Saturday, September 3

Inquisitive women by Raymond Logan

I just came across with Raymond Logan's work and found some impressive paintings and I don't know why these two were the ones I felt like sharing.
The left one is Russia, her actual name is Russia, and right is Weyni.
Their inquisitive and indignant expressions in contrast with the vibrant colors of their faces is what I like the most.


Balqis said...

Great work! May be there are meanings for the vibrant colors on their faces. :)

Ana said...

There are no meanings. Painting the skin with colors is already part of tradition. It started with the "fauves".
I'll do a post about them.

Raymond Logan said...

Dear Ana,
Thank you for bringing attention to my portrait work. I am glad you like them. They are the area of my work that I seem to push the most. One correction though: The model on the left with the red hairband is the beautiful Russia and the model on the right is the beautiful Weyni. Both wonderful models.

Ana said...

I'm so glad you came!
I changed the pictures side and forgot to change the test.
Thank you and the correction is done.
I also like the way you treat glass and there other paintings that I liked.

Master Blogger said...

This paintings are very cool, it ignites my artistic side, thanks for this post it makes my day

Zero Dramas

Ana said...

I'm glad you liked it.