Friday, March 4

Sketching life of Ken Foster 2: The Half-a-House

I have published two sketches by Ken Foster here. This is a project he is working and he tells the story of the house:
"The Half-a-House
This is an interesting little project I am working on in Rockport, Maine. This house use to be a full cape but about 30 years ago (so the story goes) two brothers inherited the house and decided to split it - literally. One brother took his half of the house across town and the other one lived here. It's less than 1000 SF and either needs to be torn down or completely renovated." (keep reading here)
"This sketch was done in about 2 hours and I hit the undo button a lot! Once I was happy with it, I brought it into Artrage for some final tweaks. I wish the renovation was going to be that easy!" Ken Foster
I like the sketch, the story and keep thinking about the brother caring half of the house across town.

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Ken Foster said...

Thanks Ana! It is a funny story. Love your blog!