Tuesday, April 30

US a third world country

I live in a third world country but my rights of housing and access to hospitals and education are guaranteed.

In US the government can evict people without explanation especially those who are poorer.
In Detroit, as Abayomi Azikiwe reports in the article "Privatizing Detroit: Residents Evicted and Displaced by Corporate Interests", people are receiving hand written notices saying that they have to leave their houses in thirty days.
Even in slums it is not possible to evict people this way here in Brazil.

We have public hospitals that don't charge a single cent and public schools from high schools to college.

I did high school and college without paying and the federal university is considered one of the best.

Seriously, it is appalling what is happening in US and it will require a lot of time so that Americans can have back what they lost in the last decade.
NDAA passed the Senate. Read Frank Hagler's article about NDAA "Why The NDAA Bill is Even Scarier Than You Thought".

The police cannot come to my house and arrest me without reason and a trial must be done so that the sentence is proportional to the crime.

I focused on housing, education and health but there are more indicators that US is becoming a third world country. "10 Signs the US is becoming a Third World Country".

I hope Americans start fighting for their rights for it is vital for the world.

Sunday, April 28

Old dog jealous of puppy: human mom have to be patient

My fifteen years-old dog is not happy with the puppy, forty five days
old, that arrived yesterday.

She is at the kitchen now and I'm in the middle of two generations trying my best to let her know that she will not lose anything.

For the moment she doesn't even look at the puppy who woke me up licking my face at three a.m..
I'm sleepy now and looking forward to the adaptation period ends.

I can't hardly wait to see both of them together but it will take a while.
Life is so hard!

Friday, April 26

'Friday I'm in Love': The Cure

I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday, I'm in love

Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart
Oh, Thursday doesn't even start
It's Friday I'm in love

Saturday, wait
And Sunday always comes too late
But Friday, never hesitate...

I don't care if Mondays black
Tuesday, Wednesday - heart attack
Thursday, never looking back
It's Friday, I'm in love

Monday, you can hold your head
Tuesday, Wednesday stay in bed
Or Thursday - watch the walls instead
It's Friday, I'm in love

Saturday, wait
And Sunday always comes too late
But Friday, never hesitate...

Dressed up to the eyes
It's a wonderful surprise
To see your shoes and your spirits rise
Throwing out your frown
And just smiling at the sound
And as sleek as a sheik
Spinning round and round
Always take a big bite
It's such a gorgeous sight
To see you eat in the middle of the night
You can never get enough
Enough of this stuff
It's Friday, I'm in love

I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday, I'm in love

Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart
Thursday doesn't even start
It's Friday I'm in love

Image: By A Beautiful Life1.

Thursday, April 25

Jeb Bush next US president?

The lady on the left is not happy with George cheerleading for his brother for 2016 elections.

It would not be a surprise if Jeb was the next  Bush to help make of this world a worse place.  He was the 43rd Governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007. What about that?

His great grandpa, ex-senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.
"The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism." (read here).
Imagine what will be on the mainstream media in 2016.
Do you see any candidate not related to all of these people? Lucky you if you see so. I'm tired of playing the glad game.

Saturday, April 20

Swinging after school

I used to go straight to the swinger when school -time was over. I loved the feeling and still do. 

Thursday, April 18

Quit smoking campaign and the health Benefits of Smoking Tobacco

The campaign against tobacco is one of the examples of how propaganda and indoctrination is done in a way that people don't even use their critical and analytical skills and accept whatever they are told without any questioning.
What happens ia like brainwashing and one of the results is manipulating people against people creating more stigma and hating.

Smokers are being treated in the whole western world as if they, I have to say "we", are dirty, amoral, inconsequente, criminals since we can even kill others with our lethal weapon: the cigarette and the residous that are in the air because of our habit.
Some people address to smokers as policemen and raise their voices in the most aggressive way sometimes out of the blue when someone is smoking at the streets: "You should stop smoking. Haven't you read what this drug causes? You are putting the health of others in jeopardy... blah blah blah,  blah blah."

I was at a restaurant yesterday sat on a table in front of the sea.
There is not a window, it is opened - one meter  farther and there is no ceiling - and I could even jump to the sea in case I was wearing a bikini.

The couple with children - noisy kids but, who cares sbout noisy children? - that were the last costumers left the restaurant.
It was only me and my dad. I felt like smoking and he told me he didn't mind. I started smoking... the maître came to tell me to stop because... blah blah blah, blah blah.

I wouldn't mind if he had treat me with respect but he behaved as if he was a superior human being and the intonation was as if I was doing a heinous crime.

Till the campaign those who wanted to  complain of the smell, or whatever from smokers didn't dare to say anything.
After one of their numerous campaigns of indoctrination that brainwash people by promoting only one truth using questionable arguments smoking became a devilish and disgusting habit that only causes harms for those who inhale tobacco actively or passively.
If a smoker goes to a physicians s/he will surely be told that smoking is one of the reasons of the disease. This is one of the peculiarities of physicians I think is funny: they are also indoctrinated without the need of real scientific evidence.

