Wednesday, March 23

200.000 visitors according to StatCounter - Thank YOU!

According to StatCounter this blog has reached 200.000 visitors and 283725 Page Loads.
I want to thank all the amazing people, organizations or initiatives that I have written about at this blog along two years. It is their work that inspires me.
Thank you all very much visitors that came here. To those who arrived and thought "This is not what I was searching!" and left in one second I am sorry! It also happens to me.
Now I have just to wait Sitemeter hit 200.000 to be at peace.


Steve Bossenberger said...

Congrats on all the visitors. You have a great site and I love checking it out.

And thanks for commenting on my blog as well. Have a great week

Steve Bossenberger said...

I like to play golf and find that golf courses are very serene and tranquil places. I could spend all day there

Ana said...

Thank you Steve, thank you very much.
I saw the pictures and I found it very beautiful.
It most be really peaceful and nice to be at the courses. I hope I can go to US to see all these shades of green.

yo2einfo said...

"WOW... 200.000" Congratulations