Thursday, March 24

Protecting civilians as an excuse for war

When I thought I had seem everything something always new happens. The excuse of protecting Libyans to invade the country is another of that many ironic tactics that some governments, not US because Obama is saying all the time he doesn't want to be at Libya thou American forces are there, use that makes me think:

'Do they really think we are that stupid? If they want to protect civilians why not... Darfur?

The goals are those we already know and have the bonus of making more difficult for people of other countries that are also fighting for their rights and democracy make their revolution.

Sad America shows it's intervention again this time with the help of some little friends forming the "allied forces", "coalition" or some other name to disguise the real culprits. Accomplices on killing and injuring civilians. They don't care about people. They don't even care about their own people. Just take a look to what they are doing to their own citizens making them believe that they live in a democracy when in reality civil liberties conquered long ago are being lost.
We have all seen it all.

CNN Breaknews at 07:30 GMT:
US leaves and NATO will conduct the operations in Libya.
What a difference!


Mike Golch said...

Just to play devils advocate here,are you saying that we should just let dictators murder those living in their country just because they do not agree with him? we(America) did that for a while Hitler was killing people as well.
There is no real answer to this.

Ana said...

I made myself very clear and as many people are claiming the same even in the mainstream media what I wrote is not any news.
I also think it is very funny that you don't come to my blog for maybe more than 8 months and this is the post you chose to reappear;
But as you want my reasoning:
I'm not talking about American citizens. I'm talking about: 1 American governments tradition in intervening in other people's countries. The dictatorship in my own country was sponsored by US governments; 2 they are at Libya not because they want to protect civilians. The reason is the oil and other economic advantages; 3 Obama is making statements as if he doesn't want to be there but US is there; 4 the consequences on other Arabic countries is already showing: crackdowns on protesters.
American soldiers are on Iraq taking drugs to make them fearless, stronger and God nows what more and are suffering the hell when come back. Many end up homeless.
Please, stop the Hitler argument. It has nothing to do with Hitler.
I'm amazed how many times people are using Hitler's name to explain every evil in this world. Please let's leave the Austrian man where he is and Menghele too.
There are lots of answers and serious consequences.
Try seeing the other picture.
Now Libyans die because of Kaddafi and the coalition. Is it enough argument? Don't you say that it's not happening and they have a precise way of targeting their aims like they said during Kwait. We know it is not true.
Do you know how many were killed in Darfur and Zimbabwe alone? Just to stay in Africa.
Why not help civilians of other countries who are also suffering in the hands of tyrants?
Why not taking care of democracy in America? Do you really think that America is that democratic?
What about freedom of information? How about jobs? Economical crisis?
Thank you very much for the visit!
You are not playing devils advocate: you are saying what you think.
So say it.
Another funny fact:
While the Sarkozy was at the news pretending it was his idea all this operation Obama was in my country because he wants our oil.
This is really funny but I believe you don't like Obama since he is not your party.
Poor man. I'm sure he repented being where he is...
The last time you came to my blog was Feb, 10, 2010 when I published the Bambi post you published at your blog for a AWWW Monday.
The credit went to another blogger who didn't publish it.
I didn't know it was that long.

I always knew your views and even not agreeing with you I respected and never went to your blog preaching my bible.
It would be great not having to write it all.
I feel like deleting but I don't want to be accused of this or that.
I will add a ad at this comment page saying that I'll not publish any comment that makes me feel uncomfortable or makes me say harsh words.
This is a good idea but I never received any devils advocate comment. Hope it keeps this way because this is a pacific blog.

soubriquet said...

Hello Ana.
Thank you for the kind comment you left me, it's much appreciated.

What do I think about U.N./NATO in Libya?
Quite simply, they should not be there.
The U.N. has NEVER worked as an international police force, it has sat back and watched untold numbers of massacres.
I have met soldiers who have watched shellfire destroy villages, a hospital, who have called on their command for an airstrike on the Serb guns, and been told that no decision can be taken for a couple of days.... but of course, in a couple of days the village will be dust, pounded flat. That's the U.N., stand back and watch, count the bodies and move out.
But of course, that village had no oil.

So U.N. NATO are enforcing a no fly zone? They seem to be targeting mostly things that aren't flying, such as an armoured column, or buildings in Gadhaffi's compound.

As you say, if it's about protecting people, then why not in Darfur?
Under what part of international law is it permitted to hold and torture foreign citizens, with no recourse to legal representation?
How many foreign nationals are illegally held by the United States in Guantanamo and other detention centres?
Who enforces the laws the enforcers are breaking? Where's the No Fly zone over Gaza?

Ana said...

Thank you very much for the comment.
Yes, what you say is so right! And this time many people agree but they don't care about what people think. They do what they want.
I'm very pessimistic about it all.