Friday, September 16

CNN journalist Ben Wedeman, BBC, ABC and Al Jazeera creating fake stories direct from Libya

I had already noticed strange things in the news that are being reported from Libya but here are some evidences that should make each one of us stop and ask: 
where is integrity in the mainstream journalism?
That the official media creates stories that are not true we all know. Or didn't you ever consider questioning what you are watching? 
The first video by CNN is appalling because Ben Wedeman, a CNN international correspondent, do the job of an actor and describes from inside a car pretending to be in a situation that is not real.
He "acts" and is filmed in an angle that we cannot see what surrounds him: inside a car reporting what is "happening" around him:
Ben Wedeman (CNN journalist @bencnn): "Gunfire all around us and we believe that Qaddafi's forces..." and he keeps inside the car pretending to be in danger when what you hear are the same sounds of shootings being repeated over and over again.
I just wonder if Ben was in Tripoli or in his garage or backyard because it makes no difference whatsoever. 
The other two videos by ABC and BBC1 shows green square in India saying it was live from Tripoli.
You can see the Indian flag that has green, white and orange instead of the 1951 Libyan independent flag that is red, black and green.
Now it is up to you to decide if you do not find a little bit strange what the mainstream media is telling you.
The forth video is from a Libyan girl.
Journalists that are not accountable for breaking ethical values should be penalized by their peers but it is hard to achieve fairness when one is working to organizations which sole aim is to create disinformation.
The independent journalists are those who we can rely those who work with passion for telling the real story and instead of receiving awards are murdered or receive threats while doing their jobs.
Thierry Meyssan reports what happened on August, 22 in Tripoli when CIA agents pretended to be journalists at Rixos Hotel, here
What the corporate media is doing is revolting, repugnant and making journalists being accomplices of crimes.

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