Thursday, January 26

Urgent: Avoid loosing all blogspot's pictures by not deleting Google plus albums

The left image is the replacement you'll have if you delete your Google+ album.

I have already seen two blogs that had all their pictures removed so I decided to search the reason to protect myself.

When I visited my profile at Google+ I had the surprise of finding all my blog's pictures, including those who are in draft, in an album.
I felt a little invaded cause I didn't add them but knowing that all we do over the internet is not private I recovered from the shock without even needing to go to a therapist.

I thought about deleting but... I don't use Google+ because I have a Facebook account and, oh! please!, start building it up all over again? I closed the window after setting them not to be visible for others.

The important is: DON'T DELETE PICTURES AT GOOGLE+ because they will be deleted from your blog permanently.
There is a good post about it at Blogger Sentral.


Balqis said...

Thank you so much for this reminder. Things that happen around us are so surprising and frightening. Sometimes without our knowledge, we see the photos of our blogs all over the place. I made some discoveries, too...and with this reaction--> OMG!

Ana said...

We don't have control over our posts.