Tuesday, January 17

Who is who

by Ana
Adapted from the Brazilian writer Luis Fernando Verissimo.

Manet is that one of “Luncheon on the grass” and “Olympia”, Monet the one of "nympheas" and that painting that was used to name the group impressionists. Both wore beards.

Francis Bacon was the Irish painter, but there was another Francis Bacon, English, that was a philosopher, statesman, scientist, lawyer, jurist author and pioneer of the scientific method born in the sixteenth century but he did not paint.

Billy Wilder is that one of the "Some Like it Hot" and "The Apartment", William Wyler is that one of “Ben-Hur” and “Roman Holyday". Gene Wilder has nothing to do with any of them.

Robin Willians is that one of "Mrs Doubtfire" and "Good Morning, Vietnam" and Robbie Willians the English singer-songwriter the one of "Angels" and "Feel".

Jean Renoir, filmmaker of the “Grand Illusion”, was son of the painter Renoir.

Calvin Klein is the one of clothes, Kevin Kline is the actor.
Wait, wait a moment. Calvin Kline is the actor, Kevin Klein is the one of the clothes. Nope. Kevin Kline is the actor, Calvin Klein is the o...
Or would it be the contrary? I'm no longer sure about anything.

Do the following: forget everything that is written above.
Jerry Lewis, Sinclair Lewis and Lewis Carol sounds familiar but I no longer know who they are.

Charge: Amarildo.


Anthony said...

One of the best memory techniques for remembering names is to associate the name with an image. So George = gorge/valley. Harry Lorayne & Jerry Lucas, 'The Memory Book,' pp. 50-72 does a good job of describing this technique.

Ana said...

Thank you Anthony but the article is about names of famous people that are a little similar.
It is a joke.