Monday, January 2

US officially a Police State as Obama signed the “National Defense Authorization Act "

What was only conspiracy theory, idea of anti-Americans or domestic terrorist is now a reality: Americans are under Martial Law, under a police state.

It means that the constitution is no longer respected and citizenship has lost it`s meaning.
The reason? to protect the country from terrorists, Al Qaeda and... whatever.

Any American can arbitrarily be imprisoned under the suspicion that s/he is an enemy, a domestic terrorist. for any time, even indefinitely.

The NDAA inaugurates the totalitarian America something that many people think would be impossible. A once inconceivable idea is happening and it reminds the Acts that was imposed to South Americans countries in the seventies.

For Brazilians is just like seeing the Institutional Act Number 5 - AI5 happening again. The US was one of the responsible and now they are inflicting the same to their own citizen. There were arrests, torture, murders... and the scars are still on the mind of those who lived fearing, lost loved ones and are survivors.
Funny, AI-5 and NDAA were both instituted in December.
I'm appalled.

Image: Surveillance 2010 by Will Varner.

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