Tuesday, September 27

Is Human Rights Watch an unbiased organization?

I have been following Human Rights Watch at Facebook and according to the comments of many people on different topics this organization is far from having an agenda that is free from US government interests.
Amnesty International has also been receiving many critics from people all over the world.
It seems that Human Rights Watch forgets that those who are committed in promoting human rights are not easily manipulated and are very critical. It is very sad that crimes against humanity are being used as propaganda and more crimes will result because of the actions of an organization that is supposed to promote human rights.
This is unnaceptable. If you pay attention to the issues Human Rights Watch raise they are all in accordance with US agenda US agenda or the topics that are covered by the mainstream media. Human Rights Organization does not have an agenda of it's own and this is not what humans right is all about.
Update: 11/28
I found this article by Tim Anderson, Sidney University, and want to share this:
"Human Rights Watch, however, is not funded by the US government. Yet it gets most of its funds from a variety of US foundations, in turn funded by many of the biggest US corporations. These wealthy, private foundations often tie their contributions to particular projects. So for example HRW's Middle East reports often rely on and acknowledge grants from pro-Israel foundations. Other groups ask for a focus on women’s rights or HIV/AIDS issues. More than 90% of HRW’s US$100 million budget in 2009 was "restricted" in this way. In other words, HRW offers a privatised, wealthy, US-based selection of rights issues."
"The HRW board is similarly dominated by the US corporate elite, such as banking and corporate media executives, and some academics, but not government officials. The board includes former Mexican foreign minister Jorge Castañeda (a former Marxist academic turned right-wing politician), while Chilean-born lawyer José Miguel Vivanco serves as director of HRW’s Americas division."
"This sort of "human rights intervention" is consistent with US foreign policy in Latin America. Dispensing with troublesome, independent regimes was practised ad nauseum throughout the "American Century", and was always backed by the US corporate elite. Delegitimisation campaigns have always preceded "regime change", for example in Guatemala and Chile. Human Rights Watch apparently sees no abuse of human rights in such interventions."(emphasis added)

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