Friday, January 6

Andy Warhol's Myths series


In 1981 Andy Warhol printed ten myths using diamond dust in 38 x 38 size.
Among them was "Shadow", the top left that shows his own shadow at the wall, "Mammy", and "The Star" that is Greta Garbo as Marta Hari.

The other iconic mythical figures in the portfolio are Santa Claus, Mickey Mouse, Wicked Witch of the West, Howdy Doody, Dracula, Superman, The Shadow and Uncle Sam.

It is very interesting that he did choose icons that are known or must be known by those who look at the twenty century in all his work and at this series especially Americans from movies or TV and imagination that are in the mind of many for a long time.
The last picture, bottom right, was done in 1983 "Ingrid Bergman with a hat".

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