Friday, January 27

Angry heart

...yes angry...
As a bug destroyed the posts I'll have to reformat an average of 800 posts that lost their paragraphs, the worse since it became very hard to read them, and all the formatting that took me time and patience to do will have to be redone.

Google Plus? Why on earth another social network? I have one already... blah blah... I think many people think the same.

NO! No walking for you today...

A friend got inspiration from my work three times and didn't say anything... ok... no problems. This should make this person angry not me... (surely this person will never see)

Why do I keep blogging?

WW3? The world is a concentration camp? Nazi ideas are back or it was me who didn't notice that they were always around?


Stop all activities...
I don' like talking about myself. I'm just like all regular people and there is nothing special in my life to tell. That's one of the reasons there is fiction and art otherwise we would read and watch nothing but biographies and portraits and never surpass the mediocrity of our existence.
 Humans are not defined by their profession.  Whether a politician, a doctor, blue or white collar, rich, millionaire, middle class or poor it is all the same paradigm. It is a question of degree.
Creation, creativity, inventions and thoughts define humans.

I think it is funny when people want to hide their lives in a way that others would presume that they do incredible things. Some even insinuate an activity by saying a sentence without finishing:
"When I met Mr. Fitzgerald I real..."  "Yesterday I went to dine wi..."
No, they don't know Mr Fitzgerald and surely dined pasta watching TV.

What about the rich or millionaires? Hallucinating they are superior to make it more credible they need others badly and use their power to make of others slaves. What a sophisticated prison they build to themselves.

Too much information... bye..  angry... angryyrywr hfGHUqebgflkdnvdnvodihg kahflahlkshg vh\adhagh


Anthony said...

I'm sorry to hear about the lost formatting on the did it happen?

Ana said...

I don't know but it has to do with the differences with the old and new Editor.
I always published with the old editor but lately I started publishing using both depending on the post.
All of a sudden the formatting of post changed and all paragraphs were gone.
I'll not even try to find the answer.
I'll have to redo it little by little.
Thank you Anthony!

Balqis said...

Sorry to hear about it. How's it now?

Ana said...

The reformatting? I'm redoing it little by little;