Sunday, April 28

Old dog jealous of puppy: human mom have to be patient

My fifteen years-old dog is not happy with the puppy, forty five days
old, that arrived yesterday.

She is at the kitchen now and I'm in the middle of two generations trying my best to let her know that she will not lose anything.

For the moment she doesn't even look at the puppy who woke me up licking my face at three a.m..
I'm sleepy now and looking forward to the adaptation period ends.

I can't hardly wait to see both of them together but it will take a while.
Life is so hard!


Mark p.s.2 said...

I am happy for you, that you have a new dog-friend.

I have never had a pet dog, but have spent time with them so I know some of them have intelligence.
I am sorry but dogs have their own rules to life that are non-human, your dogs might not get along.

The "Alpha-Beta-Omega" thing.

from wikipedia "While the majority of research to date indicates that domestic dogs conform to a hierarchy around an Alpha-Beta-Omega structure, domestic dogs, like their wild wolf counterparts, also interact in complex hierarchical ways."

Ana said...

The only problem about having a pet is that their life is too short.

I can't live without one for the moment ans Nell is 15 years old thou she doesn't show.

Yes. I think that both are very strong.

When Nell barks to him he answers back and stares her.

He's not afraid.

Dunno. I'll have to wait 20 days that is the time they say it takes for them to have a relationship.

But it is not being that hard for Nell is sure she'll not be left behind. She has always been very bossy.

Let's wait and see.

I don't even know if I advice people to have a pet because the love we feel for them is very strong.
I didn't thought it was going to be this way.