Tuesday, January 31

David Oliveira's wire sculptures and drawings

I just came across with David Oliveira work and I'm enchanted by his sculptures made of wire.
David's art makes me think that all of his drawings escaped from his sketchbook and run away to live their lives. They are deep and some of them reminds me of expressionists creatures.

I wish I could see one of his exhibitions because it is clear that photography is incapable of showing his art or the picture must be able to show the sculptures in way that they don't look like drawings.

"I think better in wire. Alexander Calder"... "...me too." answer David Oliveira

images: via designBlog Global

Malaysian blues

This was shot at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but the author is unknown. I did a post with two photos of Malaysian  sky here and felt like sharing this one too.

Monday, January 30

Orgasmatron the instant female orgasm device waiting FDA approvall

It is no longer science-fiction and the device was discovered in 1998 by accident by Dr. Stuart Meloy, anesthesiologist, when he was implanting electrodes in the spine of a patient who suffered from chronic leg pain.

He was surprised when after turning on the power "the patient suddenly let out something between a shriek and moan." and answered when he asked what was wrong:
"You'll have to teach my husband how to do that."

She had orgasm as "side effect" of the treatment of her pain. Dr. Stuart did a research on 11 women and 10 could achieve orgasm.
I've been searching and all that is being said about this device is the same in different medias:

"In a surgical procedure done in his office, Meloy implants two electrodes from this device into the back of the patient, at the bottom part of the spinal cord. When the electrodes are stimulated with a remote control, "the brain interprets the signal as an orgasm", he said. The device is about the size of a pacemaker and can be turned on and off with a handheld remote control.
Meloy conducted a study of 11 women that he has submitted for publication to the Journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.
"Six of them had never had an orgasm before," Meloy said. "Five of them had and then lost the ability. The results were promising in my mind. We were able to stimulate 91 percent of the women, 10 out of 11."
In a era where women implant silicone all over and surgery became a routine few would stop to think about implanting two electrodes to have a little kick from the remote.
Knowing how FDA, science and medicine has been regulating their treatments we know that the marketing of the device will be determined not on the health of women but on which will be more profitable.

Wordless Monday on rain

Saturday, January 28

The Book of Thel by William Blake

At the Harvard University Library there is an online copy of The Book of Thel by William Blake.
Everything was done by Blake who was a poet, an illustrator and was responsible for the publication.

Richard Dover explains The Book of Thel:

"Dated 1789, but probably engraved between 1788 and 1791, The Book of Thel is an intriguing allegorical counterpart to the Songs of Innocence.

Here Thel, a mythological figure associated with the daugher of Venus (Desire), is a young virginal figure, intrigued by the world of sex and experience, but she is frightened by the prospect.

In the course of the 'Book' she confronts various forms of created life - the Lilly, the Cloud, the Worm, the Clod of Clay - and asks them about the mysteries of mortal life: what is it like to be mortal, to live and to experience, but also to have to face the prospect of disillusionment, depair and death.

At the end of the 'Book' Thel almost summons the courage to enter the world of the Real, but at the last minute her nerve gives way, and she runs shrieking back to the sanctuary of immortality. In allegorical terms The Book of Thel presents the State of Innocence, confronted by the world of Experience.

Thel is, in one sense, a virginal goddess, pure and untouched by material reality, about to embark on the passage from childhood to adult maturity. Yet she is also, in metaphorical and archetypal form, a symbol of a state of mind or, better still, "State of Soul", a platonic essence intrigued by, but apprehensive of the realities of experience.

Through mythological personification Blake is able to express, in symbolic terms, aspects of innocence and experience which are difficult to express in other terms. Thel's final failure of nerve is, the poem suggests, to be pitied rather than applauded: 'Innocence' may well be an idyllic state but, "Without Contraries there is no Progression".

The Book of Thel can, therefore, be read on a number of levels, from being a literal exploration of various forms of innocence and hesitance (the child's reluctance to grow up), to more abstract and metaphorical levels, an allegorical exploration of the relationship between Thought and Action, or between the Immortality of the Idea or Image, and the mortality of lived experience."

Friday, January 27

UN peacekeepers atrocities unpunished

I'm sorry to bring a subject that is not happy and may shock some people.
But you can do as many: close the page and search for a game or even look at the beautiful pictures at this blog.

