Saturday, January 7

Obama: the Nobel Peace prize wanted to be impeached

Right: Obama singing the NDAA, December, 31, 2011
Left: Obama receiving the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Foundation has already destroyed part of it's credibility because of some of their laureates and has changed the Alfred Nobel's, the man who made his fortune by patenting dynamite and 355 inventions, ideal of a peace prize for those who did "greatest benefits on mankind":

"Alfred said that this prize should be awarded to the person who in the following year has done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses." (emphasis added)
Obama took the prize, the money but not even in 2009 fraternity between nations, abolition or reduction of standing armies and promotion of peace was at his agenda.
What some US citizens and many people around the world wishes for 2012 is Obama impeachment. Obama signed the "National Defense Authorization Act" - NDAA, that imposes Martial law in US, in the still of the night of December, 31, 2011 when American citizens were celebrating the dawn of the new year.
A clear display of refinement and distinction of a Nobel Peace prize laureate.


Anonymous said...

He was In HAWAII December 31st! Articles of Impeachment have to be drawn up in the House of Representatives so good luck with that since they actually WRITE THE LAWS IN CONGRESS! They knew he'd sign this for the troops at War & so did I, evidently everyone did but Hysterical people who ignored the fact that Congress was doing this as several articles were written about the bad Bill, but Libs always wait & blame the first black president, instead of the OLD WHITE MEN WHO WROTE IT. Really lazy! This is a slap at him personally for trying to shut down GITMO! They're frightened he'll find some way to do it as they refuse to fund the Closure, but he still found money to remove quite a few prisoners closer to their home country or released them. That ended as the House GOP controls the purse & will authorize nothing.

BetNot said...

I am afraid he is too good too be true.

Ana said...

Yes it was done by the congress and 60 senates voted for it.
This congress that has members that are serving form more than 40 50 years is an obscenity.
No, I'm not that racist to propose the impeachment of a man because of the color of his skin.
Obama impeachment would be just a warning.
But we know damn well that it will not happen especially because people will not fight for it.
People are very busy "occupying".

Ana said...


Armando Dias said...

I didn't know that what is at stake is the color of the president or the congressmen.

Anders said...

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Ana said...

Hi Anders!
I'll take a look. Thank you!

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