Tuesday, September 7

Alice in Wonderland

These were the illustrations my book had when I was little.


Clueless said...

These are great...fond memories. I've always loved the Cheshire cat the best. However, in high school my best friend and I called each other by "Tweedledee" and "Tweedledum" I won't tell you which one I was. :-))

Ana said...

Yes, Cheshire cat was the one I loved the best too.
Still do. Loved when he disappear and appear again.
Okay, I will not try to discover your secret.

Ricky said...

Those are very vivid characters. That was a trppy story; Alice in Wonderland. I like your blog!

Ana said...

Thank you Ricky!
These are Walt Disney. If you see his movies I think you will like.
I still like them.
They look new.

olphatkatt said...

Im 42 and to this day I still watch this classic for a pick me up when I'm blue. Just watched it 4 days ago :-)

Ana said...