In 1997 William Norman Grigg rite the article Beasts in Blue Berets about the atrocities committed by UN peacekeeping forces.

About the picture above:

"First published in the United States on the cover of the June 24th issue of the left-wing weekly Village Voice, the photograph depicts two Belgian paladins of the new world order giddily holding a Somali child over an open flame. 

Other series of photographs depict UN soldiers kicking and stabbing a Somali, and another soldier apparently urinating on the Somali’s dead body; yet another shows a Somali child being forced to drink salt water, vomit, and worms. A second group of photos published in the July 15th Village Voice shows the dead bodies of bound Somalis — what appears to be the work of a death squad.

One atrocity not caught on camera involved the "punishment" of a Somali child by placing him in a metal container and withholding water from him for two days; predictably, the relentless African heat killed the child. One Belgian UN soldier testified that it was a regular practice to use metal boxes as prison cells, and that other Somalis probably died similarly gruesome deaths."

Read the entire article here.

Angry heart

...yes angry...
As a bug destroyed the posts I'll have to reformat an average of 800 posts that lost their paragraphs, the worse since it became very hard to read them, and all the formatting that took me time and patience to do will have to be redone.

Google Plus? Why on earth another social network? I have one already... blah blah... I think many people think the same.

NO! No walking for you today...

A friend got inspiration from my work three times and didn't say anything... ok... no problems. This should make this person angry not me... (surely this person will never see)

Why do I keep blogging?

WW3? The world is a concentration camp? Nazi ideas are back or it was me who didn't notice that they were always around?


Stop all activities...
I don' like talking about myself. I'm just like all regular people and there is nothing special in my life to tell. That's one of the reasons there is fiction and art otherwise we would read and watch nothing but biographies and portraits and never surpass the mediocrity of our existence.
 Humans are not defined by their profession.  Whether a politician, a doctor, blue or white collar, rich, millionaire, middle class or poor it is all the same paradigm. It is a question of degree.
Creation, creativity, inventions and thoughts define humans.

I think it is funny when people want to hide their lives in a way that others would presume that they do incredible things. Some even insinuate an activity by saying a sentence without finishing:
"When I met Mr. Fitzgerald I real..."  "Yesterday I went to dine wi..."
No, they don't know Mr Fitzgerald and surely dined pasta watching TV.

What about the rich or millionaires? Hallucinating they are superior to make it more credible they need others badly and use their power to make of others slaves. What a sophisticated prison they build to themselves.

Too much information... bye..  angry... angryyrywr hfGHUqebgflkdnvdnvodihg kahflahlkshg vh\adhagh

Thursday, January 26

Urgent: Avoid loosing all blogspot's pictures by not deleting Google plus albums

The left image is the replacement you'll have if you delete your Google+ album.

I have already seen two blogs that had all their pictures removed so I decided to search the reason to protect myself.

When I visited my profile at Google+ I had the surprise of finding all my blog's pictures, including those who are in draft, in an album.
I felt a little invaded cause I didn't add them but knowing that all we do over the internet is not private I recovered from the shock without even needing to go to a therapist.

I thought about deleting but... I don't use Google+ because I have a Facebook account and, oh! please!, start building it up all over again? I closed the window after setting them not to be visible for others.

The important is: DON'T DELETE PICTURES AT GOOGLE+ because they will be deleted from your blog permanently.
There is a good post about it at Blogger Sentral.

Wednesday, January 25

Coloring through optical illusion

1  stare at the red star on the girl’s nose for 30 seconds;
2  look at the white rectangle;   
3  tell me what you see.

Source: Moiillusions 

Neuroscientist: the only profession in a near future

"We are our brains and our souls and minds are what our brain is" is already considered as true.

It leads to no other conclusion: Neuroscience has reached the uppermost of the human knowledge and is studying humanities and sciences with excellence and accuracy.

In a near future there will be only one possible profession: neuroscientist.

(some people wonder why people who have mental problems are not healed but it is a detail)

I just received my diploma and I'm very proud.

Get yours too or it will be impossible to find any kind of job. Here.

