Sunday, January 1

Sweet Charity: the adventures of a girl who wanted to be loved starring Shirley Maclaine


Sweet Charity: the adventures of a girl who wanted to be loved, 1969, starring Shiley MacLaine directed and  awarded choreographed by Bob Fosse, the Cabaret's filmmaker, is the great movie I did chose to start the year.

It was originally a 1966 Broadway production also directed by Bob Fosse that was inspired by a  
What amazes is that it is timeless whether you consider the story or the choreography, the costumes, music and sounds arrengements and it was the first movie Bob Fosse worked as a filmmaker as well as a choreographer starting a very successful career.

The movie has many fans and still astonishes the young generation that was born in the clip era and inevitably compares it to some of today's clips. There are some elements that are in fashion today in clothes, make-up, Charity having a tattoo and the environment they create.

The most important aspect I did choose is Charity optimism always ready for the next adventure that might break her heart again but "living hopefully ever after." is her fate that is already inscribed in her name Charity Hope Valentine.

Shirley MacLaine is perfect for the role with her kind off girlish movements and innocence.
The three videos are the most known ant the two that have been receiving new interpretations are "Big Spender" and "The Aloof". There are some at YouTube like The Pussycat Dolls, this version of some Canadian girls for "Big Spender".

I tried to publish the videos that only shows the dancing but they are not available. You can skip the first minute and go straight to the dancing part. The music "Big Spender" is a little catchy and you may find yourself singing "Hey, big spender!" or "Do you wanna have fun, fun fun?..." but it I assure it will go away.

Great movie, great performances, great choreography that inaugurated some trends and is still new. Some of the scenes of Prince's "Get Off" and "Kiss" clips reminded of it.


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