impact it created because it was a The Cure with something extra. Flamenco guitar, castanets and this video with the flamenco dancers of "The Blood" is a classic.
Click at the start and listen to five seconds. I believe you will like it.

Monday, September 20

Duane Hanson complex world

"I'm not duplicating life. I'm making a statement about human values."
Duane Hanson

 Duane Hanson Duane Hanson did a diverse work under the label hyper-realism. Although his groups of people evokes the social the individuality of each person is preserved in such a way that sometimes it reminds a Edward Hopper scene where a certain psychological moment is captured.

I have already start approaching his work at this post and I plan doing others because there is nothing simple about these people. If you want to watch more you can go to this site. (put your mouse at each picture to see the title)

Saturday, September 18

Pencil vs Camera by Ben Heine

I found Ben Heine blog and I'm amazed. This is a series of combinations with a photography and a drawing. You can see others of these great series here. A must-see.

Refugees in Darfur: send them reading glasses and books

This is at The Book Wish Foundation: Peepers Fun Reading Glasses Donated for Refugees

What better way to encourage reading than with the gift of colorful, cheerful, fun reading glasses? Especially in the Darfur refugee camps of eastern Chad, where hope needs a helping hand, adding to the enjoyment of reading can yield big returns in education and mental health. That's why the Book Wish Foundation was so excited to receive 126 pairs of Peepers Fun Reading Glasses, in dozens of colors and styles, like these:

Peepers Fun Reading Glasses
It might sound superfluous to same people that reading glasses were sent to refugees because we think they only need to survive starvation and have some medicines for diseases but a library is being build at the refugee camp for the literacy project. Donate here 2 dollars.
Darfur refugees in Bredjing Refugee Camp receive reading glasses
A group with new reading glasses in Bredjing Refugee Camp. Note the books in their hands. By providing books and reading glasses to the same people, we are enhancing the value of each. How many lives in this photo have just taken a giant step forward, even if they are still in the refugee camp? The school and children in the background remind us of the lost educational opportunities for adults who need, but don't have reading glasses.

Supporting literacy

We will add the link to your site to our bookshelf pages with ( My family and I help to raise public awareness of the genocide in Darfur through informational labels we place on the books we donate through our BookCrossing challenge project, READ: Respond in Earnest Action for Darfur. We will also advise the San Antonio Interfaith Darfur Coalition and local university STAND groups of your needs. We hope you find growing support for all of your projects.

Read about the forgotten refugee here:

by Eric Reeves at ENOUGH.

"Ongoing human suffering and destruction in Darfur have been largely eclipsed both by recent national elections in Sudan and by growing, if belated, international attention to the imperiled southern self-determination referendum (slated for January 9, 2011). Even more completely obscured by recent events in Sudan, however, is the continuing humanitarian crisis in eastern Chad." ... keep reading.

Friday, September 17

The Future of Publishing: not of reading

This video is interesting but since it was created by Penguin Group for a sales conference it is biased:
PenguinGroupUSA | 9 de março de 2010 This video was prepared by the UK branch of Dorling Kindersley Books and produced by Khaki Films ( Originally meant solely for a DK sales conference, the video was such a hit internally that it is now being shared externally. We hope you enjoy it (and make sure you watch it up to at least the halfway point, there's a surprise!).
Apple iPad was launched in China last Friday : "
The launch of the iPad in China drew big crowds Friday at the Apple stores in Beijing and Shanghai, as diehard fans lined up by the hundreds to be the first to have the tablet computer."
I am not sure if the smell of a new book will still be part of reading experience and it is not right to say that if paper books disappear people will not have another way of reading as this video suggests.
It even implies that all that is available at the Web are news about meaningless events but forgets that there are many journalists working for no money and doing the job that the mainstream media doesn't being one of the reasons the fact that those who pay it dictate what and how will be approached. Some works have even started at the Web and turned into a book almost by accident as the author of a blog or a site realizes that what s/he's been doing can be printed in paper because it has a a certain characteristic and unity that should be seen as a whole, something that sites and blogs still don't allow. Good content is everywhere if well searched and whenever I go to an office I don't even take mags from the table anymore because Lady Gaga is at all of them. One of the strange events that happened in literature is that publishers want to have at the market blockbusters books and even impose a kind of recipe to some authors that are starting their careers and still didn't find their voices. Ironically some good authors are still unpublished and keep doing their blogs. I would be much more concerned if for any reason reading glasses could no longer be produced. Take a look at the post above.