Tuesday, January 24

Akirakirai's emotions and universe

I have published some works "exposed" at DeviantArt and this time I was browsing and found Akirakirai's profile. 
Having others sources to find those who are creative but are not on the market is one of the benefits of internet that also grant us with the possibility of finding a piece of a master that is not on books, the only source we had.
I did chose these two works by Akirakirai, whose mangas have a style of her own created in a universe quite unique, but only browsing her profile we can fully capture her art.
Left: A Fallen Angel
Right: Creation 

Art: by  akirakirai
©2011-2012 =akirakirai

Monday, January 23

Chromatic Typewriter: Paint instead of letters by Terry Callahan

The painter and poet artist Terry Callahan changed the letters and other keys of a typewriter with colors. According to Terry:
"The little Chromatic Typewriter, a conceptual art piece, is out in the world and the feedback has been great.  Although it does not paint, I've decided I can at least re-type my artist statement with the thing, so long as I can limit it to a paragraph.  It ought to be equally decipherable as any other artist statement I've read lately."
It is with this piece that Terry is running the 2012 West Collects "West Prize Competition" that is voted here only over iPhone, iPad or Ipod. How ironic that a great creation that brings back typewriters can only be voted this way.

Sunday, January 22

Anastassia Elias's invitations to dream

The first post I did about Anastassia Elias's work was about her collages at toilet paper rolls. I thought about publishing more of these collages but I came across with this photo-montage she did in 2005.

"Sous le pavés, la plage." / "Under the paving, the beach." is the caption Anastassia wrote giving the first of many stories told by this image.

The flip-flop with the drops of water splashed around it, at the left page, gives the impression that someone came out of the water. If h/she is still around, gone or never existed is up to us to decide.

Saturday, January 21

Eugène Grasset: the master of the posters

Eugène Grasset is most known because of his posters in his name is part of the Maîtres de L'Affiche (Masters of the Posters)
256 color lithographic plates used to create a very significant art publication during the Belle Époque in Paris, France. The collection, reproduced from the original works of ninety-seven artists in a smaller 11 x 15 inch format, was put together by Jules Chéret, the father of poster art.
Enormously successful, today the Maîtres de l'Affiche works are as rare as the original large format images and much in demand by collectors from around the world. (Wikipedia)
But Eugene also painted, did sculptures did all kind of graphic designer's work, designed tapestries, ceramic, jewelry postcards and all he could experience including stain-glasses that has a lot to do with his posters.

 He went to Egypt and was influenced by Egyptian art and was also influenced by Japanese style that was introduced in Europe in the nineteen century.
There is a beautiful collection of twelve of his litographies for a calendar at this site where you can see his work in big reproductions.
Click at the images to enlarge.

Thursday, January 19

Saint Augustine by Caravaggio discovered in a private collection

Hidden on a private collection where it was considered as an anonymous this Saint Augustine painted by Caravaggio was discovered on April, 2011:

"A leading scholar, Sebastian Schütze, professor of art history at the University of Vienna and one of the book's co-authors, called the work a significant discovery.
He said: "It has never been published. What looked like an anonymous 17th-century painting revealed its artistic qualities after restoration."
The painting fits in to Caravaggio's oeuvre around 1600, when his style was sculptural and monumental, with powerful movement and emotional expression." (read whole article by The Guardian)"
This is a great discovery and I cannot help thinking about some masterpieces that are in private collections when they should be considered human heritage.

Tuesday, January 17

Violence against woman by husbands: the grass is always greener at the other side

The right woman is Connie Culp who had her face destroyed in 2004 when her former husband shot her.
She did a transplant in 2008. Details can be found at this article by Amy Oliver. The transplant is the reason her story is still being reported.
"'It's the way I keep going,' she said. 'I don't want people to feel sorry for me. I want to be treated the same as I was my whole life, before the shooting."
Connie Culp
The woman in the left is Bibi Aisha photographed by Jodi Biebir who won the World Press Photo of the Year and had the picture shot as cover of Time magazine.
""It is not often one sees such a significant change in the person you have photographed—and a change in own's own life too. It also gives me great joy to see how this photograph has moved and impacted so many people throughout the world.""
Jodi Biebir

Who is who

by Ana
Adapted from the Brazilian writer Luis Fernando Verissimo.

Manet is that one of “Luncheon on the grass” and “Olympia”, Monet the one of "nympheas" and that painting that was used to name the group impressionists. Both wore beards.