Health Benefits of Smoking Tobacco
by Juniper Russo


However, cigarette smoking has been confirmed to provide numerous benefits to the health of smokers. Surprisingly, the tobacco plant appears to have more to offer our bodies than a guarantee of certain death. Although the health benefits of smoking are far outweighed by the many very dire risks, tobacco may provide alternative relief or prevention for some diseases in certain individuals.

The most fascinating and widely recognized health benefit of smoking is its ability to seemingly alleviate symptoms of mental illnesses, including anxiety and schizophrenia. According to an article published in 1995 in Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, schizophrenics have much higher smoking rates than people with other mental illnesses, and appear to use it as a method of self-medicating. The article postulates that nicotine found in cigarettes reduces psychiatric, cognitive, sensory, and physical effects of schizophrenia, and also provides relief of common side effects from antipsychotic drugs.

The treatment of schizophrenia isn't the only positive effect that nicotine has on the brain. A series of very interesting studies from multiple academic sources confirms that the risk of Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease is surprisingly higher in non-smokers than in smokers. Doctor Laura Fratiglioni of Huddinge University Hospital in Sweden states, "Cigarette smokers are 50% less likely to have PD or AD than are age and gender-matched nonsmokers [...] cigarette smoking exerts an undefined, biologic, neuroprotective influence against the development of PD and AD."

The University of Melbourne confirmed the claims made by many smokers that tobacco itself is a strong appetite suppressant, and many use it to self-treat compulsive overeating disorders or obesity. Many smokers experience weight loss and decreased appetite after they begin smoking, and the Melbourne study found similar results in lab rats and mice exposed to cigarette smoke. While tobacco-influenced pharmaceuticals may at some point be an available option to treat obesity, smoking as a self-treatment is very ill-advised, since the negative effects of tobacco and obesity tend to compound and create interrelated conditions.

Cigarette smoking has also anti-inflammatory agent. The department of gastroenterology at the University Hospital of Waleso been linked to a decrease in risk of certain inflammatory disorders, since nicotine itself appears to be a conducted a number of in-vitro studies to confirm and explain the decreased risk in ulcerative colitis (a potentially severe digestive disorder) in individuals who smoke cigarettes.

Perhaps most shockingly, tobacco smoke's anti-inflammatory effects may actually provide some benefits to children who are exposed to secondhand smoke. While this is certainly not worth at-home experimentation, one astonishing study conducted in Sweden observed two generations of Swedish children and found that the children of smokers had lower rates of allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, atopic eczema, and food allergies. The studied groups included 6909 adults and 4472 children, and the findings remained consistent, even when adjusted to reflect other variables.

Other surprising academic findings reveal that tobacco may have a positive effect on pregnancy, although this, too, should not be left up to individual experimentation. A study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology revealed that preeclampsia, an extremely common but potentially deadly condition, is significantly less common in expectant mothers who smoke cigarettes than in expectant mothers who do not smoke.

While it is undebated that tobacco cigarettes pose a number of deadly hazards to human health, they also reveal a surprising link to decreased mortality and morbidity for some conditions. While it may be interesting to note tobacco's few benefits, it is also critical for all consumers to recognize that its positive aspects are few compared to its many very serious risks. Even taking the health benefits of smoking into account, tobacco smokers can expect to live shorter lives and experience many chronic diseases.
 (read the whole article)

These studies done by Universities are hypothesis and not theories. Prosor cons the evidences are not reliable.
This is the way science, especially for human's health is being done.
Other source:
Wikipedia: Health benefits of Smokinng.

Monday, April 15

Angelina Jolie, a Zionist?: Asking for accountability from celebrities

We all have seen Angelina Jolie asking for "humanitarian aid" for Libya and for Syria. We also have seen some other behaviors that are not peaceful. Still she claims she doesn't support Obama.

I was reading the article 'Angelina Jolie Conscripted To Sell Genocidal ‘Humanitarian Intervention’ War Doctrine' by Martin Iqbal and left this comment:

"For those who are saying that she defends Zionism because she is a Jew, mentally ill, disturbed, had a hard childhood and other personal reasons... come on!

Reasonings like these are offenses that leads nowhere and only help those who want to defend her.
Calling her mentally ill is outrageous because those who suffer schizophrenia and other serious disorders have a lot of stigma to cope with.
Anything that is not good is due to mental disturbance. Please, let's behave!

If this is the way "celebrities" that are defending genocides all over the world will be treated say accountability goodbye.

This is a very serious issue and it must be treated as such.
Give arguments, phrases addressed to people, and facts such as Angelina Jolie visiting the Holocaust Museum and addressing speeches to people defending "humanitarian aid" in Libya and Syria.

Calling her a bitch, whore and any other insult like this is not the way to go.

