Tuesday, January 17

Violence against woman by husbands: the grass is always greener at the other side

The right woman is Connie Culp who had her face destroyed in 2004 when her former husband shot her.
She did a transplant in 2008. Details can be found at this article by Amy Oliver. The transplant is the reason her story is still being reported.
"'It's the way I keep going,' she said. 'I don't want people to feel sorry for me. I want to be treated the same as I was my whole life, before the shooting."
Connie Culp
The woman in the left is Bibi Aisha photographed by Jodi Biebir who won the World Press Photo of the Year and had the picture shot as cover of Time magazine.
""It is not often one sees such a significant change in the person you have photographed—and a change in own's own life too. It also gives me great joy to see how this photograph has moved and impacted so many people throughout the world.""
Jodi Biebir


Anonymous said...

Why does it say face 'destroyed' for the woman on the left? It's just her nose.

Ana said...

Just her nose?
The first thing a person will look when in front of this woman will be her nose and will not notice the rest of her face.
Horror will be the feeling that will make people not look at her a second time.
The emotion scars will last forever for both.