Wednesday, January 11

The Four Dogs

Fifteenth of The Four Dog series.
What is happening to these puppies? They look so disappointed as if they already have gone through a lot in this world, or, have they just lost a dear one?

They can also be saying:
"we are not easily impressed"; "not a good time for pictures"; "for how long do you want us to stay at this table?";
"we could bet it would be sunny today but look at the weather!";

This is the first time that The Four Dog series show this expression.
But soon they'll learn that it's part of living and will be running and playing with each other.
Maybe they just woke up.


Nicholas V. said...

In any case they are adorable, Ana!

Ana said...

Yes. :)

Balqis said...

They don't feel like posing today. :) Give 'em a break!

Cute, brown puppies.

Missy said...

Lol, I agree with Balgis

Ana said...

yep! "not a good time for pictures."