Drawings: the realistic appeal 2: are the drawings fake?

If you click at the image you will be linked to Amazing Pencil Drawings" with eighteen drawings of animals and celebrities.
These are some comments:
(Jan 24, 2010 6:27pm)
they just look like black and white photos, amazing!
Jan 22, 2010 12:07am)
photographed then transformed digitally into lead lookalikes
(Apr 05, 2010 7:05am)
some, you can definitely tell were penciled, but honestly I'm going to be a dick and call fake after looking at most this shit. seriously alot of them look like someone used a camera switched to black and white.
(Feb 28, 2010 1:19pm)
they look so realy, they look fake!
"They look so real, They look fake!"; "They just look like black and white photos."

Thursday, September 16

Drawings: the realistic appeal

Right: german shepherd by
Left: eye by Episac
Whenever we see drawings that are closest to realist we admire it and have the feeling that the artist is very good because we know what he/she wanted to express: the object or being we know.
It is one of many functions of drawings: the more similar the best.
(as always, click the image to enlarge)

Wednesday, September 15

A Simple Kind of Life by No Doubt

 I like Gwen Stefani very much and felt like sharing one of her videos. I decided for this one instead of Hella Good that has a rhythm that I feel more connected.
After seeing some comments at Youtube of some women claiming that they can relate to this song I started thinking that this is exactly what we all want, men and women: a simply kind of life. God! How it can be that it is becoming so hard?
There she is with her family. It seems she got it, of course with all the problems of a simple kind of life, but she is not a "celebrity" whose photo is daily at the news showing any silly event.
She is a singer. God! How hard it is to find good singers today!

Tuesday, September 14

*•●☆★☆ bumble~bee ☆★☆●•* amazing photographies

I'm falling...
in love with you
I found this photographer when I came across with this picture by *•●☆★☆ bumble~bee ☆★☆●•*, yes this is her nickname. This is one of many amazing pictures she has. I'm still looking at her photostream. You can do the same if you want to experience her world by clicking at the link.
Image: Flickr

Primavera by Botticelli

Primavera, from left, Mercury, The Three Graces, Cupid, Venus,Flora, Chloris,Zephyr
Primavera, from left, Mercury, The Three Graces, Cupid, Venus,Flora, Chloris,Zephyr
Primavera, (Spring), 1478, is one of the most famous of Botticelli's paintings but you must know Birth of Venus, 1485, that has many reproductions and has been used by some artists as a source of parody or inspiration.
The beauty of both is what first catch the attention. But there is more.
I found Madame Pickwick Art's Blog where there is a very good article about this painting and
you can refer yourself to it to watch details and learn a little more about this painting or just enjoy what you see. Paintings depicting human body can be appreciated even without knowing theirs historical and the iconographical aspects.
As I said some posts ago I'm still having some back problems and must stay away from the computer.
It's being hard to fix attention.
Hope you like Botticelli.
(as always click at the image to enlarge)

Monday, September 13

Smallest dog in the world and tiny creatures

Tom Thumb, top left, is a serious candidate for the record of smallest dog in the world.
"Owners Susan and Archie Thomson were delighted when he and his brothers and sister were born at the family's West Dunbartonshire home.His siblings are three times the size of the tiny dog, who can fit inside a teacup and cannot reach his mum to feed when she is standing up."
I don't want that Tom feels lonely. I found a tiny octopus, a tiny hamster and a tiny frog and he doesn't have to feel sad now. Source for Tom Thumb: mail online.

Very Demotivational post 2