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Amnesty International will pay tribute to Joan Baez: cyber-manifestation

"San Francisco – More than 1,000 Amnesty International activists from across the country will converge in San Francisco on Friday, March 18, to pay tribute to folk legend Joan Baez for a lifetime of human rights solidarity and advocacy. The tribute, which is part of the human rights organization’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) during its 50th anniversary year, will take place at the Fairmont Hotel and is open to the public. Tickets for the Baez event are $40; fans and activists attending the tribute are encouraged to arrive at 5:00 p.m. sharp for the AGM’s opening ceremonies to ensure seating." keep reading here.

A great singer, a great musician and a great woman. I do my share and signing petitions at the Amnesty International site only takes 30 seconds. Cyber-manifestation is one of tools we have now that can gather people from many countries fighting together. These are some of their priorities. Click to sign or go to their site to find a cause that you care:

Take Action On This Issue
Zimbabweans are expected to return to the polls this year to vote on a new constitution and potentially new presidential and parliamentary elections. There is much confusion on this issue, exactly when and what votes will occur, but there is no confusion on this point: any vote must be free, fair, without violence and in compliance with national and international standards.

Take Action On This Issue
Urge the United States to ensure accountability for crimes committed in Darfur and to support the work of the International Criminal Court.

Take Action On This Issue
Call on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to not stand in the way of international justice. Urge her to join with others to take concrete steps to ensure justice for all victims of this tragedy.

Take Action On This Issue
A caretaker government in Tunisia now has the opportunity to break with the legacy of 23 years of human rights abuses. Bold and far-reaching changes to overhaul the institutions that have failed the Tunisian people are imperative. The security apparatus and the justice system, the main tools used by the authorities to crush dissent and silence critics, must be reformed immediately.
The authorities must acknowledge the true scale and severity of past human rights violations. They now have a historic opportunity to break with this infamous legacy and to carry out a human rights agenda for change.
Update: September, 29, 2011
I will have to write a post about what is happening to human rights organizations. I wrote about Human Rights Watch and will do another one about Amnesty International. It is very sad that AIUSA is using Joan Baez to the Arab massacre. I just received one of those e-mails AI is always send asking us to join them, joining means donating, this time to help the "Arab uprising": "In Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen and Libya, state security forces have answered peaceful calls for reform with horrific violence. 

Protesters have been killed on the streets and thousands have been arrested or beaten." As you can see another text that makes more confusion than explains. Who are the protesters and what about the "state security"? Unfortunately Joan Baez is the person who is asking it and I don't even know if she is aware of what is behind the Arab spring because I'm sure she condemns it. 
I wrote her an e-mail but got no reply. I don't want any reply. I just want her to be aware of what she is helping. I'm sending a second e-mail and will I think that I did what I can. "It makes me feel ashamed to live in a land where justice is a game." Bob Dylan
Very truly yours,
Joan Baez
January, 28, 2013


After analyzing Amnesty International works it is clear that they have little to do with human rights
and are promoting war and crimes against humanity.

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