Francis Bacon was the Irish painter, but there was another Francis Bacon, English, that was a philosopher, statesman, scientist, lawyer, jurist author and pioneer of the scientific method born in the sixteenth century but he did not paint.

Billy Wilder is that one of the "Some Like it Hot" and "The Apartment", William Wyler is that one of “Ben-Hur” and “Roman Holyday". Gene Wilder has nothing to do with any of them.

Robin Willians is that one of "Mrs Doubtfire" and "Good Morning, Vietnam" and Robbie Willians the English singer-songwriter the one of "Angels" and "Feel".

Jean Renoir, filmmaker of the “Grand Illusion”, was son of the painter Renoir.

Calvin Klein is the one of clothes, Kevin Kline is the actor.
Wait, wait a moment. Calvin Kline is the actor, Kevin Klein is the one of the clothes. Nope. Kevin Kline is the actor, Calvin Klein is the o...
Or would it be the contrary? I'm no longer sure about anything.

Do the following: forget everything that is written above.
Jerry Lewis, Sinclair Lewis and Lewis Carol sounds familiar but I no longer know who they are.

Charge: Amarildo.

Monday, January 16

Advice: Some posts of the blog lost format

I just discovered that numerous posts of the blog changed the format it took me some time and work to do.
The paragraphs are missing and it became a little strange.

I'll try to correct it. I do not understand since I write the posts on the Blogger editor to avoid that the HTML of another editor doesn't match Bloggers.
I'm having problems with both editors: the new one dos things that the old one doe not.

I use both but lately I'm having problem to access the old editor and even the Settings.

Not a great day in blogging.
I'll do other stuffs and later I'll take a look if the first page of the blog is still the same, or it has changed or disintegrated.


Update: January, 23, 2012
Due to these problems I had to change to the new version of the new Blogger interface and I'm using it's Editor.
I have problems arranging the images and I don't understand why by default the uploaded pictures go to the center.
I'll get used to it little by little but I still will have to search for the posts who were changed ant do it again.
Since it will take a lot of time I'm not sure if I'll do it.

How to get rid of the fleas and why sometimes they never leave

For the first time I had an infestation of fleas in my apartment that cost me two months of research and experiences.

The others, including two ticks infestation, were very easy to handle and I only did the procedures that all of those who have dogs know or should know.

What was different this time?
The street I live must have one flea in every centimeter. It is summer and this is a factor that creates the conditions for proliferation of fleas and ticks but what is not understandable is why the same measures that were always effective were not helping?
What I end up doing: stop walking the dog. I already avoided crossing the street because of the ticks. They are at one part of the garden and one dog died because of tick disease.

I talked to people from other districts and some are having the same problem: although they obsessionally  cleaned their houses using the vacuum cleaner, spread some of the sprays - be careful when doing it because the dog cannot  smell it -, used anti-flea talcum powder on the dog and on fabrics s/he sleeps and have washed and cleaned everything that could be a nest to fleas they didn't go away...

I asked if they were walking their dogs and yes was the answer. I decided to stop walking my dog.

It worked. Finally she is flea-free and her skin is coming back to normal. I could not stand see her scratching that way and I believe if things kept that way it would start to affect her emotionally as some vets claim it does and I felt that she was already feeling tired.

Facts to help preventing and fighting the fleas and ticks:

-  fleas don't like light;
-  when infected your dog will have dark specks like pepper on the skin surface. When you brush they fall. These are the fesses of the flea; yuk!
-  use white sheets and a white or light fabric when you brush your dog to detect the first signs and to see what falls from the body of your dog when you brush her/him;
-  the eggs will be on the dog and at the environment;
-  eggs do hide in dark and using the vacuum cleaner on the floor, whether carpet of not, during the infestation is the weapon against the eggs of the flea, or ticks;
-  flea-zone on your dog: lower back around the tail and genitals, always check if this zone is healthy and clean;
-  ticks climb walls and furniture and they make nests that depending on your house can be easily found, I was lucky to find one in the couch and another one.. in one of my shorts, can you believe that?

The lesson is: the primary source of flea of tick must be discovered and avoided in my case the street but to other people there must be others. I live in an apartment so I don' know what are the problems of a house with a backyard.
I truly believe that this is one of the reasons why some people claim that even thou they did everything they could their houses are still infected.

