Monday, May 31

The Sweetness of Love - Stevie Wonder and Syreeta Wright

The strangest thought came to me on this morning
As I awake to greet the coming dawn
The sun was hardly peaking through the garden
It felt that with everything I was one
Then I wished that I could come back as a flower
As a flower
As a flower
How I wished that I could come back as a flower
As a flower
To spread the sweetness of love
To spread the sweetness of love
The dew had finished making love to many
A rainbow smelling sweet was in the air
I envied all the silence I saw growing
So unmoved by things outside themselves
Then how I wished that I could come back as a flower
As a flower.....
I wanted to share something that speaks to the soul and makes you feel at peace. I hope that this music has this power. Music unites people. Have a great week!

Friday, May 14

Shoes at the metro

These are two photos by Annie Mole that I took from Flickr. Putting them side by side gives the illusion that we are looking at a train. Not only painters care about shoes as we can see at the shoes' label.

Wednesday, May 12

Nympheas murals by Monet experience

Hi! I have been away for a while and felt like starting again by Monet's nympheas series.
He did about 250 paintings and these 8 murals I had the joy of seeing. I cannot explain in words what I felt. I was there looking in all directions. One panel another and another and the whole. I could not fix my attention in any of them but what I felt was so intense and good that I still carry it with me. I looked at the others who were there and I noticed that a kind of bond united us all.
I hope you can have an idea of what is being at this place and feel the same.
""It took me time to understand my waterlilies. I had planted them for the pleasure of it; I grew them without ever thinking of painting them." Claude Monet