Friday, January 27

UN peacekeepers atrocities unpunished

I'm sorry to bring a subject that is not happy and may shock some people.
But you can do as many: close the page and search for a game or even look at the beautiful pictures at this blog.

In 1997 William Norman Grigg rite the article Beasts in Blue Berets about the atrocities committed by UN peacekeeping forces.

About the picture above:

"First published in the United States on the cover of the June 24th issue of the left-wing weekly Village Voice, the photograph depicts two Belgian paladins of the new world order giddily holding a Somali child over an open flame. 

Other series of photographs depict UN soldiers kicking and stabbing a Somali, and another soldier apparently urinating on the Somali’s dead body; yet another shows a Somali child being forced to drink salt water, vomit, and worms. A second group of photos published in the July 15th Village Voice shows the dead bodies of bound Somalis — what appears to be the work of a death squad.

One atrocity not caught on camera involved the "punishment" of a Somali child by placing him in a metal container and withholding water from him for two days; predictably, the relentless African heat killed the child. One Belgian UN soldier testified that it was a regular practice to use metal boxes as prison cells, and that other Somalis probably died similarly gruesome deaths."

Read the entire article here.


Sujana said...

This is so horrible... I can't believe anyone who can call themselves a 'peacekeeper' can act like this.

Ana said...

The work of UN is everything bur peaceful.
There's much more.
Thank you very much for the visit.

Balqis said...

It's really terrifying! I just can't imagine the excruciating pain. Even seeing the pic is pain.

Ana said...

Yes, it is painful...