I just fount this site and there is very good information.

I hope it helps and if you have any good tip those who have pets will love. Thank you

Friday, January 13

Kitty in panic

Extreme reaction caused by stress, a dysfunctional family, bad mood,...?
(Funny but this is how I behave sometimes.)

Wednesday, January 11

The Four Dogs

Fifteenth of The Four Dog series.
What is happening to these puppies? They look so disappointed as if they already have gone through a lot in this world, or, have they just lost a dear one?

They can also be saying:
"we are not easily impressed"; "not a good time for pictures"; "for how long do you want us to stay at this table?";
"we could bet it would be sunny today but look at the weather!";

This is the first time that The Four Dog series show this expression.
But soon they'll learn that it's part of living and will be running and playing with each other.
Maybe they just woke up.

Tuesday, January 10

Fail: good intentions, bad arguments

One has to be careful when angry. Avoid writing about passionate 
subjects when your reason is not in control because lack of logic is fatal.

Monday, January 9

Is happiness the meaning of life?

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence” Aristotle

I Object! What about you?

Image: by Henrik Plenge Jakobsen 

The Collector's Studio by Theodore Gerard

Theodore Gerard, 1829-1895, was a Belgian painter of genre scenes. In this extra sized image we can browse around the room and take a look at the collector's items in an, let's say, interactive way.
Have a great week!

Sunday, January 8

Jorge Luis Borges on fame, writing, and doomsday

I cannot get enough of reading Jorge Luis Borges in interviews. He is funny and tells real stories of his life that are amazing and, of course it is all wrapped with great thoughts about all the topics you can imagine.

If you don't know Jorge Luis Borges you have too! Literature deals with all the fields of human knowledge and never stops asking questions. This is one of the reasons totalitarian regimes hate art: even in contact with the most simple form of good art our universe changes.

WB: Do you care about literary recognition? Do you want fame?
JLB: No. No! Those things are non-existent. At the same time, when it comes to me, and it may have come to me, I feel that I should be grateful. I mean if people take me seriously, I think, well, they are wrong. At the same time I should be thankful to them
WB: I wanted to ask you do you live for the next poem, story, or essay or conversation?
JLB: Yes. Yes, I do

WBI: It seems to me that you're a lucky man to have unending obsessions to create and to record. Do you know why you had that destiny of being a writer? That destiny or that obsession?
JLB: The only thing I know is that I need those obsessions. Because if not, why sould I go on living? Of course, I wouldn't commit suicide. But I should feel very unjustified. Because if I don't write something and keep on being obsessed by it, than I have to write it and be rid of it.

WB: Do you believe private justice exists? How do you consider morality and doomsday?
JLB. At the very moment of our lives we know whether we're acting the right way or the wrong way. We might say that doomsday is going on all the time, that every moment of our lives we're acting wrongly or rightly.
Doomsday is not something that comes at the end. It's going on all the time. And we know, through some instinct, when we have acted rightly or wrongly. p. 179

From: "Thirteen questions: a dialogue with Jorge Luis Borges." Willis Barnstone at the book: "Jorge Luis Borges: conversations" edited by Richard Burgin, 1998.
This dialogue is available online here. For a good biography of the Argentine writer, essayist and poet you can go here.

Sleepy Sunday morning

Most people know Sleepy, left picture, from teh Snwo White Disyne mivoe but fwe
the letf done by Zzz... by rongs1234 at DeviantArt.
I'll put teh lnik lrtea after a snpa.
Link added...Zzzzzz... be bcak soon...

Saturday, January 7

Obama: the Nobel Peace prize wanted to be impeached

Right: Obama singing the NDAA, December, 31, 2011
Left: Obama receiving the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Foundation has already destroyed part of it's credibility because of some of their laureates and has changed the Alfred Nobel's, the man who made his fortune by patenting dynamite and 355 inventions, ideal of a peace prize for those who did "greatest benefits on mankind":

"Alfred said that this prize should be awarded to the person who in the following year has done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses." (emphasis added)
Obama took the prize, the money but not even in 2009 fraternity between nations, abolition or reduction of standing armies and promotion of peace was at his agenda.
What some US citizens and many people around the world wishes for 2012 is Obama impeachment. Obama signed the "National Defense Authorization Act" - NDAA, that imposes Martial law in US, in the still of the night of December, 31, 2011 when American citizens were celebrating the dawn of the new year.
A clear display of refinement and distinction of a Nobel Peace prize laureate.

