Saturday, January 21

Eugène Grasset: the master of the posters

Eugène Grasset is most known because of his posters in his name is part of the Maîtres de L'Affiche (Masters of the Posters)
256 color lithographic plates used to create a very significant art publication during the Belle Époque in Paris, France. The collection, reproduced from the original works of ninety-seven artists in a smaller 11 x 15 inch format, was put together by Jules Chéret, the father of poster art.
Enormously successful, today the Maîtres de l'Affiche works are as rare as the original large format images and much in demand by collectors from around the world. (Wikipedia)
But Eugene also painted, did sculptures did all kind of graphic designer's work, designed tapestries, ceramic, jewelry postcards and all he could experience including stain-glasses that has a lot to do with his posters.

 He went to Egypt and was influenced by Egyptian art and was also influenced by Japanese style that was introduced in Europe in the nineteen century.
There is a beautiful collection of twelve of his litographies for a calendar at this site where you can see his work in big reproductions.
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Moonomo said...

Awoo! Those are very nice posters! At that time, to be printed, one must consider many things- so far I can see why Eugène Grasset is known as Masters of the Posters!

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I like your ideas very much!