Monday, April 15

Angelina Jolie, a Zionist?: Asking for accountability from celebrities

We all have seen Angelina Jolie asking for "humanitarian aid" for Libya and for Syria. We also have seen some other behaviors that are not peaceful. Still she claims she doesn't support Obama.

I was reading the article 'Angelina Jolie Conscripted To Sell Genocidal ‘Humanitarian Intervention’ War Doctrine' by Martin Iqbal and left this comment:

"For those who are saying that she defends Zionism because she is a Jew, mentally ill, disturbed, had a hard childhood and other personal reasons... come on!

Reasonings like these are offenses that leads nowhere and only help those who want to defend her.
Calling her mentally ill is outrageous because those who suffer schizophrenia and other serious disorders have a lot of stigma to cope with.
Anything that is not good is due to mental disturbance. Please, let's behave!

If this is the way "celebrities" that are defending genocides all over the world will be treated say accountability goodbye.

This is a very serious issue and it must be treated as such.
Give arguments, phrases addressed to people, and facts such as Angelina Jolie visiting the Holocaust Museum and addressing speeches to people defending "humanitarian aid" in Libya and Syria.

Calling her a bitch, whore and any other insult like this is not the way to go.

There are numerous actors and actresses who are doing movies that defend very evil actions. A movement asking for them to pay close attention to what message the character they are playing is conveying.

Comments that have ad hominem and ad personae attacks are of no use.
Would you care if a person who don't even leave a name called you a bitch, whore or whatever?

My reply would be "Well, coming from someone like you it is a compliment."

Let's ask for accountability the right way. "

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