There are numerous actors and actresses who are doing movies that defend very evil actions. A movement asking for them to pay close attention to what message the character they are playing is conveying.

Comments that have ad hominem and ad personae attacks are of no use.
Would you care if a person who don't even leave a name called you a bitch, whore or whatever?

My reply would be "Well, coming from someone like you it is a compliment."

Let's ask for accountability the right way. "

Saturday, April 13

Obama uses Newark school shooting to promote gun control


This is the e-mail Obama sent this Friday.>Once again Obama uses Newark elementary school tragedy, that one that independent journalist tried to investigate but nobody at the city can talk about and many believe that was staged.

This is the video where Francine, sat next to a inexpressive man, talks about the death of her son.

She reads the teleprompter, you can see she is reading, and cries at the suitable lines.

After watching  the video where the "father" plays like an actor crying in a speech, here, and knowing of numerous fictitious stories the mainstream media created about Libya I have reasons enough to be suspicious.

The political use of a "tragedy" to manipulate those who are not very attentive is criminal according to my ethical code. but this is me.

Francine video Obama urges us to watch is here.
Two shots of the video: reading and crying...

Click the images to enlarge.

Thursday, April 11

Drowsy driving is not detected by any test

Be alert! There is no campaign but will we need the government after us to "take care" of our security?

There is already too much interference by the feds and police.
We know how to behave. Let them take care of the money they are making at the expense of people's sufrance.

Trust me, you're not my type!

Just found it and felt like sharing. Have a great day!

Sunday, April 7

Anonymous comments disabled due to numerous bot's spams: Blogger's captcha's fault

The three readers of this blog, thank you mom, dad and daughter, must remember that Blogger urged blogspot's bloggers to stop using their captcha because it takes numerous trials and errors.
What was once an easy task was turned into a nightmare and blogspot doesn't change it back or make any attempt to make it easier.

I did disabled captcha but I'm having to delete numerous spams. I don't know how to solve it.
For the moment I'll pray for a change in captcha's blogspot nightmare.

Images: Taken from this page. There are more funny creations with absurd captcha codes.

Friday, April 5

South Africa: Apartheid today by David Van Wyk

This is the second time that the South African David Van Wyk is at this blog.
Apartheid is history for many people and the mainstream media doesn't report what is really happening in the country, or in any other country in Africa, or in any other country in the world.
Apartheid-era is not over.

What is astonishing is that all these questions can be made by people from other countries and, mutatis mutandis, the answers will be the same to the questions raised a this article.

The Fallacy of 'democracy'
by David Van Wyk

"When you drive through the streets of any South African city who is walking next to the streets? Are they white or black? Who are the pedestrians? When you look at the coffins called taxis, who is sitting in them? When you look at the public transport buses  who is using them? When you look at the mostly single occupants of private cars, the majority are? When you are in downtown Johannesburg among the street traders do you see many whites? When you go to Cresta Mall, Sandton Mall, East Gate Mall you will be excused for thinking whites are a majority in the country. Who continues to live in squatter camps? The spatial arrangements of Apartheid are still intact.

Did you know that it is still easier for a white kid with matric to find a job than what it is for a black kid with a degree? The same five global monopoly coal mine companies that dominated coal mining and exports under apartheid are still responsible for 80% of coal exports from this country.

Three global multinationals own and control more than 90% of platinum mining and exports from this country, the same three that did so under Apartheid. Yes there are one or two members of the ANC elite on the boards, but the majority of shareholders sit in London, Paris and New York. I would say that the capitalist ruling class, mostly foreign, are laughing all the way to the bank as they plunder this country's resources, while South Africans have been fooled into thinking that making a cross on a piece of paper is 'freedom.' Lobengula lost his land to Rhodes in the late 19th century by making a cross on a piece of paper." (emphasis added)

David van Myk M.D. is a professor of Sociology at the University of the North West Province and researcher for Bench Marks Foundation and Southern African Resource

Wednesday, April 3

Help! Constant amazement... perplexity...

STOP! I feel like stepping out!

I just read the news on independent media. I'll get better later.

Tuesday, April 2

UN Arms trade Treaty: UN endorses helping crimes against humanity

UNITED NATIONS | Tue Apr 2, 2013 4:26pm EDT

(Reuters) - The 193-nation U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved on Tuesday the first treaty on global arms trade that seeks to regulate the $70 billion international business in conventional arms, ranging from light weapons to battle tanks and warships. (read entire article)
Russia and China, both major arms exporters, abstained.
I was brawsing and found some comments on American sites and it is amazing how US citizens are not aware of what is happening in their country, what is US foreign policy - it is not a novelty for me.
Some Americans are blaming Obama as if he was the only one...

Americans wake up!

Will UN take a look at US, Russia and China's weapons? I don't think so.

It is appalling. I have nothing else to say for the moment. Hypocrisy is everywhere. And people keep watching CNN, FOX and the others.