Monday, January 16

How to get rid of the fleas and why sometimes they never leave

For the first time I had an infestation of fleas in my apartment that cost me two months of research and experiences.

The others, including two ticks infestation, were very easy to handle and I only did the procedures that all of those who have dogs know or should know.

What was different this time?
The street I live must have one flea in every centimeter. It is summer and this is a factor that creates the conditions for proliferation of fleas and ticks but what is not understandable is why the same measures that were always effective were not helping?
What I end up doing: stop walking the dog. I already avoided crossing the street because of the ticks. They are at one part of the garden and one dog died because of tick disease.

I talked to people from other districts and some are having the same problem: although they obsessionally  cleaned their houses using the vacuum cleaner, spread some of the sprays - be careful when doing it because the dog cannot  smell it -, used anti-flea talcum powder on the dog and on fabrics s/he sleeps and have washed and cleaned everything that could be a nest to fleas they didn't go away...

I asked if they were walking their dogs and yes was the answer. I decided to stop walking my dog.

It worked. Finally she is flea-free and her skin is coming back to normal. I could not stand see her scratching that way and I believe if things kept that way it would start to affect her emotionally as some vets claim it does and I felt that she was already feeling tired.

Facts to help preventing and fighting the fleas and ticks:

-  fleas don't like light;
-  when infected your dog will have dark specks like pepper on the skin surface. When you brush they fall. These are the fesses of the flea; yuk!
-  use white sheets and a white or light fabric when you brush your dog to detect the first signs and to see what falls from the body of your dog when you brush her/him;
-  the eggs will be on the dog and at the environment;
-  eggs do hide in dark and using the vacuum cleaner on the floor, whether carpet of not, during the infestation is the weapon against the eggs of the flea, or ticks;
-  flea-zone on your dog: lower back around the tail and genitals, always check if this zone is healthy and clean;
-  ticks climb walls and furniture and they make nests that depending on your house can be easily found, I was lucky to find one in the couch and another one.. in one of my shorts, can you believe that?

The lesson is: the primary source of flea of tick must be discovered and avoided in my case the street but to other people there must be others. I live in an apartment so I don' know what are the problems of a house with a backyard.
I truly believe that this is one of the reasons why some people claim that even thou they did everything they could their houses are still infected.

I just fount this site and there is very good information.

I hope it helps and if you have any good tip those who have pets will love. Thank you

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