Saturday, September 11

CIA and Wikipedia inspiring Art: The Color of all Flags of the World

Flags of the World">
In his
Flags By Color project, Shahee Ilyas uses a list of countries generated by The World Factbook along with the world's national flag images fetched from Wikipedia to produce a series of charts that break down the color proportions for each flag. These proportions of color are then displayed in a single chart revealing the color proportions of all of the flags of the world combined. This project was generated entirely with script.
(Piechart of proportions of colours for all the flags combined.)

At the top right the little image is a link to CIA's The World Factbook. I think it is amazing to have the colors of all the flags of the world united. It should be used as an icon for uniting. It seems that globalization has more to do with disuniting. Art is always what unites people. (click at the images to go to the project and watch the flags) You can also look at this post to easily know the flag of each country. Have a great weekend!

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