Sunday, September 25

Michael Moore urges every American city to join "Occupy Wall Street" protest

What happens in Wall Street affects all the world but no. No! You will not see any news about the "Occupy Wall Street" protests as well as what is happening in Wisconsin and Ohio.
The corporate media want to hide any protest that goes against US government and its allies in America or in other part of the world.
But people are protesting and Americans are making their voices being heard.
You can check at Facebook, Twitter and at Occupy Wall Street site.
Reuters published three times about the protests with little information: here, here and here.
Even CNN wrote an article.
So, now we know... it is real! We all know that it is real if it is published at the mainstream media, don't we?
"The demonstrators were mostly college-aged marchers carrying American flags and signs with anti-corporate slogans. Some beat drums, blew horns and chanted slogans as uniformed officers surrounded and videotaped them." "Occupy Wall Street, they chanted, all day, all week." Reuters
They just forgot to show the students being beaten and arrested by the police but this is a detail. Who cares?
At the video there are demonstrators talking about their intentions but as I know that some people don't like clicking at the start button of videos I did a transcription of a little of what Michael Moore said:

"... this is gonna grow. Not only in Wall Street but in communities all over America. I would encourage people watching the show to think about... ok, you can't make it to New York city but there is a branch of Chase Bank in your town, there is a branch of the Bank of America and there is nothing preventing you from organizing a demonstration outside their branch with signs, with possible even civil disobedience to make your voices heard. They think they're gonna get away from this.These people stole the pension funds of the American public, stole their money stole the future of our kids and grandkids... they're kleptomaniacs and they think they're gonna get away with this. They have taken our democracy and formed into a kleptomocracy.
If we don't stand up, if we don't have our voices heard...
believe me they're not done yet."
Watch the video! These young are fighting not only for America but for the world:
"There is a bunch of people gambling with our futures."...  "Our politicians no longer represent us. the people..." 
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