Tuesday, March 22

Alexander Lebedev offered 1 million dollars reward for information about Anna Politkovskaya's killers

You might be surprised if you search for the first post of this blog. It's a Anna Politkovskaya's quotation and I have already published other posts about this woman who was fighting to tell the truth about Russian corruption and other problems. Alexander Lebedev was the co-owner with Anna of the newspaper Novaya Gazeta and he was devastated at that time and offered the 1 million dollars reward as you can see at this video. Now it seems he forgot about her or is frightened but I'm publishing this post because Anna's death will never be forgotten. He even forgot he said that the Russian secret services as "totally out of control". I just watched him at BBC's interview with Stephen Sackur and when asked about Anna's killers he showed he doesn't care any more. She is an amazing woman whose work could make a huge change in this world since she was denouncing those who work the other way. So, I will keep asking: 'Who killed Anna Politkovskaya?' and I'm not alone since Anna has fans all over the world. At this video you will see her blood at the entrance of her house and her body being carried in a black plastic bag. This is the first time I saw it and I confess I was horrified. But it's worthy watching 'Murdering the Truth in Russia" you can find here. For the first time I write a post like this but I cannot keep silent or touch very serious questions in a tangent way. Sometimes we have to scream to be heard and a human being like Anna Politkovskaya deserves so. This is the least I can do. R.I.P. Anna Politkovskaya ‘People sometimes pay with their lives for saying out loud what they think,’ Anna Politkovskaya Her books are available at Amazon.

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