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I had posts stolen.. and it's not only me/ My blog is being copied!

MONDAY, JULY 26, 2010

wallpaper Hella Heaven at virtual world

wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper
wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper

This is my avatar at Second Life. Yes I am at this game as well as many strange people. Some people think that it is only a game but funny... you meet people from all over the world and can have nice relationships with amazing human beings and talk to them by voice and create a deep connection. It is also possible to share some of your problems with someone you never met and many times I talked to people who were in trouble like an American soldier that was psychologically very disturbed but had to go back to Iraq in two months. I only talked to him once and I don't know what happened to him.
As in real life you get disappointed and have to deal with many kind of annoying stuffs and even get hurt because of a friend or, seriously, a woman/man relationship.
That is strange but some people connect in such a way that they fall in love and I have even seen marriages of people that never met in real life.
It is very hard to explain how are things in the virtual world but I think it is a good experience if you have a little patience and is lucky to find nice people before you give up. There is not too many things to do at Second Life for those who are not connected to any institution and in the last years the first aim of the game is to make money for real life. Linden, the currency of the game, is bought outside the game with credit card and you have to pay for everything especially for land one of the most important sources of income and what made landowners have the function of shareholders in a real life company. It made a huge impact on the directions of the activities and the game lost in human resources what is causing discontentment to old residents and disappointment to new ones that find it hard to search for friends and don't know what to do aside listening to music and dancing in clubs just listening to music and attaching the avatar to a pose ball that makes the avatar dance.
Another problem is the new browser (viewer 2) that changed dramatically the display of the world. But it is the browser that is is available now when you subscribe or you can download Emerald that is similar to the old one and has enhanced features.
I just finished my house, my landowner has only two places and is a nice man who works as a bus driver in Las Vegas different from another one I tried before that has sixty places to run and is making a place with shops for VIPs.
The name of my house is Hella Heaven and these pictures are at the garden.
Leave me a comment if you want to visit me there. You are welcome. I can receive you when you start because I work as a mentor for the RHN's (Resident Help Network) group White Tigers that has more than three hundred mentors speaking different languages. Usually RHNs are very nice people whose sole aim is help others not only new residents but others that are facing any difficulty. Addictive? Yes it is a little bit but you have a real life after all. Let's play Barbie!
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Ana said...
Hi, These pictures are mine and they are at my blog. I cannot understand that you don't put a link to the sources of your content. You also copied my post. Please, put the link Thank yoyu
I just came across with this post I did at Gil's Blog and found all the Second Life label copied and a the post about Patricia Galvão. Of course I'm not very happy seeing my pictures, it takes a lot of work to take pictures it is not only one shot. Sometimes it takes 20 pictures to find 2 goods.
And now this? I don't care if someone use my content as long as they provide the attribution. It's a honor and a homage when someone post any of your content.
I will not search anymore at this blog because whoever this person is the entire blog is coping and pasting other people's content.
How can we prevent that?
You can say I use other people work but I always get in touch with the owner, ask permission and sometimes if I find it impossible to wait, I publish and tell the author that I'll take it out if he/she wants.
Fortunately they always thanked me.
Just found another post of mine at this person's blog. Another...and another and lots of them....
All the Art Label is copied. It's being used under the insinuation of "wallpaper". Great!
Quite encouraging. Feel like stop blogging.
This must be happening a lot and there must be a way to stop it. The wallpaper industry gives for free other people's work and make money advertising whatever they want. Maybe it is about time to put ads at the blog but I simply can't do that.

I clicked at the links for the blog and was redirected for this site, a Brazilian sex match-makers site. It stopped when I clicked at the Verisign and did a report.
All my blog was copied and other blogs too.

Update April, 29:
The blog was deleted! Thank you Google! 


Delsiolive said...

Ana, the links you posted to Gil's is prompting up a warning of virus! I quit to connect. Have a good day , see ya at noon! :o)

Ana said...

I can link without problem but I know what it is. Sometimes it happens but it's not true.
You did well not connecting thou.

Speedy and Klaat said...

It's not good..copying and pasting your blog..Hope it will stop..

Ana said...

Now I know how to cope with it.
Thank you very much for the support.