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Gigi Ibrahim in US learning how to be an Egyptian socialist revolutionary

When the revolution started she had around one thousand friends at Facebook. Now if you go to her profile, 3094 friends, take a look at her pictures and see the effects of a revolution backed by US: everything is happiness! She is smiling and her pictures are so inspiring and everything is so western that we believe that democracy and west are inseparable. This is her favorite picture you can read her caption:

one of my all time favorite pictures, this was 2005 in D.C. first time in snow!! ohh the good old days, i want snow :( like now!

"The good old days." (click at the image to read)
This article "Arab Spring: Lies and Intervention", by is a must-read for those who want to understand the Arab Spring. This is the part about Egypt:

"Due to being inspired by the success of the Tunisian protests, the Egyptian people launched their own protest movement, calling for the overthrow of US puppet Hosni Mubarak. However, the US was busy co-opting the protest movement.

The US used the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) as a cover to help co-opt the protest movement. Ironically, the NED is not used for the spreading of democracy, rather it was established by the Reagan administration to aid in the overthrow of foreign governments, after the CIA’s covert operations were revealed. The NED was supported “As a bipartisan endowment, with participation from the two major parties, as well as the AFL-CIO and US Chamber of Commerce, the NED took over the financing of foreign overthrow movements, but overtly and under the rubric of ‘democracy promotion.’” [6] Thus, the US supported both Mubarak and the protesters, in a bid to make sure that no matter what occurred, America would still get its way.

The civil society groups had a major influence on Egyptian activists as in May 2009 the activists
"spent a week in Washington receiving training in advocacy and getting an inside look at the way U.S. democracy works. After their training, the fellows were matched with civil society organizations throughout the country where they shared experiences with U.S. counterparts. The activists [wrapped] up their program this week by visiting U.S. government officials, members of Congress, media outlets and think tanks." [7] (emphasis added)
Thus, due to the US aiding the activists, the Americans ensured that the protesters owed them a debt and that US interests would be secure even if Mubarak was ousted.
The US also had deep military ties to Egypt, seeing as how they were the largest recipient of US foreign aid next to Israel. Also, the US wanted to make sure that Israel wasn't threatened, as both nations were worried that a new government in Egypt might cancel the 1979 Egypt-Israel peace treaty.
While the Egyptian military is currently in control until elections, no matter what occurs, America will still have its way."
Update: September,8, 2011
I have some updates for this post cause I don't want to do another with the name of someone that I should not have even care. I don't have time now so I will just put the quotations she has at her FB profile. Why Nike's slogan is one of them I have no idea and why Marx "Every struggle is a class struggle." is another that sounds like an irony. But this middle-class girl, she is a girl, is not supposed to be taken as seriously as I thought. I'll do the rest of the update later.
These are her favorite quotes at Facebook:

Every struggle is a class struggle (Marx)
Get busy living or get busy dying (Shawshank)
I am on purpose (ME)
a man who dare to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life (Darwin)
Just Do IT (nike)
all the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on (Henry Ellis)
Believe that life is worth living & your belief will create the fact (William James)
Freedom is earned not given (NOt sure)
KNow Your Rights (NOt Sure)

Look at this video and I believe I do not need to add anything.
This is so funny! Who said "Facebook Generation"? It is so right! If I had seen it before I would not even care about publishing about a woman whose smartphone lacks an Arabic keyboard. But at the same time it is good to make people see how US co-opts people that are willing to have their 15 minutes of fame to create a reality that is not true and to distort facts.
The real activists, that were fighting years before, have nothing to do with this display of immaturity and lack of activism and politics understanding the video below shows. 
It is a mockery and when she says "I took a class." answering how she became an activist Jon Steward reaction is... you have to see it. I assure you the fun. Sad, but funny.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,
JS: How did you end up in Tahir Square during the protests and how did you end up becoming known as part of this group that helped Egypt rise up against Mubarak?
Gigi: I took a class.
JS: Would you like to say that one more time for me?
Gigi: Yes. I took a class at the American University in Cairo, "The social mobilization under authoritarian regime".
"I was very out of touch with the opposition movement because it is not something you read on the paper or it is advertised. No you don't find that. So, you have to get in touch with the right people I guess."
The class was a great to learn what was the history of it, what was happening.
I really was unaware that there was such an opposition movement that was great and happening for decades, with ups and downs but.
We have a great speaker who actualy a great blogger, an activist himself, Hossam El-Hamalawy, and I knew him I got to meet a lot of people I went to one protest and the rest is history. I was in Tahir January, 25." (emphasis added)
A revolution is not done by phone.

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