Saturday, April 13

Obama uses Newark school shooting to promote gun control


This is the e-mail Obama sent this Friday.>Once again Obama uses Newark elementary school tragedy, that one that independent journalist tried to investigate but nobody at the city can talk about and many believe that was staged.

This is the video where Francine, sat next to a inexpressive man, talks about the death of her son.

She reads the teleprompter, you can see she is reading, and cries at the suitable lines.

After watching  the video where the "father" plays like an actor crying in a speech, here, and knowing of numerous fictitious stories the mainstream media created about Libya I have reasons enough to be suspicious.

The political use of a "tragedy" to manipulate those who are not very attentive is criminal according to my ethical code. but this is me.

Francine video Obama urges us to watch is here.
Two shots of the video: reading and crying...

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Mark p.s.2 said...

Francine's child did get killed in the school shooting. They are looking to do something to stop it from happening again, their child did not die for nothing. In my opinion there are too many guns and too many angry people in the USA , so school shootings will happen again. Any new gun laws are too late.

Ana said...

Many people says it was a staged tragedy and independent journalists go to Newark to meet people and talk about what has really happened.

People don't "want' to talk about it.
Dunno but everything related to this tragedy is very strange.