Friday, January 6

Andy Warhol's Myths series


In 1981 Andy Warhol printed ten myths using diamond dust in 38 x 38 size.
Among them was "Shadow", the top left that shows his own shadow at the wall, "Mammy", and "The Star" that is Greta Garbo as Marta Hari.

The other iconic mythical figures in the portfolio are Santa Claus, Mickey Mouse, Wicked Witch of the West, Howdy Doody, Dracula, Superman, The Shadow and Uncle Sam.

It is very interesting that he did choose icons that are known or must be known by those who look at the twenty century in all his work and at this series especially Americans from movies or TV and imagination that are in the mind of many for a long time.
The last picture, bottom right, was done in 1983 "Ingrid Bergman with a hat".

Thursday, January 5

Jane Elliott: How does it feel to be treated like a "nigga" for a lifetime?

"When am I gonna quit? When racism quits. Do I have a job for a lifetime?
I'm afraid so
Jane Elliott

Last month I published this post about Daryl Davis, the black musician man that persuaded twelve members of Ku Klux Klan to leave the organization. He wrote a book about it "Klan-destine relationships: a black man's odyssey in the Ku Klux Klan”.

I was amazed when I did read about Daryl achievement and the same happened when I watched at the TV Jane Elliott doing one of her workshops.
She exposes the weapons of racism by making people feel in their skin how discrimination, segregation, being stereotyped and mistreated have a terrible impact on the minds of the individuals who are part of a minority group and for this reason are mistreated in this case having a black skin.

I always asked myself why behavior experiments always aims evil. Stanford Prison and Stanley Milgram experiments were both done by psychologists trying to verify how people can be controlled or behave according to what they are told individually or in a group as a whole.
The ethical aspects of both experiments were questioned and the scientific methodology, especially in Stanford Prison, is questionable.

I never saw any of these psychologists doing experiments and, once again, I ask myself why they are done behind closed doors since they have to do with human beings emotions and behavior what is of interest of everybody.
It became an unquestionable fact that psychological experiments have to be done away from the public and one explanation is that it is necessary so that interferences from the outside don’t jeopardize the results. I’ll pretend it is true.

Jane Elliott’s workshops received some critics but what she does is not related to a scientific experiment and Jane payed a high price for her activism, fighting racism, and all her family was affected.
The workshops last two hours and I would love to be part of one of them especially to be at the blue side, the minority group.
Two groups are divided: blue eyes and brown eyes and this is the explanation that is at her site:

“Jane Elliott is an internationally renowned teacher, lecturer, and diversity trainer who presented this Seminar in the City Campus Union. She is famous for her classroom experiment, “Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes.”

In response to the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. over thirty years ago, Jane Elliott devised the controversial and startling, "Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes" exercise. This, now famous, exercise labels participants as inferior or superior based solely upon the color of their eyes and exposes them to the experience of being a minority. Everyone who is exposed to Jane Elliott's work, be it through a lecture, workshop, or video, is dramatically affected by it.”
I watched twice one of her workshops at the TV and it is true that people are highly affected because Jane is really good in creating the “prejudice arena” that some people are confined because... exactly. Why?

There are some good learning materials at Jane’s site. In a very simple and easy way she puts in evidence what is hidden in some of the phrases and statements we use. I truly believe that in same cases we only learn when we face the problem ourselves and Jane’s work is perfect to make us see how dis-empowering being part of a minority is.

Visit Jane’s site to meet a great woman and learn more on how the dungeons of prejudice work and understand what the blue eyes/brown eyes workshop purpose is.
This is the work of a lifetime.

Tuesday, January 3

Abstraction symphony by Cea

It's hard to believe it is not a painting. I asked Cea if it is a puddle of clean water or a pond maybe with a bit of oil because I have already seem some reflections like this.
It seems to be raining.
I love the different textures created by the reflections of the blue sky, the tree and the water that blurred it all and is a unique pattern in some areas.
Had the photography be taken in a different time it would be another symphony.
I'll have to rewrite in case it is not a puddle but I bet that there is water involved.