Sunday, January 8

Sleepy Sunday morning

Most people know Sleepy, left picture, from teh Snwo White Disyne mivoe but fwe
the letf done by Zzz... by rongs1234 at DeviantArt.
I'll put teh lnik lrtea after a snpa.
Link added...Zzzzzz... be bcak soon...


Miss Lego said...

LOL,awesome! I totally got it, don't you worry, lol.

Ana said...


Nicholas V. said...

Many thanks for your visit to my blog and your kind comments, Ana. I am so busy writing, working, reading, travelling, doing chores that I have seriously neglected my visits to other people's blogs.

Especially the interesting ones where there is always something amusing and engaging to read, like yours!

Ana said...

Thank you Nicholas.
I love your blog.