Thursday, March 24

Stream of consciousness in pictures

Post updated:
I was searching to write about stream of consciousness in the literary sense and came across with some works in painting and in photography that has the title stream of Consciousness. I published two pictures I found interesting and left a message to the photographer as I always do and got an e-mail. I've been blogging for two years and for the first time someone complained. No problems. I have received many thanks for promoting people out of the mainstream artistic scene.
These pictures are mine.
Right one: Stream of consciousness when we are facing the horrors of the world (Anna Politkovskaya is at the picture behind my avatar)
Left picture: Looking at James Joyce's Ulysses that will be one of the authors I'll talk about tomorrow when approaching stream of consciousness in the literary sense. Why should I promote a starlet when I can have Vanessa Redgrave at 'Julia" in a picture?
Now I understand why some people get the pictures, publish them without credits and use them as they want. But I cannot do it. Only once in two years it caused misunderstanding.
Now I'm stimulated to do a stream of consciousness photo with water... YaY!

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