Monday, January 16

Advice: Some posts of the blog lost format

I just discovered that numerous posts of the blog changed the format it took me some time and work to do.
The paragraphs are missing and it became a little strange.

I'll try to correct it. I do not understand since I write the posts on the Blogger editor to avoid that the HTML of another editor doesn't match Bloggers.
I'm having problems with both editors: the new one dos things that the old one doe not.

I use both but lately I'm having problem to access the old editor and even the Settings.

Not a great day in blogging.
I'll do other stuffs and later I'll take a look if the first page of the blog is still the same, or it has changed or disintegrated.


Update: January, 23, 2012
Due to these problems I had to change to the new version of the new Blogger interface and I'm using it's Editor.
I have problems arranging the images and I don't understand why by default the uploaded pictures go to the center.
I'll get used to it little by little but I still will have to search for the posts who were changed ant do it again.
Since it will take a lot of time I'm not sure if I'll do it.


Mike Golch said...

blogger keep parking my posting in the draft mode instead op posting the posting to my blogs.GRRR is right.

Ana said...

And if you say something they treat you very rudely.

Balqis said...

I was wondering why when I commented in others blogs, my comments kept disappearing! One minute, it was there another minute it was gone. This happened several times this week. I don't think my friends removed my comments cos my comments are the usual friendly ones. I feel quite frustrated over this matter.

Ana said...

If they were there once it should be always there.
This is strange.
I don't like this new editor and the new dashboard.
But they have to change...