Monday, March 28

What if CNN, FOX or BBC asked for donation, or, independent media also needs money!

(read the update below the article)
I believe that it's common knowledge that to have these channels broadcasting it takes a lot of money, reason why some media tycoons like Murdoch are the owners of TV channels.
It is also common knowledge that once the media has an owner freedom of information and freedom of speech are dramatically affected.
We do have independent journalism like Democracy Now. Once at their site we stumble upon their donate and store bottoms just at the top or the header of their pages:

We think that it is always the same, our money is being asked to finance everything and "No, I don't want to buy a mug!".
The prize we pay for not donating is keeping on receiving biased informations, lies and all the problems that the mainstream media are promoting today.
I'm tired of being lied so, if I don't have money to make a donation I volunteer or take another action like doing this post to promote Democracy Now.
Click at the picture to visit their site. They don't have any tycoon to indoctrinate us and make us believe in lies. They are also advertisement-free.
These sites, I'm including journalists that blog like Philip Dawdy at Furious Seasons to whom I dedicated an award, are not that graphic-appealing and don't have many of the glamorous beautiful faces. I don't rely on this kind of beauty and I rather be well informed.

Update: February, 5, 2013

DenocracyNow is NOT that independent.
There are some news sites that have the same agenda the mainstream media has
but everything is put in a way that makes believe it's not.
I learned to set the difference.
Globalresearch is a very good site and they have been doing a great
job revealing many facts.

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