Monday, February 28

Egyptian art: tomb of Nakht

Time only made changes but we can see all Egyptian art that was done centuries ago.
Thomas Baker did a great reconstruction of the Three musicians, left picture, and this is part of his text:
A Concert for All Eternity
"In this painting from the 18th Dynasty tomb of Nakht, part of a banquet scene, a strolling lute player steps casually between two other musicians playing a double flute and a harp. This mural is remarkably naturalistic for a formal ancient Egyptian painting, when most such art was uniformly rigid and stylistic. By this period of human history, the realistic art of earlier millennia, such as the animals seen in prehistoric cave paintings and the humans in the Saharan rock art (that I also reproduced), had given way to stiff symbolism in the official art of dynastic Egypt. However, we can see in the figures of this particular mural some rudimentary shading and other characteristics that would eventually progress to truly natural representation of the human form in later Greek and Roman times and beyond. In this example of ancient Egyptian art we sense naturalism stirring, yearning to break free of symbolism. (keep reading here)"
The right picture is a Banquet scene at the same tomb.

Sunday, February 27

Iranian art XVII century: wall painting

These are two wall paintings done at the XVII century at the Hasht-Behesht Palace ("Palace of the 8 heavens"). Musicians at the right and dancers at the left. Music and dancing makes a great Sunday. The history of art was always told taking Europe and the centre with few references of other cultures. Now it has been changing to a global approach. Two good examples are the books Mirror of the World by Julian Bell, 2007, 496pp, and A World History of Art by John Fleming and Hugh Honour, 1982.

Tuesday, February 22

Lybia: Stop massacring your own people

This is what I concluded following analysis by the mainstream media:

I just listened to Muammar Gaddafi's speech. Although he looks like a caricature of a dictator his intentions are real. He wants a bloodshed in the name of his own power. What is being done at Libya are crimes against humanity and it has to stop, but it has to stop now. Some Lybians are fleeing their country fearing more violence while others stay and keep protesting. "NO ONE IS FREE WHEN OTHERS ARE OPPRESSED" Libya for Libyans! NATO STOP BOMBING LIBYA

This is the truth: Please click at this to see what is really happening in Libya and I am sorry for the mistake. This was the first time I saw him speaking and everything was edited to portray him as the monster as they always did. Update: 8/22 2011 Today Qaddafi's compound was conquered after six months of instability after the invasion of Libya by NATO. Qaddafi was not there and his whereabouts is unknown and if what was being done by him were crimes against humanity what NATO did is considered the same. Libya for Libyans is still to conquer and it seems that it is not near even if Qaddafi is no longer the leader. Sad world!

Friday, February 4

Egypt: a prayer for the protesters

Tomorrow those young people will be at the Tahir Square, Cairo, as well as at other places. I talked to some Egyptians and they...
I don't have energy to write about it now. I will pray for the protesters. Whenever a revolution doesn't succeed humankind is affected. We are all affected when people express their views and are treated this way.
Update: September,1
Please read this post if you're interested in understanding the Arab Spring and the Egyptian revolution.

Tuesday, February 1

Thank you all my blog friends!

Click at the music first. This is the way I found to thank all the bloggers that inspired me to keep going and showed me many great things. Thank you all!
I thank you for the things you have shown me Thank you for the love of my life So far anyway now it’s really really over O God I really thank you baby Most of all I thank you for your love Like good people should do anyway I thank you I really thank you All of my life I really thank you My souvenirs I hold them and remember All the days for the rest of my life Truth is I miss you in all the ways you will imagine See me feel me I wanna say .THANK YOU ALL!. Music: Thank you by Simply Red: I like Mick Hucknall's powerful voice and many of the songs he did cause they unite people.