Saturday, March 19

Monument to peace by Richard Bartle

Richard Bartle has been dedicating his art to promote peace and raising political issues with great artistic value.
A punk when teenager who used to gather with his friends at Peace Gardens, Sheffield city, UK, he did seven life-size sculptures made of stain using a Picasso's work.
They are perched on the chimney of Bar Ha!Ha! on St Paul’s Parade next to the Peace Gardens.
Bartle says:
"We live in a society where the media seem to perpetuate a feeling of nihilism on behalf of governments and big business as method of keeping us all in a state of fear and depression, it seems also that those who lobby against these power groups are equally as guilty of this. In my work I refuse this state of nihilism – I look for hope in all situations, and long for a world where dialogue triumphs over violence and the focus of life shifts from the negative to positive.
More about this work here. I loved the way he put the media creating the nihilist sentiment. If you are following the news today you know how far the world is from peace.
Peace became a word that doesn't inspires the same feelings it did in the 60ies and 70ies.
This is very strange.


Sandy's witterings said...

Rather lovely birds. Thanks for drawing my attention to them. I hope somebody is going to pop up and polish them from time to time.

Ana said...

Yes... I forgot about it. They have to be polish to remain this way.
Thank you for the comment.